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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • I fixed mine by flushing tranny and motor and got a new radiator. I haven't been having any problems for about a month+ now.
  • Don't be so sure! Not to be a bearer of bad news, but we did the same thing and the Pathfinder ran great for about 8 months. Guess where it is now. You got it! In the shop with a blown transmission! Of course they want over 5k to fix the problem. Searching around to all the transmission shops and they are all aware of the problem as they have had them coming in one right after another. Says they can't believe Nissan is not owning up to and addressing the problem. Guess they are enjoying all the money coming into the service department. This was our second Nissan. NEVER again! :mad:
  • I have a 2005 Pathfinder LE, that I bought in November 2004, off of the showroom lot. I was made aware of this problem when my truck had about 80K miles on it. Search the internet, there is a simple swap of hoses to bypass the transmission cooler (which is redundant) inside the radiator. I now have over 165K on my truck and have not had a single problem (other than engine noise being a bit loud). It has been by far the best truck I have owned. I am off-road very frequently and have never had an issue, works great all the time, everytime. I feel bad for those that have such a sour taste in their mouth over this issue, but don't throw out the baby with the bath water. If you are to actually look at numbers, there are a small percentage of owners that are affected by this, and hundred of thousands of owners that are very pleased with their Pathfinder, as I am. All vehicles have issues... period. Ask any mechanic. Nissan Corp. could have done a better job stepping up to the plate earlier, I agree, but overall, they are probably no worse or better than the next maker.

    Merry Christmas to all,

  • My pathfinder was my second Nissan. I will unload mine. I was pro-nissan. They just lost me.
  • My 2006 Pathfinder was just diagnosed 2 days ago with the same radiator/transmission issue posted in this blog (I had it confirmed yesterday by Accurate Transmission). I was quoted a price of approximately $4,000 to replace the transmission and radiator system. I am waiting to hear back from Nissan as to how they are going to handle this problem (this is my 3rd Nissan vehicle in the last 14 years). I was never made aware of this problem so I never had the opportunity to do preventative maintenance on the vehicle to avoid this problem. Assuming Nissan is going to deny liability regarding this issue, how do I (and others) become a part of this suit?
  • How many miles did you have on your 2006 pathfinder when it happened?
  • My mileage on Wednesday was 117,586. My extended warranty (100,000 miles) expired in January when I hit 100,000. I bought the truck brand new in August 2006. Not one person at Nissan or my dealership ever told me that the 2006 Pathfinder could have this problem. Prior to purchasing this vehicle, I had 2 Nissan Altimas--LOVED THEM. Until 2 days ago, I never had a single problem with any of my Nissan vehicles. In fact, I raved about how great and reliable Nissan vehicles are. If someone had told me this could be a potential problem, I would have had the lines replaced at least once or twice already to make sure this problem did not occur. Now, it is too late to do anything other than replace the transmission and radiator system. Needless to say, I am one very unhappy Nissan customer.
  • Nissan has been very consistent to avoid potential lawsuits related to showing favorites. In other words, if less than 80K it is covered, more than 80K, forget it (standard factory warranty)...if you have an extended, they will cover evidently. One mile over either, forget it. Our lawsuit has been served. We are waiting a formal response from Nissan. This by no means a game. I am unrelentingly serious. What they have done to hundreds, if not 1000’s of customers is shameful, distrustful, and deceitful. I will focus on the later.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    never buy a nissan pathfinder year 2005-2007 , you will have a very high repair bill if it has over 60 thousand miles on it $5,000 or more , you are stuck .nissan wont make good for it .there will be a lot of them and only those years real cheap when word gets out LOL :lemon:
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    those timing chains in nissans VQ35 V6 engines just love to wear out the te :sick: nsioners , -cost about $2,500 or more ,just giving the heads up .
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    certain years pathfinder have a new recall the drivers side strut mount can rot or rust out causing an accident ,I recieved one for my 2003 just another heads up :mad:
  • bfly1bfly1 Posts: 1
    I added my name to a class action lawsuit out of NJ. Is there others I should add my name to?
  • Not sure you can add to multiple 'class' suits. We are waiting upon the Nissan response to the suit and the Judges' decision on class status. One way or the other....this is going to come to a head. I cannot stand watching the Nissan 'Holiday' sales commercials knowing that these folks are liars and crooks in my opinion.
  • Just brought my 06 Pathfinder to my mechanic friend because these posts made me nervous. He said go ahead and change the radiator and then decide what you want to do. It has shown few signs of trouble in this arena but this week, there is a sign that fluid may have leaked. In addition, I did buy the extended warranty. I thought it was for an additional 3 years beyond the original. was only, not only did I pay an extra $1500 or so for only two years of warranty that was only used for a tow (my ins. co would have paid it anyway)...damn expensive tow. When it was towed, a pully on the belt was no good and the belt snapped...oh wait..."that's general maintenance". Now, the sending unit is bad in addition to a U-joint. Really Nissan??? At 90000 miles, all this goes wrong on a $35000.00 vehicle??? I am in the market for a new car and they could shove theirs between their cracks. I convinced my boss the buy an Armada the same year I bought my POS and convinced my brother to buy a new Nissan last year...after this they won't get my business or anyone with whom I come into contact. Their solution was they would give me a free diagnostic check to assure the problem. Dumbasses should see there is enough information out there about them and their vehicle issues that they don't need their ridiculously high price diagnostic equipment. They could have saved their $$$ buying this equipment and taken care of the consumer. I work for a large school district and the word will get out. I am also a big social network person, I workout at a gym, my family owns large businesses...people will know Nissan...the real Nissan!
  • My wife's 2006 SE has a clicking noise coming from I think the transmission. It's been happening for a few months and has not gotten any worse, but, it seems ominous. From just driving and playing around, here is what I could conclude:

