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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • hi guys first of all i will like to say i am relived that i am not the only one having this problem!!! after sitting here on the computer doing research on why i was having viberation problems coming from my 05 pathfinder yesterday i came across this forum. i sat here for 2 hours reading all 569 comments that was posted and come to realize that each and every one of you were describing my problem thru your own fustration with your vehicle! so i took mine into the dealership this morning to tell him what i had found and what the problems were with the 05 pathfinders he sent my on my little merry way and told me that what i was hearing could take days for them to find and that he didn't have time to look for the noise and this was after i took him for a test drive!!! i am so fustrated b/c my biggest fear is being stranded on the side of the road with my 5 year old having to wait on someone to get us!!!! i was lucky enough back in feb i went and purchased the extended warrenty for this vehicle!!! i am just lost for words and don't know what to do! b/c i have bought this warrenty and if something happens i have to take it to the dealership so that way they pay to fix it or take it to a shop of my choice and fork out the money that i do not have!!!! i am so ready to get rid of it! i have had it for 3 years now and it has been nothing but stress for 3 years on this vechicle!!!!!
  • Yep, I'm one of a growing number of people being slammed by Nissan. Yes, you know they will do everything possible to defeat you. I have contacted them and have been asked certain questions so that they can begin to resist. They asked if I have ever bought a Nissan before, where I get my oils changed, and where I get my tires rotated. Surely they will begin asking for documentation to show that I have been taking care of my vehicles maintenance.
    I have 2 primary concerns, the first is the biggest one - coolant leaking from radiator into the transmission. This defect wiped out my transmission - Nissan says I need to buy a new transmission and radiator. I'm so angry! Nissan's faulty radiator kills the transmission and they want me to spend $6,500 to fix there mistake. By the way, there is no assurance that the new radiator will not leak into the new transmission. I have not paid for this repair yet - I will battle Nissan first. After I come to a conclusion one way or the other, I'm planning to cut open the radiator and take pictures of the defect and will post it online for everyone to see Nissan's dirty little secret. :)
  • KGG LAW is currently in a class action suit with them over this issue. If you do take pictures of the transmission, you may want to contact the firm at as they may be interested in using them to sue Nissan for damages.
  • We heard back from Nissan once again. They want more paperwork. This time they want "proof of ownership" either registration or title. I sent both. I wonder what they will want next first born son?
  • What did they end up doing? I'm in the same position, but my dealer and Nissan are saying nothing is wrong. I have another appt. in the morning to have them take a ride and check the fluids. It's not the fluids - the transmission is failing but they refuse to recognize it.
  • We had our Pathfinder repaired back in June by an independent auto repair place. Nissan wanted almost $7,000 to replace the radiator and rebuild the transmission. Our mechanic did it for $5,000. Nissan would not cover it - not under warranty. We had to get the car fixed no matter what - it's our main source of transportation. We figured we would fight with Nissan at a later date. Now it appears Nissan WILL cover it, but they keep needing more paperwork and copies of receipts/payment, etc...from us. Personally, I think it's a stall tactic. Did you see in the newspaper about Toyota? They aren't calling it a "recall" they are calling it "customer satisfaction repair" - something like that. Maybe that's what Nissan is doing for us now.
  • Got my X back from Nissan.
    New radiator, lines and a re manny tranny all under the new extended warranty.
    Immediately had my guy check the work and front brakes for inspection.

    Nissan also diagnosed a bad vent control valve($345) that was causing the SES light to be on.
    The light wasn't on when I drove it in.
    Wasn't on when I drove it out of nissan.
    Didn't affect inspection so I'm still driving around with a bad VCV.

    But now I have the next Nissan defect to deal with.
    Seems that noisy belt tensioner that popped up 2 years ago?
    Now it's a noisy timing chain!
    And for a mere $1,600 Nissan would fix it.
    Defective shoes.
    Another "issue" that nissan had TSB's on.

    My mechanics getting me a price tomorrow.

    And blastlane.
    I can imagine the runaround you're getting for a $5,000 refund.
    I'm getting asked for my credit card statement in addition to the faxed, paid in full statement from the dealership regarding my $500 fuel sender repair refund.
    I think next their gonna want my 2005-2009 tax returns.
  • You aren't going to believe this.....we got a check for $5,000 from Nissan yesterday! It only took 6 months.
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    edited August 2011
    I dont like to say such harsh words but they are a bunch of rip off evil ******!!! The top execs must be totally greedy pigs to deny so many people of reimbursement for this garbage car.
    I had my fuel gauge replaced after it went out at 50,000...I didnt get it replaced til 86000...In between those miles, I had it at one Nissan and they told me read the manual, the gas light is supposed to come on and the digital reader is supposed to shut off and blink....I just busted out of there rolling my eyes becaus I knew damn well something was wrong w/ it, they just hadnt heard the of the problem yet. Anyway, not til later did another Nissan say oh yes, there is a they fixed it. NOW. the extended warranty is out and low and behold, I got my replacement at 86..the extended warranty is to 73 I think. And my damn car isnt covered under the recall VIN numbers..go figure.

    I also replaced my trans/radiator a few months 100 something miles....but the extended warranty doesnt cover to that, go figure.

    I called Nissan back and instead of them reopening a case w/ regional manager, they just sent me a letter stating they stand by their decision from before.

