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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • Yes, I did the same repair (new radiator, complete flush at 62k) in Feb of 2010, truck was running perfect for two maybe three months....then tremors started again in May, I parked the truck and waited for recall. No recall, truck is now at dealership getting new tranny, Nissan is paying for parts-I'm paying for labor (around $900.) I bought my truck "used" in 06 with 7k on it and did not have routine maintenance done at dealership. Thought I got a good deal, but some people are only paying 1/2 labor costs.
  • jachaijachai Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 Pathfinder LE with 138,000 miles on and luckily have not experienced the tranny problem. I did have to replace a u joint on it at around 50,000 but was replaced under warranty, and am now in need of lower ball joints, but I am off road quite frequently and understand that this is rather common on trucks. HOWEVER, after reading all these posts I am freaking out that this WILL happen to me, as it sounds to be quite common. What are the tell tale signs? I have not expereienced any shaking or loss of acceleration yet. Is there a way to have a shop test your tranny fluid to see if there is leaking into it? If so, is there a way to fix it before destruction of the tranny? I just finished paying off this $40,000 truck and was looking forward to another 100,000 miles, but now am concerned..... Thanks
  • Have your mechanic reverse the tran cooler hoses from the radiator. should hepl avoid problem if it has occurred yet.
  • A current class action suit has been filed against Nissan for this issue. You can join or find out more about the lawsuit by following this link:

    or click on class action and when the cases come up in the lefthand column click the Nissan 2005 Pathfinder Transmission defect link.
  • gsg1gsg1 Posts: 1
    There already is a class action lawsuit pending concenring the radiator problem on 2005 Pathfinders. See under Consumer Class Actions.
    or copy and paste this link:
    Hope this helps.
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    So?? What was the final result?
  • audhamaudham Posts: 31
    Thanks for letting us know there may be a light (although dim) at the end of th tunnel!! :shades:
  • The suit is currently in progress. The result is not final yet. Anyone who feels they want to join or report their problem to assist the suit should go to the site and follow the instructions for the class action suit against Nissan.
  • I took my 2005 Pathfinder into the dealership for the problem with the radiator/transmission. I was preparing myself for a fight with Nissan over warranty coverage on the radiator (I have 58,000 mi's). Apparently in the last day or two Nissan issued a service bulletin on the problem extending the warranty to 80,000 miles on the radiator. Presumably that would include the transmission since the failure was caused by the radiator.
  • srexy1srexy1 Posts: 7
    I received a similar extension for the gas gauge issue for the same vehicle in the mail last week. Unfortunately, my transmission issue occured at approximately 104,000 miles. Had they just informed me of the issue with the radiator (it was out of warranty), I would have replaced it knowing it could have caused transmission issues. They knew there was a problem and failed to communicate it to unknowing customers. The $600 radiator replacement cost would have been much cheaper than the $5600 I had to pay for both... Just sayin...

    BTW... I also had the gas gauge issue with the X-Terra I owned before the pathfinder. They had a recall/reimbursement for the issue years after I had the problem and I had already traded the vehicle in and trashed my records of the repair. How convenient...
  • Does anyone know how the extended warranty will affect those of us that have already had the work done?
  • I think the only way to find out is to call Nissan Headquarters-Customer Service. They SHOULD REIMBURSE THOSE OF US THAT HAVE HAD THE WORK DONE.
  • So I FINALLY decided to drop my car off this weekend (it's been sitting on my driveway since March. They called me this morning to inform me that my cooler was cracked and that they will need to replace the radiator, flush the coolant, and transmission fluid. The total cost is $1299.30. Sound familiar? They also told me that if this doesn't fix the problem, then I'll probably need to replace the valve body, which will cost me $1433. If this doesn't fix the problem, then I'll need to replace the transmission, which will cost me around $6000, based off other people's post in this thread.

    Hmmm... I'm seeing a pattern here...
  • sstanisstani Posts: 11
    You know what; the more I read these posts the more I get so angry with NISSAN!, Our car has been sitting for almost a year, we don't have $6000 dollars for a new transmission; I really wish they would do a recall so we can have our car back; we are still paying monthly car payment, insurance, car tag and NO CAR TO DRIVE! we are just now gonna have to check around for a 'used' transmission again and I don't know how we are gonna pay for that either; Is there anyone that lives in Atlanta area or can recommend a good reasonable mechanic?
  • As a follow to my previous post where I mentioned that Nissan extended the warranty on the radiator to 80,000 miles - the service writer at my local dealer confirmed that Nissan will indeed pay parts and labor for the radiator AND the transmission since the failure was caused by the radiator. The transmission was replaced with a remanufactured one which I wasn't totally thrilled with but it's supposedly a factory rebuild. Hopefully I won't have to deal with this again as I planned to keep this vehicle for my son when he graduates.

