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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • I currently have a 05 Nissan Pathfinder SE with 66700 miles. Can you give me some guidance regarding the 80K Nissan extended warranty?

    I just notice that my coolant level is low and a whining sound in the transmission. Is this covered under the 80K warranty?

    Please advise.
  • You should be covered if you are under 80k, but the transmissions are back ordered.
  • Contact Nissan USA. Be Persistent. Don't take no for an answer.
  • Defective Radiator that causes antifreeze coolant to leak into transmission fluid lines warranty has been extended to 80K. Dealership/Nissan should be able to replace your radiator for free under warranty coverage.

    There are couple signs that, this problem has actually happened to you. It doesn't even take any time to notice. If this happen, I would recommend flatbed your truck from wherever you are (that's what I did).

    First, you will immediately notice that your vehicle starts 'slipping', meaning it feels like you are driving on pockets of slippery road.

    Second, if you open your radiator cap (offcourse after engine has cooled-off), you will notice antifreeze color has changed to something like heavy milky-brown.

    Also because of existence of antifreeze in transmission, fluids in it could also start leaking through a breather. You will start smell odd odors from inside and outside the car. Breather is a small valve on top of your transmission that allows pressure to escape your transmission, if it exceeds required amount.

    I have heard that Nissan refuses to cover Transmission since its warranty is up to 60K (for cases of between 60K and 80K), but I am not sure if that is indeed true. Nissan don't rebuild transmissions so they will tell you to replace it - ouch! if no warranty.

    My vehicle was even out of extented warranty (139K) and this is how I fixed my issue:

    - I bought a new aftermarket redesigned radiator, not from dealer. It costs half the price of what dealer charges, infact I don't trust any radiators from them anyway right now.

    - I bought gallons of cheap transmission fluid and flushed the transmission until no signs of antifreeze mixture comes out of it. Drain out all that cheap oil and fill out with Genuine Nissan Matic J ATF.

    - I bought gallons of antifreeze and flushed engine few times until I made sure no oil mixture in coolant.

    It cost me less than 1K to do all this and my vehicle is driving fine after all this. My philosophy was better to take this chance, than rebuilding or replacing transmission on 139K vehicle which I would end up spending more than 5K.
  • The way it works is the suit has to plea to the court for class status. That plea has been submitted...but, class or not, Nissan has been served and has 30 days to address the complaints. We are nearing the end of that 30 days. Once the response is received, it is up to the Judge to approve the 'class'. Either way....we plan to move forward in an 'unrelenting' manner. We have had a lot of interest over various social networks....this is going to be 'fun'. We have both the resources and the time. The comments by Nissan to me and the letters of rejection as well as the quotes in the NYT...make it a tad personal. And, that will not be a good thing for Nissan. Buckle up ladies and's gonna be a ride!
  • What aftermarket/redesigned radiator did you buy? Brand and Part No?

  • bloodworthbloodworth Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    To One And All,

    I'm an ASE master transmission specialist and have been since '85. I believe the problem with the cooler tank in the radiator is due to the pressure spikes from a transmission system malfunction and not necessarily from the radiator itself.

    While a better built/designed radiator may help, an inherent transmission design where default line pressure within the transmission is maximum oil pressure @ 300psi and a transmission malfunction can far exceed that. It is this extreme pressure in the system that I feel is largely responsible for the rupture of the cooler tank in the radiator and allowing the intermixing of coolant and ATF. It is my opinion the radiator is being wrongly blamed for what I believe to be a transmission malfunction as the root cause.

