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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    This may help with the CD:

    How to Remove a Stuck CD

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  • jk05mdxjk05mdx Posts: 15
    I bought mine in December 2009. It is a 2006 which now has over 90k miles. Thanks to all who spoke up in this forum, I knew the achilles heel of an otherwise superb vehicle. So I first made sure the radiator had not cracked before buying. Thereafter as soon as it got home, I went right under and disconnected the radiator cooler lines, using the hose there to loop the inlet of the fluid to the outlet on the other side of the radiator, and looped the returning hose from the auxilary cooler which should have gone into the radiator to the return line of the transmission. I didn't buy anything and the whole process took me about 30-45 minutes. So far no bad effect at all. The vehicle runs great and have only changed oil and brake pads. Like the saying goes Prevention is Better than Cure.
  • Well, I have joined the club. My 05 Pathfinder's transmission finally met its match last week. All the symptoms were there, shuddering, slipping, not downshifting to 2nd gear. All this has been happening throughout the spring. I, of course, did not recognize the signs until to late. Car would not start, had it towed to the dealer (1st mistake) since I had a 100K warranty. Car has 219 miles over the 100K. Left it off late so was given diagnosis the next day. Transmission damaged and to replace would be $5200+ w/o telling me what was wrong. But was told that parts were in the warehouse. Decided to tell them to hold on repair. I went in to see the service mgr and he brought out the mechanic who was to R&R the trans. Asked if there was contamination and the mechanic said there may be some evidence of it, but 5-10 sec later when I asked if it would be covered under warrantee, he suddenly changed his mind and said there was no evidence of contamination. The service mgr then pulled up the NISSAN web site to show me that NISSAN had extended the warranty to 80K and that I should call the regional rep to find out if they would help. contacting this not so bright person in my opinion he said fax me the diagnosis and he would see what could be done. (From reading this forum, I am anticipating NOTHING). Bottom line had it towed to an independent who removed and diagnosised the trans and noted that there was indeed water in the trans. Also that there was contamination of an outside additive which I expained that that was from having the trans flushed and replaced the fluids at a Jiffy Lube(mistake 2). The additive from Samrt Blend Technologies known as MIGHTY was introduced and according the trans specialist had eaten away part of the plastic of the TCM and neutral switch. Finally, NISSAN was only to guarantee the work for 1 yr, and the independent is guaranteeing the rebuilt for 3. Cost substantially less and very fair. Maybe there will be some recourse from the dealer and Jiffy Lube but I doubt it. For a final note I asked one of the senior salesmen to give me quote on repair and trade-in for a new car. He came back with, $5000+ to repair the trans(thought dealers got discounts) and he would give me $5000 toward a trade-in. I laughed and told him that was embarassing and he would never see me or would I buy another NISSAN product
  • Another guy here with a bad tranny. I just turned 101,000 on my 05 Frontier Nismo and the I had failure because of cross contamination. I got an estimate today for $4,500 for a rebuild, new torque convertor and valve body. All my seals were toast from the water in the transmission. I signed up for that class action lawsuit and I'm going to call Nissan tomorrow. This blows!
  • carol72carol72 Posts: 4
    Nissan is totally neglecting my claim. The Regional Specialist said she called me when she didn't. My phone records prove it. They just denied me, not even warranty assistance.THIS SHOULD BE A RECALL!!!!! Thousands of people have stated that their radiator cracked and I just found out that they don't even place this radiator in new vehicles. This is Nissan's fault not mine. I take fantastic care of my Pathfinder! GM had this problem years ago and my father, a mechanic, said that he had to fix at least 500 cars with the same radiator problem. Many customers complained. I want people to just Google it and see how many people are truly disgusted with Nissan about this issue. I am truly unsatisfied!!!!!!!!!
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    edited July 2011
    Get rid of that piece of crap. After being a Nissan Loyalist for several years, I had enough of their indifference. Traded my 2005 Pathfinder for a Hyundai Santa Fe LTD. Couldn't be happier. Finance rates super lo. Screw Nissan.
  • I ditched my PF and went to Honda Pilot! Comparable in size! Rides so much nicer, and best part.. Doesn't have a defective radiator that is a ticking time bomb.
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    YEA!!!!!!!!!! SCREW NISSAN.
  • same problem with tranmission raditor leaked in transmission price nissan dealer 5200 were can I sign up for the class action lawsuit calling nissan tomorrow as well I HATE MY NISSAN PATHFINDER SE
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    yes get the Nissan fixed sell it and by a reputable SUV like a Hyundai with 100 mile warranty you wont be sorry , these Hyundai's came a long way I have 156,000 on my Hyundai with just oil changes , those Nissans I will never never ever deal with them again. i actually cringe when I drive passed a Nissan dealer and feel sorry for all the poor bastards out there that had 2005 -2007 pathfinder's and the maxima's and Altima's with the VQ35 V6 engines , they even loose there butterfly screws down in the engines and are destroyed if it happens. shoooo not to many people know this. :lemon:
  • 101dave101dave Posts: 3
    I was expecting the worst after reading all the negative posts about this problem. But my experience was pain free. From the first call I made the technician practically diagnosed the problem on the phone, and then told me about the extended warranty and to bring the pathfinder on in. The only snag was the time frame, in which they said they would not know how long it would take to get the transmission, the radiator was in stock but the tran they said they would have to check around for. Less then two weeks they had the tran, 1 1/2 days in the shop and it was fixed. They offered a rental car from the point the problem was diagnosed. If you are ever in WA state I'd recommend this dealer. I had no reason to contact the Nissan corporation as this particular dealer (maintenance gal) was the only person I talked to the entire process and she took care of everything. She didn't have to ask any boss about the rental car, it was all very easy.
  • tseyffstseyffs Posts: 12
    It took close to a year and a half but Nissan refunded 100% of the cost to replace my
    transmission & radiator. I filled out the extended warantee forms, faxed in all required information and they sent me a check. Turnaround was about 2 weeks.
    Very pleased with Nissan. As a matter of fact I bought another Nissan (altima) and kept my
    pathfinder too.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Feel free to name the dealer and please write up a review about your service experience.