    What total freakin pricks!!!!!! They owe me at least 5 grand for the fixes in their garbage car I keep driving around because Ive paid to make it drivable. And someone mentioned a sensor light, Ive been driving w/ my ABS/VDC/and some other light on for about two years. Thats a couple hundred to replace and it passes inspection so screw it..Ill let the whole dashboard light up!! Im so sick of Nissan, Im glad their corporate office isnt near my home or Id be in that place every day or protesting outside.

    Why isnt this on the news is what I want to know? How do we get this story on CNN/Fox?????????? I seriously want it on the news!!!

    --Regards to all you Nissan owners who live in a recession like the great depression..and forking out money to fix a car that you need to get from A to B that was built w/ faulty parts and the huge corporation wont take accountability for their defective parts...that they are responsible for.

    This is garbage!! and I they will lose out in the end. I would love to meet the disgusting bullheaded business person behind this major decision to not reimburse/recall all cars....what a greedy selfish no good pig! I hope his/her house burns down. and they know how it feels to lose ****.
  • I had the radiator/transmission replaced in February, neither of which Nissan would cover even though I was only at 58,000 miles. I saw that Nissan extended the warranty on the radiator and customers could send in a reimbursement claim form for work already done. I sent the form in about a week and half ago and today, much to my surprise, I got a check for $7200. Nissan reimbursed me fully for the radiator and transmission. WOW! I went round and round with Nissan USA months ago only to have them deny paying for the work. I'm pleasantly surprised they did the right thing by refunding all of my money. I strongly suggest that anyone who has had this work done to fill out the reimbursement claim form. I only learned about the extended warranty on the radiator by reading about it on this forum....A big thanks goes out to the person who wrote abou it! Good luck to the rest of still fighting. I hope you have the same luck I did!!
  • CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Could you please share where you found the reimbursment form. So far I have laid out $1000 for a radiator and I am waiting for my transmission to completely fail.
  • Here is the link to the website that will have the information you're looking for:

    All I did was print out the Warranty Extension Claim Form, attach the repair order from the dealer that did the work, attach the credit card receipt, and attach a copy of my insurance card to show proof of ownership. Within a couple of weeks I got a check that completely covered the replacement of the radiator and transmission.

    Hope this helps out.....good luck!!
  • sstanisstani Posts: 11
    Update on our situation; we had previous posts here on how our car has been sitting for a year undriveable because of our transmission issue where radiator leaked into it; Nissan wanted $6000 which we did not have; we took it to local mechanic who could not get it fixed correctly for a reasonable amount so our car just sat.

    After all these posts on this site, I decided to take it back to Nissan and get a current report on our issue; I opened a case with Nissan Corporate and they were in contact with dealer on our problem. They asked me some questions about being a previous Nissan owner of other cars which we are and Guess what... They took car of fixing our car! We just got it back this week , I cannot believe it.. I would recommend others to do the same by opening a case with Nissan Consumer Affairs to see if they will assist.
  • I'm another member of the growing club of angy Nissan Pathfinder Owners. My transmission failed due to a crack in the radiator assembly that allowed coolant to enter the transmission. This should be safety recall because the transmission will slip and jerk while driving, this can lead to an auto accident. Nissan wants $6500 to replace the transmission and their defective radiator with a new radiator that is not guaranteed to have the same defect. Unbelievalbe. I recommend small claims court as opposed to the class action law suit against Nissan. The class action is unlikely to pay you for transmission replacement costs. But if the class action is the only way to go then I suggest you do it. PLEASE POST YOUR EXPERIENCE IF YOU SUED NISSAN IN SMALL CLAIMS ABOUT THIS TRANSMISSION/RADIATOR ISSUE!!
  • I replaced our radiator in 2008, when our 05 pathfinder had 60k on it. Subsequently I have replaced the U joints and some bearings but not the tranny. I just got my check from Nissan for the radiator. I live in fear that the tranny will go but so far so good...

    Thought this might be of interest, since some of the material for the story was based on complaints found in these forums.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Why did you replace your radiator in 2008? Did you somehow find out about the radiator leaking into your trans?
  • and the trannie was rough.....
  • Wow, I'm surprised your transmission hasn't completely failed yet. I've disconnected the tranny lines from my radiator in order to bypass the radiator and prevent coolant from entering the transmission. I also flushed my transmission several times but the problem with slipping/jerking is still there. I refuse to pay the more than $6k to replace the tranny and DEFECTIVE radiator. How do you know if the new radiator isn't defective as well? Anyway, check out this article if you havn't specifically mentions the Nissan Transmission Issue.,0,7649400.story
  • Don't give up Alison.

    I'm also dealing with the DEFECTIVE RADIATOR/TRANSMISSION issue.
    File your complaint with NHTSA - they are the ones who issue vehicle recalls.

    You can view my complaint with NHTSA (ODI#10372798)

    File a complaint with your states District Attorney's Office
    California is here:

    Read an article in the LA TIMES:,0,7649400.story

    Everyone has to follow-through, it's the only way to make a difference.
    I know these guys are a-holes - they have the easiest job on earth, they
    just no how to say "Request Denied." Stay on it and blog and post everywhere,
    that's what I'm trying to do. If anyone has new websites for us to post, please
    provide them in this forum.
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