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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    So my posts were deleted because we cant post phone numbers on here?!??!

    Look up the number on highway safety site and call the number rather than filing online...

    "---Report Your Safety Complaint


    Your complaint information will be entered into NHTSA-ODI's vehicle owner's complaint database and used with other complaints to determine if a safety-related defect trend exists. More...

    If a safety-related defect exists in a motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment, the manufacturer must provide a remedy at no cost to the owner. Your complaint is the first step in the process.

    We do not have to receive a specific number of complaints before we look into a problem. We gather all available information on a problem."

    Personal experience:

    Federal Highway Safety opened a file for both my fuel pump and for the transmission. He provided my states ATTORNEY GENERALS NUMBER which I am to call and tell them I opened a case (using my confirmation number) and they will assist in getting the money back.
    In the meantime, the Highway Safety forwards the defect complaints and engineers review the complaints (the more, the merrier!!!!!) and then decide to push Nissan to open a Federal recall. There are manufacture recalls and there are federal recalls.

    I was connected in 2 seconds, no waiting. They are open from 8 am- 8pm eastern time....and he was so very helpful..and didnt stand up for Nissan...just informed me of the process.

    So please, we can get this mess settled and have them refund or pay for it!!
  • 101dave101dave Posts: 3
    I have an 06 Pathfinder with 58,000 miles and when my transmission started to have problems I was worried after all the negative posts I've read regarding how poorly people have been treated. Perhaps I found the one good Nissan dealer, or the Nissan gods were feeling generous that day but my transmission problem was stress free and easy. From the moment I called and described the issue the dealer was sure it was the cross contamination problem. Once they checked it out and confirmed that was the issue they replaced my transmission and radiator. The only snag was waiting about 10 days for the transmission. The dealer offered a free rental car for the entire time of waiting and the day and half it took to replace the transmission. At no point was there any bs or hesitation from the dealer. This is my second Nissan, and I think I will go back for a 3rd. From my view point Nissan and the dealer stood behind their product and fixed the problem.
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    Thats because you have 58,000 miles!!! And you don't drive your car often.
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    edited July 2011
    How can they get a NEW transmission in 10 days?? they are on national B/O and mine was order on may 16th and won"t be in till july 30th...I have an open claim with nissan america to EXPEDITE it! Mine is covered under warranty also but a part is a part. NO way they had one in stock, something is fishy...Most likely they had the radiator, said we"ll "flush the transmission" and ship it, see if it bounces back and then deal with it all...I am driving mine around in 3rd gear for nearly two months and no rental or loaner car. Nissan is awful.
  • I figured it would only be a matter of time before many more people would be joining the club with me about this issue with a RADIATOR DEFECT that DESTROYS your TRANSMISSION. I'm furious about this. I have filed complataints with my states Attorney Generals Office and the NHTSA. I've also been through the ringer with the CROOKS in NISSANS CUSUMER AFFAIRS OFFICE - I don't know how they sleep at night! THEIR ONLY JOB IS TO MAKE YOU GIVE UP ON PURSUING REIMBURSEMENT. My ESTIMATE was $7,000!!!! All because NISSAN DID NOT INFORM US OF THEIR FAULTY RADIATOR and NOW WE HAVE TO PAY FOR A NEW TRANSMISSION!! Sorry folks, but I have done everything in my power with the exception of making my mission of making nissan pay a full time job!! PLEASE file with the NHTSA and MAKE SURE YOU SAY THAT THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE!! I've read other NHTSA complaints and they suck!! You have to tell them this is a safety issue and it is! Having your car jerk around and your transmission slip so bad that you stall or dramatically drop speed on a grade is a safety issue. ONE THING I CAN SAY WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY IS THAT I WILL NEVER BUY A NISSAN AGAIN. I work at a large corporation and I tell all my friends about this story and I can say that I PERSONALLY HAVE PREVENTED 4 FRIENDS FROM BUYING A NISSAN :)
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    ok I sent my email to NHTSA...
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    Good job Santonio1. ( :
    And yes, we must be telling them how we have to literally downshift the car (I downshifted to 4th) to prevent the skipping..and sometimes wouldnt accelerate to avoid fear it was going to drop out of my car. It is a safety issue, ABSOLUTELY AND A MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR DEFECT!!! And NHTSA also investigates the defect portion, that is also their responsibility. Ok santonio, ensure you call your attorney general too to assist in this. They must know also what is going on with consumers, its their responsibility as well to protect "their" consumers out there.