    Dealer Ratings and Reviews

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  • Mine is fixed...radiator and transmission were replaced UNDER WARRANTY sine i had 61k...good experience with Bertera Nissan in Auburn,Ma.
    went into sales showroom and asked what they would give me for a trade and they said $13,500 or would buy it for cash. Didn't decide to do anything yet since its paid for and mostly everything replaced now...well except CC's.
  • To anyone that has had this issue with Nissan, please send a complaint letter to their headquarters, (Nissan USA, 1 Nissan Way Franklin, Tennessee, 37067) & also send a cc to NHTSA Headquarters(1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, West Building, Washington, DC 20590... & to the Council of Better Business Bureaus (4200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 800, Arlington, VA 22203-1838) ... this is the best way to try to get Nissan to recall this. I have been without a vehicle for over 3 wks now & Nissan refuses to help because it is over the 80,000 warranty. I was told I need both a new radiator & tranny which will cost me about $7,500. I am a self-employed, single parent & rely heavily on my vehicle for work purposes. Without it, I have had to turn down work. I went through numerous phone calls with Nissans customer support, only to have them tell me they won't recall it unless it's a 'safety issue'. I think when I'm getting on the highway & the car is stuttering & not going over 40, it most definitely IS a safety issue. I am wondering if Nissan is waiting for someone to get seriously injured or killed in one of their vehicles before they issue a recall on this. Please, everyone send letter, the more sent, the more likely we are to get this thing recalled.
  • carol72carol72 Posts: 4
    Complaint letters complete and mailed!!!!!
  • Good luck on a response. The response I got after sending letters to three vice presidents was an admin assistant telling me to screw off, you are out of warranty, and I can call the BBB. The admin uses the same cue cards as the lovely customer service reps.

    Nissan doesn't give one care about this and they are truly crooks and thieves.

    I hope you have better luck
  • carol72carol72 Posts: 4
    I do have the paperwork sent to me from the BBB. I am filling it out and sending it back within a few days, There are also 3 pending lawsuits pertaining to this matter I added my name to their list. I also have contacted 5 on your side and help me Howard. Power in numbers!!!!
  • I hope I have better luck too! They told me the same thing when I called, to bad & send a complaint to the BBB. A friend of mine who happens to be a mechanic told me to send letters & make sure to complain to DMV, but my state DMV only has complaints for local repair shops/dealers. Found the link to the NHTSA there though & they seem to be the ones to contact. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get somewhere with this, as I still have a loan & owe quite a bit on this vehicle. First time in my 24 yrs of driving that I have not owned a Chevy & all of my Chevys went to well over 100,000(last one was over 200,000) before I started having to replace things. While I do a whole lot of driving, the Nissan has just hit 90,000 & has been maintained well for the yr I had it. In fact, a month before this happened, I took it in & had oil changed & all fluids checked because I was going on a trip with it. There was no sing of any fluids mixing at that point.
  • I was the proud owner of a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder...It was my dream truck until I noticed the car jerking and shifting very hard...This problem started at about 130,000 miles and I took it to three different mechanics that all stated the transmission was slipping and suggested to add fluid after checking the fluid level & seeing that nothing was in it...The car was leaking fliuds but no one could tell where it was coming from...I later found out that the antifreeze was leaking out and the fluid looked like a milkshake...The problem progressed until it finally stopped running at 145,000 miles...I was pulling out of my driveway one evening and as I was coasting down the street beginning to accelerate the vehicle would not move...I put the car in reverse and backed up into the driveway then shut the vehicle off...I went out the next morning to start up and nothing happened...I later had the vehicle towed to another mechanic whose findings were that the tranmission and radiator fluids had mixed and as a result locked up my transmission...He stated that it's not even worth trying to repair because I would basically have to rebuild my vehicle and it appeared as if there was a manufacturer defect as far as the fluids mixing and not being able to properly drain...With that being said "Nissan" should be ashamed of themselves and placed out of business for the inconvienience, pain, and suffering they have caused so many consumers with these defective vehicles...I am now without a vehicle and having to depend on family and friends for transportation... Kenitra Jackson Lavergne, TN
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