    A transmission on any make is ALWAYS the first Big Ticket repair, bar none. As such, emotions can run high and financial compensation is often sought. However, modern technology is not without its costs and early versions of anything are not without its bugs, and subsequent fixes. The early versions of Edison's light bulbs didn't last forever. Nissans are good vehicles and they make a good product, along with a good transmission. Cut them some slack. They're fixing their transmissions within an appropriate time and mileage frame.
  • snowbird127snowbird127 Posts: 9
    edited December 2011
    Looks like Nissan seeding for its defense...
  • Ditto, or someone ignorant of the fact that no matter the reason for the cause Nissan has and is still claiming to not be aware there is a very dangerous, not just expensive problem with their equipment and has been going on for years. And that this is something they could have started working on preventing a long, long time ago. Disgusting ethics.
  • So according to bloodworth's ASE knowledge and experience, the problem is with Nissan's transmission design and not some radiator manufacturer they outsourced their radiators to! That lays more of the blame on them for inherent design flaws with their product.
  • I had 66k on mine and they replaced the radiator and transmission for no charge. It took 2 months to get the tranny and i drove it during that time and was very uneasy about that and never went more than back and forth to work or about 20 miles. I contacted Nissan and a Rep.there was in contact with Japan and the dealer and me..I got a rebuilt tranny from Japan and found out they were sending mine back to rebuild for someone elses Pathfinder.
  • After reading the above, and the message from the tech who appears to feel we are not justified in feeling ripped off due to what he says is the real problem (a flaw with the tranny) I am now concerned that the rebuilt tranny we waited for over 3 months for from Japan ($6000.00 later) might still have flaws. Is this never ending...

    By the way, just last week our heater stopped working when the SUV was in idle, though worked while in motion. My hubby assumed it was due to the new radiator we also had to purchase with the tranny so went back to the Nissan tech who worked on our vehicle. He told my husband that it must be the thermostat and that it can't be the radiator work because the thermostat is located in the engine so "generously" offered to now work on our engine for us to get the heater working properly.

    I did some research online and found many others going through the same, and it is related to the radiator and simply adding more fluid fixed the problem as the tech did not fill it properly ($6000.00 later).

    So sick of being ripped off but that is ending; no more Nissan for us.
  • I just traded my '07 Pathfinder in. Got spooked from all I've been reading in this forum. Had absolutely no problems with it yet. What a relief to be able to drive a new vehicle without worrying about a major malfunction possibley occuring. Nissan lost a dedicated return customer in me. Good luck to anyone having to deal with the b.s this company is putting them through. Nissan never again!
  • I have a 2006 Pathfinder! I'm having the same issues with the transmission vibrating at 45mph. I now have 95,000 miles and have always serviced the car per the manual. I had a transmission flush, and radiator flush along with the 60,000 mile service. I had complained of the radiator being low on cooliant at around 75,000 miles when I had to fix the Fuel Gauge Sending Unit and then later finding out that it was on recall. The Service Department told me that the radiator had no leaks and I responded by asking "Then where is the cooliant going?", and the servise advisor tells me he didnt know. For the past few days my transmission began vibrating and a noise coming from the transmission housing. I called the dealership told him of the problem and he says to contact Nissan Customer Support, and see if they will pay for the damage. I then called another dealership and he tells me that the problem should have been diagnosed when I originally complained of the radiator problem. He said I needed a new transmission and radiator, so tomorrow I will have it diagnoised on paper per Nissan CS request and see what the outcome will be.
  • My Pathfinder has 117K miles, replaced the radiator at 80K miles on my own. Having the vibration at 45mph as well and took to an independent transmission shop. $1700, had work done on Transfer Case and UJoints were replaced.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    its starting , get rid of it or get a quote from nissan to fix it :lemon:
  • At least you made it to 104kmiles!! My '05 has never been in the shop, has 81k miles and it just became victim of NISSAN's radiator issues. $4200 and now what???? The car is worth 1/2 of what it's going to take me to fix the transmission. This is aburd and I hope enough people speak up to make Nissan liable! Transmissions just don't go out w/o warning!
  • i just found out my 05 pathfinder has the radiator, transmission problem after spending about $1000 on useless crap because the nissan dealership couldn't figure it out. Now i am expected to pay thousands of dollars to fix a defective radiator on a car with less than 90k that i bought one year ago? I am a marine, meaning i dont make much money and my wife is pregnant we are barely getting by now this has happened to our only vehicle. Can someone please tell us how we can join the lawsuit going on or get Nissan to pay for this!?
  • If you're active duty, go to your JAG Legal Assistance office and see what they can do for you. Nissan only extended the warranty to 80,000 miles so you will be out of luck if going at them yourself. Also let your chain of command know so other Marines know not to buy Nissan vehicles effected by this defect. Good luck.
  • has anyone been able to fix this problem without having to buy a new transmission?
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