  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    OK will call my Attorney general soon....have to work today but will try at lunch...Scott
  • barb_715barb_715 Posts: 4
    Mine went mid June. TOTALLY! When it did, it left parts behind in the road and something that broke off ripped a hole in the casing making the 2005 LE little more than a huge paoperweight! I've been promised a new transmission and parts by a specific date many times now. Have a friend who is a mechanic for the US Government. He was able to contact someone at the main Nissan ditributorship for the US and was told they have none in stock and have not been given a date to expect to recieve any for distruibution. Was told August 30th might be a guess but there is no official date for the distributor to receive and to begin shipping out tio shops for necessary repairs. The only thing my friend was able to find, nation wide, was transmissions taken from "junked" 05 Pathfinders so, if you've getten one, beware, it likely came from a vehicle that had been totaled and will again develope the same problems. Might this problem fall under "Lemon Laws?" :lemon: Any thoughts on this?
    BTW...It's been suggested I invest in a cheap ued car while waiting to et my Pathfinder back as it would likely be less expensive than continuing to rent the economy car that's costing me well over 1k per month! :mad:
  • I went back to the dealer yesterday and said I wanted out of my Pathfinder!!! Ironically the new transmission showed up the day before. I did not get it fixed.

    Thankfully the local dealer in New Hampshire were the ones who gave a crap in this whole thing.
    Thank you Honda Barn for working with me to get out from my P.O.S. Pathfinder and in to a new Honda Pilot.

    In will continue for a while to Twitter to Nissan about how much I love my Honda and how much Nissan continues to suck. they still cost me money in trade in, rental cars, and repairs that should have never been necessary.
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    I sent an Email E-complaint to my state attorney general....i urge you all to do the same.
  • khyltonkhylton Posts: 2
    Just wanted to relay some interesting news regarding 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE. I took the Pathfinder into a Nissan dealership to have them install an external transmission cooler in the hope of avoiding future radiator/transmission issues. I was told that the Pathfinder already has an external (as well as internal) transmission cooler! I purchased an extended warranty on the Pathfinder when I bought the vehicle used and it expires on 7/2013. However, Nissan told me that the Radiator/Transmission cooler warranty has been extended until 7/2014 (or 80,000 miles). The vehicle only as 39,000 miles .... so I am keeping it until the warranty is ready to expire. Not sure if others are aware of Warranty Extension from Nissan!
  • I also sent my complaint to my State's attorney, Tennesee ( home of Nissan Amwrica), and the US state attorney in Washington DC
  • lauracpalmerlauracpalmer Posts: 35
    edited July 2011
    The problems easily average beyond 80k and so the warrenty is almost useless; if you read posts regarding those fortunate to be under 80K and have a problem it may get resolved but we are finding a lot of complaints there also.

    And, if you are not having issues yet but want to use the warrenty to avoid the problem you will most likely be refused, as you will see from a post I will paste at the end of this message.

    We took out a loan of $6000.00 to have our transmission and radiator replaced, and now our Pathfinder has been sitting at the dealership repair shop for several months waiting for a new transimission.

    The dealership repair shop has finally admitted how bad the situation is and that they are now also not getting straight answers from their own Nissan headquarters. They may not be as PO'd as those of us getting ripped off but they are a close 2nd not getting support or answers while they take the heat instead of those above who created the problem to begin with.

