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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232

    Nissan 2005 Pathfinder Radiator Defect
    Pathfinder 2005: Radiator Leak Causes Transmission Damage

    The Firm has commenced a class action on behalf of purchasers or lessees of 2005 Pathfinder vehicles. The complaint alleges these vehicles have defective radiators which leak coolant into the vehicle’s transmission thereby causing damage to the transmission and requiring repairs at significant cost. The complaint alleges that Nissan has refused to cover the cost of the repairs, including those to the transmission, even when the issue arises, or the claim is made, prior to the end of the 6 year/ 60,000 powertrain warranty coverage.

    Plaintiff seeks the reimbursement of expenses resulting from the replacement of the defective and/or damaged parts. If you are experiencing this problem and wish to learn more about this litigation, please contact GARY S. GRAIFMAN, ESQ., at or (800) 660-7843 at the Firm, or by writing to:

    Gary S. Graifman
  • You gotta really get on their case. Also you may want to join many of the Class Action suits against Nissan on this topic. I was lucky, I actually got back what I spent on repairs;but next auto purchase,"Bye,Bye Nissan."
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    there has been a lot of controversy on the Nissan VQ35 engines and older V6 engines and transmissions, a known fact the small set screws in the swirl valve can become loose and destroy an engine,fix a new or rebuilt engine $7,000 also the radiator leaking into the transmission $5,000 , and the timing chains wearing the tensioners out to a whopping $2,000 repair bill , is there any other engines out there that wont give you these problems for at least 200,000 miles?
  • I really hope there isn't also a problem with their engine. I invested in this car and hoped to have it a long time. I also hate to just trade it in and let someone else have the problems. I'll have to look into the engine issue to try to prevent it. Can you provide facts on this?
  • Thank you for responding. I am happy to hear that you were reimbursed...truly. I know what you mean.....Nissan no more! I have completely lost faith in the product line and the company.
  • They just sent me a link to fill out a questionnaire about the radiator/trans issue.
    I gave 'em hell. Said I was done with Nissan after this. Incidentally, it's appaling to know that 2007 Pathfinders are suffering the same problems. Nissan really doesn't give a crap. The only reason they extended the warranty is that they were being sued in several class actions.
  • bev62bev62 Posts: 9
    UPDATE: Just left the dealership after taking my Pathfinder in for all the issues I was having. They said that my radiator is cracked, which has destroyed my transmission and heater core. Also said that the gas gage is bad and timing belt is believed to be stretched. They gave me a loaner and said that everything was covered under the extended warranty. THANK GOD. I was really surprised they had no problem at all taking care of everything.
  • Good for you Bev!!! I am really happy to hear that some people are being duly compensated and taken care of. The amount of people that have had this exact same issue is mind boggling. I don't believe that these trucks should have been allowed to leave the line with this type of issue. WOW!!
  • Amen to that!!!!! I am seriously considering the class action route......this is just ridiculous!!!!!
  • bev62bev62 Posts: 9
    I agree, I can't believe that it's taken this long to finally do something about it. Even though they are taking care of this I don't know that I'll be so eager to buy another Nissan. They have shown me what kind of company they are after they've cost people thousands of dollars for an engineering mistake.
  • I have had the same issues as above, low rumble noise at 40-50 mph, i went to the dealer last summer and they told me nothing they could do other than to flush the transmission.
    I later found all of these issues on line and completed the bypass to prevent the issue again.
    Now Nissan has recognized the issue i would like to take it back to them but im not sure if i should reconnect the transmission lines before i take back in?

