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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • luckyducluckyduc Posts: 17
    It seems that u-joint failures are common. I have replace two on the rear drive shaft of my 2006 pathfinder already with less than 60k miles. I intend to buy an after market u-joint in the future if anymore fail.
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    You're being hosed. My tranny place replaced my belt for $60. Don't know what pulley would cost. Better find reliable mechanic and price it out.
  • tonloc3tonloc3 Posts: 3
    Unfortunately Nissan did not step up and I now have to pay the dealer that screwed me in the first place $5000 for a new radiator and rebuilt transmission or go to the highest rated tranny shop in the area who will replace radiator, rebuild tranny and flush heat / cooling system (tranny fluid in heater core, thermostat, etc..) for $2400. Guess which one I am going to. I understand I have 95,000 now but I only had 90,000 when I first took it to them and they mis diagnosed. This seems like a huge design flaw on Nissans end. Needless to say we will have the car fixed and trade it in. Never again will I own a Nissan product. My suggestion is to sale yours if this hasnt happened because it will.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    your doing the right thing , not only the tranny and radiator is a big problem ,its those little swirl valve screws that fall into the intake manifold and destroy the pistons and engine parts. after 60 ,ooo its your out of pocket that pays for this big design flaw in the v6 nissan motors in all of them even Altimas .just google search [Threadlocker on Power Valve screws ] and you will see pictures
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    All i get from the service advisor is "The radiator issue is not with EVERY Vehicle" I said its a ticking timebomb and why are they extending warranty of radiator?? I told him i have read hundreds of post of people having their radiator and tranny blow up..."well yours is fine" he says. Now i read about the swirl valve screws falling out and destroying engine. So i am living with the fact that the radiator could go and engine could sieze at any time if i don't have the screws tightened to tune of $1k most likely.
    Its paid for and i have title, but how do i replace a vehicle like this without having a payment, (i can't take one on now) and what would it be worth in a trade or retail? would feel terrible about selling it to someone knowing its a timebomb.
  • raygoraygo Posts: 3
    My 2005 Pathfinder broke down 3 states away from home. Had it towed to the nearest dealer. I had the transmission replaced already 10 mo. ago. Believe it or not, same problem happened again! I had the tranmission rebuilt. Now the miliage is at 86,000. I've been on the phone with Nissan(begging) They say they will get back to me with an answer in a few days, Anyone know what my chances are? I owe $10,000. on the car. I use my car for work and am now also out of work. How is this possible that so many lives are being affected by this car?
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    Did you have the radiator replaced with the first tranny repair?? thats what caused it if you read all the prior posts.
  • raygoraygo Posts: 3
    yes the radiator is new, the transmission rebuilt.
  • 9728jim9728jim Posts: 10
    I had to replace my u-joints twice on my 2005 pathfinder. You probably don't need to replace the entire driveshaft. The dealer tried to tell me the same thing but I went to a local mechanic who was able to change the u-joints and the problem went away.

    I also had the surpentine belt changed for $100. Within 3 months the belt was squeaking again! I now just hit it with belt dressing every couple of months.
  • spinynormanspinynorman Posts: 5
    edited May 2011
    Now has been about 15 k (including the camper towing) since I flushed the tranny (about 20 qts) and replaced the radiator. No tranny rebuild. replaced 4 qts of Matic S about a month ago just for good measure (old looked ok). Runs/shifts ok, no apparent problem remains. Cant speak to potential long term effects, that's why I continue to update this forum.

    Nissan reimbursed me for radiator and a shxtload of fluid which I replaced myself. At the time the problem happened (June 2010) my Pathfinder was out of warranty. I didn't know they were to issue the warranty extension (Nov. 2010?) to cover the radiator and resulting tranny damage or I obviously would have had them replace the trans. When this happened in June 2010 I decided not to rebuild the tranny and just replace AT fluid and radiator.