    From another post from this site:
    "Add me to the list of victims owning a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. I contacted Nissan in regards to the transmission/radiator issues. I currently do not have the mixing of fluids (yet) but wanted Nissan to take precautionary measures by replacing the radiator BEFORE this happens and ruins the transmission. I was told directly by Nissan consumer affairs that they will do NOTHING until the failure occurs. In other words, they want the consumer to wait until the radiator cracks and leaks fluid into the transmission (destroying the transmission) until they will even address it.
    I was told that they would not send me case to a regional representative because "NO PROBLEM EXISTS." This is a failure on Nissan's part to do what is right. They want to extend the warranty for "failures only" to 80,000 miles despite the average failure rate for this problem occurring just beyond 80,000 miles (see the link below): - into_transmission.shtml

    By insisting that they will not fix anything until the problem occurs, Nissan stands a much greater chance of these vehicles reaching the warranty mileage limitation. I will be writing a letter of complaint to the Nissan CEO, the BBB, and the state attorney general.

    Who would be foolish enough to wait until the problem spills into their transmission (possibly with their family in the car) to address this issue. That would be irresponsible of me as a consumer just as it is irresponsible of Nissan as a corporation! James of Cincinnati, OH"
  • jbaumerjbaumer Posts: 8
    As I posted last year, when my 2006 Pathfinder turned over 85K miles I went ahead and purchased a new radiator at my own expense and had local service shop install it. Cost me about $400 out of my own pocket but I look at the expense as insurance.
  • jbaumer - GOOD JOB. It is definitely "Cheap Insurance" to replace your radiator. Don't wait for complete failure of your radiator. I tested for the leak myself by disconnecting the transmission lines from the radiator and then connecting the transmission lines together using a rubber hose to prevent trans fluid going everywhere. Then I ran my vehicle and started to see water drip out of the transmission line connections on the radiator - this should not happen if there is no leak. Unfortunately for me, I discovered the leak on my own and too late. I have to pay $6,500 for a new transmission. Just like any good thieving company, $$ is the bottom-line. I'm sure Nissan has strategically calculated that the radiator will fail before 80k miles but by the time the transmission fails, it will be 80,001 miles. NO MORE NISSAN'S FOR ME!!!!!!!!! NISSAN has made a huge mistake with customers. I'm sure they know exactly how many radiators are defective and they have calculated the # of pissed-off customers they will have and decided it is worth it. What they didn't count on was FACEBOOK, TWITTER and BLOGS LIKE THIS to get the word out.
    Do your Due Diligence!! :)
  • santonio1santonio1 Posts: 18
    I have opened a file with Nissan and have been speaking to person in corporate for over a month now...they assure me the tranny will be in the port of NY on july 27, at the dealer by the 5th..I am under the 80k warranty and am getting it covered...also i got a reply back from my state attorney general and said they were monitoring the complaints but to contact an attorney and pursue yourself. thats my update
  • I believe the reason that Nissan doesn't recall the defective radiators is because they know that most failures will occur after 80k miles and they will save $$. But if they were an ethical company they would recall the batches of defective radiators and replace them so that their customers would not be stuck with a $6,000 bill. I'm still driviing around in 3rd gear while my dealer procures a transmission for me but I can tell you that the dealers are very embarrassed by Nissan. My dealer was so appologetic and said that the right thing for Nissan to do is to cover the transmissions for much more than 80k miles. He knows that this problem is going to hurt his dealership because they are rather small. I HOPE NISSAN PAYS BIG TIME FOR THIS!!!!!!!!
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    Hi, Did you actually go through National Highway Safety first and obtain a complaint #? The National Highway safety will open a case for review and provide you a number and use that number to your attorney general. That shows everyone that the issues are being reported, we are serious. The National Highway Safety is federal, the attorney general is state and Nissan is neither.

    Good luck.
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    I think I drove my car a lot!! its 6 years old and has almost 150,000 miles on it.

    Wanted to warn you all. My paint is peeling like crazy. I took it to the dealership and they said, yes defective and NOT environmental. They said they havent seen anything like it. So, thats on another call with their idiots for a regional manager to call me back to tell me they wont cover it because of the mileage..Im very sure of it.

    ALSO. My cd is now stuck in the player. Can eject it nor play it. It just decided to quit.

    I have a 1 single player. But I just laugh now. I call it my junker. Looks good on the outside but garbage of a vehicle.

    Do you all look at other Pathfinder owners out and about and want to talk to the driver to see if they are having the same problems?? LOL. I do..I always want to strike up conversations with pathfinder owners to find out or WARN them if they havent discovered it yet. ( :
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