    Has anyone else completed the bypass and then taken it into Nissan , do they try to say we voided the warranty by bypassing a defect they caused in the 1st place?? :mad:
  • The dealer appears to be screwing you. Get the radiator (and hopefully the trans) replaced by the dealer under the warranty . Get the form from Nissan North America for the Warranty extension. Fill it out,submit it and push hard.
    You'll have to fax them the Bill of Sale and maybe other documents.
    Make sure after the radiator is replaced to take it to a reliable trans place and have them reverse the trans cooler hoses from normal setup. Good Luck
  • jlw1028jlw1028 Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    Reading these threads has just put me in panic mode! Exactly one week ago today, I took my 2005 Pathfinder in for the ECM Relay recall. I didn't really notice much when I picked it up but about 1-2 days later it started riding really rough and has a loud roaring noise. My husband drove it over the weekend and told me something is wrong with the transmition. I got the recall notice for the radiator last week (same day I took it in for the other recall) but it only goes to 80K so I disregarded it as I have 127K. Today I called the dealership that worked on it last week and thought this problem I was having had something to do with the ECM relay that was just replaced but from what I am reading, it is not related. I told service today when I called that it sounds and feels like I am driving on the side of the road where they cut the groves in the pavement. When I read your thread of jerky and feels like you are driving over rumbling strips, it made me realize it is my transmission. What I don't get is why it was fine until last week when I had the ECM relay replaced! I always questioned this dealership trustworthyness but now I am wondering if they could have done something. Why would it have just started a day or 2 after? Could they have done anything to my radiator? They had to pull up information relating to Pathfinder recalls to make sure they had my part in stock and then they called me back to schedule the appointment. Could they have seen that has been an issue & recall or is it just my luck and the timing of this? I will NEVER again go to this dealership or buy Nissan as this is not the first time something like this has happened. Let me add that the tire pressure sensor was coming on and I asked them to check it too. They told me the other people that worked on it didn't know how to reset it when they filled the tires. I told them I put air in the tires but they saw that we had the oil changed by another mechanic who has been working on our other car. The way they commented about the "other" mechanic made me feel like I was being scolded for taking the car somewhere else.

    We are taking it tomorrow to this "other" mechanic that works on Nissan, Mercedes, etc... I'm dreading what we will hear as it sounds identical to what I am reading. Wish me luck!
  • Best thing to do is contact Nissan North America re: radiator/trans problem. their extended warranty on the radiator will help you. And you have to push them to pay for radiator and trans since the radiator problem percipitated the trans failure. Their are a number of class action suits against Nissan. I think they may be running scared. Be aggressive.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    well the models that were having transmission problems were the 2005-2006 , so the first thing you can easily do is pull out the transmission dip stick and look at the color of the fluid it should be slight amber to pink, then let it cool off good and open your radiator cap and look at the color of your antifreeze ,it should be green or sometimes amber . If you know a good mechanic he will do this for you at first then you will know idf its the transmission problem . what happened in 2005 Nissan switched radiator vendors and thats when it all started.
  • bmoon1bmoon1 Posts: 2
    Ok so when I took my 05 pathfinder in to be fixed it cost $4500.00 for everything to be fixed. It had 131,000 miles on it so is there any hope for reimbursment?
  • tseyffstseyffs Posts: 12
    Its my understanding now that there was a recall issed for the radiator issue, which utimately led to the transmission issues....
    BUT, for any recall no matter what, they have to fix and or re-imburse.
    Thats my understanding anyway.... Maybe someone else knows more?
  • You can take 2 courses of action. First, call Nissan North America tell them you had and repaired the problem, the cost and that you know you are over the
    extended warranty miles,but is there anything they can do. If you have been a pripr Nissan owner that may help.

    Second, join may of the Class action suits against Nissan for this problem. If there is a settlement, you can get your $$$ back.
  • I'm sorry to be ther bearer of bad news but Nissan as a comapny couldn't care less about their customers. This obvious defect in their product which should have been a recall is just an extended warranty up to 80,000. We had 83,000 on our's when we tried for reimbursement on the $5,000 that we spent and their stand is.....3,000 over...too bad so sad. As a matter of fact the regional manager that we spoke with told us "even if you were at 80,001 you would not be eligible and no amount of talking is going to change that fact". Nice attitude Maryanne.....just lovely.
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