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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • Ours is being petitioned to the Northern District of Texas. The petition is requesting (if approved by the Judge) Class Action status. I have not seen the final version of the petition....but, I was advised it was complete Monday the 10th and is in process of being submitted to the court. My Pathfinder is currently going thru repair...and I have been asked to secure all parts for engineering and liability (defect) analysis.
  • grid1grid1 Posts: 2
    My mechanic is having a difficult time finding another transmission for the 2005 Pathfinder. Does anyone know a good source?
  • When I got mine done a couple of months ago I had a 4 month wait because the they were on "national back order." This was confirmed thru a friend, who is a mechanic with the government, who contacted the national distributorship. Seems so many need to be replaced they can't keep them in stock nor can they keep up with the demand. I was fortunate that the shop who replaced mine got one for me a at least a month before it was suppose to be in. The best bet is to call the Nissan distribution center in California and see how long the wait is going to be for them to receive the transmission. You can also order one directly through them.
  • Don't buy a new (or replacement) transmission...have the one you have rebuilt. You will need to add a tranny cooler, replace the failed radiator...and have clutch disks, seals, and other items replaced in the rebuild of the transmission (and maybe the control module). Most reliable transmission shops can do it. Mine did the work and provided a 5yr - 50,000 mile warranty. Cost is approx 50% to 70% of what Nissan would charge for a new one. Remember, Nissan replaces customer transmissions, full up ($6K plus)....they don't repair. Unless of course, you give them a trade-in...then they send it out for repair. They are not stupid, just unethical when it comes to supporting their products.....much easier to extend a warranty as a gamble (statistical probability) versus coming to the table to admit a DEFECTIVE part.
  • We got our '06 Pathfinder back this afternoon. Required a transmission rebuild, added a separate transmission cooler, new radiator, a new transmission control module and tons of flushing. We also had to add a new water lines for dual heater due to oil damage to plastic parts. All of this could have been done for $300 bucks or so if Nissan had stepped up and took responsibility for installing defective parts and did a recall to add a cooler and kill the lines to the transmission. It is really a shame if Nissan gets away with deceptive business practices by selling what will be determined to be a defective part to save a buck or two on production costs and not taking responsibility. Quite assuredly, their legal costs will far exceed their merger production cost savings. Nissan has put many families in a difficult situation to pad their pockets. I will wait patiently while the legal proceedings plow forward. It will be great during discovery to see why the decision to change the design was made. For some, it will be interesting to figure which will be more important the 'why' and the 'who'. Suit up gentlemen…should be a fun ride!
  • did anybody help out on this? mine has 118k and it did the exact same thing. cost me 4600 for transmission plus 1200 for radiator. all at hilltop nissan in east hanover nj. i felt like i got mugged. when i got the car back the engine light went on 50 miles later and now i need a catalytic converter. seriously nissan is just rigging the car to fail. any word on the lawsuit and where do i sign up?
  • I've done all that... its what they do. In theory now the car should last another hundred k.... thats my hope.
  • cgyjoecgyjoe Posts: 1
    2001 pathfinder LE. 130,000Km

    Recently I noticed that when i put it into reverse (just after I start her up), she 'jumps' a bit after I switch gears.. then the other day I was reversing up a small hill and noticed a drop in power (it was revving, not reversing though), i then switched it into 4wd and nothing happend... no lights on the dash or on the switch (auto switch).??!!!??!

    Now the reverse seems to work fine but the 4WD is still unresponsive.

    i recently took the front dash apart to re install the factory Bose deck.. would that cause a problem?? is it a fuse issue????

    Please help!
  • I am buying a relatively low mileage 2005 Pathfinder. I want to address the radiator/transmission issue immediately. Can anyone tell me exactly what needs to be done to avoid the problem? Sounds like a radiator replacement and oil cooler. What else am I missing?
  • What can be done to avoid this? Simple. DO NOT BUY A PATHFINDER! Seriously. Do not do it.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    only 2004-2007 have the radiator problems :blush:
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    just get an aftermarket oil cooler and plce it inline with the original tranny lines, plug up the short tubes goin into the radiator your done ;)
  • Right- those years for Pathfinders have problems and the Exteras too.

    But why buy Nissan in the first place?

    They are not a honorable company. They are cowards that cannot stand up and admit they were wrong. They have no problem treating their customers like crap. They have defective equipment and safety issues. Why woud anyone want to pay money for one of their vehicles or advertise their company name by driving one?

    I love that there was a Honda owner in the news recently that hit 1 million miles with their car. Original engine and original transmission. Show me a Nissan owner that can say that.
  • Some folks have kept the radiator and simply plug the lines running thru the transmission...then added an external transmission cooler. Roughly a $300 effort to avoid the problem. Mine busted...which resulted in new everything including the TCM which is a $1,000 by itself. Best of luck...and by the way...I don't hate my Pathfinder....just hate that Nissan is dishonest. If you know you have a defective part, and don't fix ALL the FAULTY are dishonest. A warranty extension is a copout if you know the parts are abnormally prone to failure.
  • A Hyundai Santa Fe. Don't buy the car. It sucks. went thru mess of stuff. Fuel guage. ball joints. If you buy it. recheck the trans to be sure no coolant leakage into tran. Replace radiator and cooler. have them reverse hoses on cooler. I went thru the whole radiator /trans issue. Had to beat them over the head. In the end got my $$$ back. Nissan DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR VEHICLES. I researched and bought a Hyundai Santa Fe LTD. Very Cool vehicle. EXC warranties. NISSAN NEVER AGAIN.
  • akiluviaakiluvia Posts: 7
    edited November 2011
    This happened to me a couple days ago. Dealer says not a Nissan's fault. It is true that it is a manufacture defect on Radiator. A part of it breaks and causes antifreeze to leak into transmission. If this happens, transimission gets ruined and vehicle stalls or slips after that. I need a new transmission and a radiator. Very costly repair (>$5000). I was a proud customer of Nissan, but now no more Nissans for me and I would not recommend to anyone. This is the Law firm started a class action lawsuit - -Defect.shtml
  • My 2006 Pathfinder just turned 118K miles, replaced Radiator with 3rd party Radiator at 85K miles. This week Pathfinder started shruddering at 45 miles per hour. Checked UJoints etc, transmission shop suggested I drain Transmission fluid and replace filter. Fluid looks a little brown, has anyone done this and solved this type of problem. Tests on transmission look OK. jb
  • Terribly sorry, but inevitable if your vehicle has the defective radiator. Nissan knows which vehicles by VIN are subject to the failure. Our suit has been filed in Texas, and we are awaiting Nissan's response to several charges including fraud by concealment, breach of warranty, intentional misrepresentation, deceptive trade, defects in design, defective parts for profit....and so on. We have a very strong attorney (law firm), who has researched the issues throughly. Let the games begin…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :lemon:
  • Buy a new redesigned radiator and replace the one you have. You have to be specific that you want a new redesigned radiator.
  • @unrelenting are you in a class action suit? I had to rebuild my transmission on my 05 Fronter as well due to the faulty radiator. I signed up for a couple class action suites a while back but haven't heard a peep.
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