    My advice - if you can get a new tranny and radiator from Nissan, go for it. If Nissan wont cover tranny replacement then it may be worth the risk not spending 4k to rebuild the transmission if it still drives (read my earlier posts) because you have nothing to lose. But definitely replace the radiator and complete transmission fluid flush (not just the drain and add 4 qts but flush, drain and drive; repeat 4 or 5 times so nearly all of the original fluid is gone, takes about 20 qts). Just my experience, has worked so far. Hope it helps somebody.
  • raygoraygo Posts: 3
    edited May 2011
    Heard from Nissan, they basicly said "tuff luck" I may have to park the car outside the dealership with a sign on it telling people not to buy Nissan! Totally at a loss.
  • showlarshowlar Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how the radiator problem can be prevented? Is it just as simple as buying a new radiator and installing it? This is because i recently purchased a used NP 2005 on 56k mileage and i am unsure if this problem has been fixed in the car. I dont want to experience this costly problem. Pls help!!!
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    If trans is OK. You have to change the radiator and have them reverse the cooler hoses when they do it.
  • The easiest and cheapest way to prevent this is to have an independent garage install an aftermarket transmission cooler. Transmission lines go to the new cooler. Zero chance of mixing fluid. Probably $100 to $200 max. Problem solved. Now if only Nissan thought of that....
  • toolgodtoolgod Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
  • klpmomof3klpmomof3 Posts: 2
    i have an 05 path as well with a similar problem. about a month ago truck started bucking and stuttering while going over 60 mph, then about 2 weeks ago did it more often at at slower speeds, told hubby somethings wrong with trans, took to aamco said nothing wrong, i drive the truck everyday toting 3 kids around i knew something was wrong, went on this forum and discovered other owner with same issue, finally got stuck around the block from kids school last week, told hubby what i found out on here, we took back to aamco and sure enough the radiator fluid leaked into trans, no nissan coverage as we are at 95,000 miles, but we have geico insurance and have mechanical breakdown insurance thru them up to 100,000 miles with a $250 deduc. aamco has to replace rad and trans
  • toolgodtoolgod Posts: 2
    Thanks but your problems will only start and get worse with AAMCO thats who flushed the trans at 81K it now has 92K and thats not all I would never use a chain store for a major componit like a trans. The warranty co. will pay but no transmissions are in stock in the USA. PS: I sell tools to alot of chain stores and Thier are some good mechs. but mostly parts changers
  • angileyzangileyz Posts: 4
    On a week-end trip my Pathfinder did the shaky thing and from time to time would do some strange movement between 40-60mph... ditched the car and bought a Chevy Tahoe... never thought I would buy American made unless it was pre 70 but I did...I had enough! :shades:
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    I wish Nissan stood behind their vehilces. Then I could back up and run over them. I went thru a lot of crap to get mine repaired and get my $$$ back.

    No more Nissans. Lookin' at Hyundai or GM Acadia SUV. First though, I want to find out how they stand behind their vehicles.
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    Well here is an update...I had the driveshaft and u joint replaced for the clicking noise in front end and the vibration complaint that i explained to tech when i brought it in. He assured me that it was the tolerance in the u joint that made the vibration at about 40 50 mph...So I called Nissan and explained the driveshaft and UJ were replaced and it was just over the 60 k drivetrain warranty...Well after a week of investigating , they gave me my money back for that portion of the job, approx. $650. So i drove it and imediately realized that it was not right, although the ticking noise in the front end was gone. I assumed that the driveshaft was bad cause of that, but i knew the tranny was still not shafting correctly. So i waited till i got the money back in two weeks. I went back to dealer whe i had a chance this week and dropped it off...I waited till the end of day to call and they had to locate the paperwork and call me back..SO the service advisor says that it need a radiator! I said so does that mean it needs a tranny too??
    He say the lady behind him was saying Yes it does... I said oh ok, well how long is it going to take to get the parts? He said about three weeks..I said well can I get a rental car?? he said he would find out and call me back...15 minutes later he calls back and says no they will not give me a rental car..So i said well i am concerned it will die on the raod and i will be stranded, and I said can i talk the the service manager...he said he would call me back. So I had a beer and waited for the call..Bruce called me and told me that it needed the radiator and tranny but they would not give me the rental car...I said how did you determine it was defective??? did u see a mixing in the fluids?? he said no the didn't see the mixing, but they knew they should just shotgun it and change it because they know it is a rampant problem! The tech told me two weeks ago that that he had only seen one other vehicle in there for the radiator and tranny, but he knew it took 3 weeks to get the parts. I asked him if i could drive it and he said its "not that bad yet" and just don't go on a long trip...I said i can't do that know it could die on me anytime...I pleaded my case but he would authorize a rental, so i am driving it the way it is, hoping the parts come in sooner...I asked if it would cst me anything and he said NO...I have a claim open with Nissan now, but not sure what good it would do calling that person since it is being covered under warranty..
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