    Fortunately, my certified pre-owned warranty also paid for my rental car. This ended up being no charge to me which is a relief since I'm currently out of work.

    Hopefully the many others that were not previously covered will be reimbursed now.
  • 3cho3cho Posts: 2
    05 nissan xterra. radiator caused transmission failure. cost right under $5,000 with bypassing the internal cooler and flushing old radiator. now i have a 4x4 that cant go offroad, cant tow, cant afford, cant trade, cant sell. i am currently out of work also. Fortunately was able to work out a seperate loan with car lender to foot the repair bill, but now i cant affor to pay the 2 car notes. All i can say is nissan is never gonna live this down if they dont do something for all these people who bought your faulty product!
    I will make it my duty for the next 10 years that i will probably be paying for this car to make sure NOBODY BUYS ANOTHER NISSAN!
  • Did you do the radiator bypass and it STILL failed? How many miles do you have on your truck? At how many miles did you do the bypass? I was under the assumption, having just done the bypass, that this was the cure to problem. If you did it before seeing any signs of leaking or the tell tale "strawberry milkshake", and all looked good before the bypass, you were good. Nervous...
  • I had the same problem, Sbrooks05. 2005 Pathfinder SE, 3 months off warranty but only 52,800 miles on it. Gentle miles..I drive 3 miles roundtrip to work daily. And have never taken the vehicle outside of New England. On vacation, my reverse would not work. I drove to the nearest dealership (carefully). I was told my transmission was gone, the fluid burned. I have had no less than 15 non-regular maintenance visits in the last 5 years, 3 of which were for the same problem (leaking I type, time #4 is occuring whereas it is raining out and they didn't fix the problem (again) when I took it back for the third time 2 weeks ago). I have 54,000 miles on the car. So far, I've had to replace all belts, the tensioner, the transmission (while on vacation in another state), the sunroof is broken (I will not pay $142 and that is just to fix the switch, never mind labor and whatever else they find), the windows are loose (rattle when partially down), the electrical isn't right (there have been times when the sunroof has opened on its own or the lights and radio stay on after I've taken the key out of the ignition, opened/closed the door and walked away for HOURS), the battery has gone 2x, the rear u-joint was replaced, the 2 cheap plastic running board treads have fallen off, pinched window seals...the list goes on. I have determined I've been to the dealer (I keep all service records) about 3x or once every 4 months on average for items outside of normal wear and tear. This vehicle has cost me over $500/year extra since I've owned it. And I thought I was doing a good thing by trading in my Ford Explorer for this piece of junk. I've filed a complaint with the BBB, Nissan, NHTSA, and anyone who accepts complaints. I've had it.
  • Bought a used Pathy off dealer lot 4 mos. ago w/44k miles. Day before yesterday I heard strange noise when starting. Long story short, needed serp belt & tensioner which I had to pay $278.00.Freaked out on dealer who then agreed to split cost's with me. Better than nothing I guess since they have you by the you know what's. I then mentioned the prob. people are experiencing with the radiator/ tranny defect. He told me it can happen to any one of Nissan's trucks including Frontier's, Titan's & Armada's at any time regardless of how many miles you have, or how you drive it. He also mentioned that Nissan isn't sure if it's a def. part, or the type of fluids causing the breakdown of whatever radiator part or seal that causes coolant to mix with atf fluid.Kind of vague you think ? Anyway if you call 800-Nissan1, you might be able to get an extended warranty like I did for 5 yrs. and a total of 80k miles. If you are over 80k you might be sol.Hope this can help someone on here. Good luck!
  • I just found out that I need to replace my transmission and radiator. Quote from Nissan was $6,800. I have 90,000 miles on my vehicle, and when I purchased it, I was under the impression (from the salesman) that powertrain was covered up to 100,000 miles. I'm found out the hard way, that Nissan sucks. Their customer service sucks and their vehicles suck. I had a fuel sensor that went out around 50,000 miles and when I reported it, it wasn't covered under any warranty. Now I get something in the mail saying they extended that warranty but I'm already above the miles stated on the extended warranty. I just signed on to a lawsuit here:
    I'm hope we can get this problem fixed with Nissan because I can't afford to pay for all these high dollar expenses. I've taken really good care of this vehicle and kept in a garage, etc, which burns me up even more.
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