    - Clicking sound comes from between feet for driver and passenger, about where the transmission is.
    - Clicking only comes when driving under 17-18 mph.
    - Clicking only happens when driving in 2WD mode. When in 4High, noise quits, when switched back to 2WD it comes back.
    - Clicking is not just one click, there are two maybe three clicks that happen in quick succession that make up one click.

    I'm thinking a solenoid's not coming out when in 2WD since the rear wheels are driven in 2WD?

  • Bought a 2005 Nissan pathfinder LE 4x4 new in 2005. 72,000 miles. It has been a fairly good vehicle until recently, 1 month ago we noticed violent vibration at 55+, violent shifting as if AT couldn't decide which gear it should be in, and Banging when shifting gears. Looked on the net and found the most likely cause, coolent leaking into AT. And vise versa. Checked it and found it to be true in our case.
    Took the pathfinder to our local Nissan dealer, They replaced the radiator and flushed transmission. After we got the pathfinder back 3 days later we have noticed intermittent banging when shifting gears, usually when cold. Took it back to Nissan dealer. They had it for 2 days and claim they cannot reproduce the problem. I have called Nissan consumer affairs 7 times with no avail. left messages with Nissan regional manager in our area. Of course no return call.
    The dealership tells me that the light vibration they have noticed is due to worn Ujoint on AT output shaft, The vibration and other harse shifting problems all started 1 month ago with the coolant contamination in the AT.
    The dealership wants $300 to replace Ujoint, I bought at advanced Auto for $15. Will replace this weekend. What a coincedence Ujoint fails and coolant in AT at the same time. I believe they are full of S$&T. Probably the violent shifting helped fail the Ujoint, If that Ujoint is really what is causing the vibration. That still has nothing to do with the intermittent banging when shifting gears. Will I void any warranty with this issue by changing the Ujoint myself? Will not buy another Nissan after dealing with this kind of customer service. This sucks because I have always loved nissans. This is our third and last. Talked to a friend of mine that works at a local transmission shop, he couldn't believe that they won't due more than flush the transmission. He says the transmission has been compromised. So now the AT will completely fail right after it hits 80k or 96 months, Which ever comes first. Lmao, No really I'm not laughing. I'm not thrilled about my wife driving our girls any where with this BS problem. Our other issue is the fuel sending unit, About 2.5 years ago the fuel gauge started reading erratically when below half a tank of fuel, Right after that I saw where Nissan had claimed a defective fuel level sensor starting with 2006 pathfinders. So our 2005 would not be covered. For the past 2.5 years we have just made sure to keep the tank above half way filled. 1 month ago when I was researching the radiator/AT problem I found that Nissan had back dated the fuel level sensor problem to cover 2005 models up to 72k miles. If I would have known this sooner I would have taken it in before the 72k warranty ran out. Contacted Nissan consumer affairs. They do not give a S$&T. Never once have we received anything in the mail pertaining to the Nissan defects, because they never make them recalls like they should. I still receive recall mail for 2 cars I used to own years ago that are probably in a salvage yard by now.
    This is unbelievable to me from Nissan. KNOWN DEFECT should always be a recall.

    Pissed Nissan Customer, Tom
  • The dealership down the road diagnosed it as the front U-joints. RockAuto lists them at $15 each. Dealer wants $350...?

    more than $300 for labor? How long does it take to do two U-joints? not 6 hours.
  • meg17meg17 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder used with only a few thousand miles on it. I have had it since early 2008 and have had no issues with the car. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a strange noise and vibration at about 40 mph and then again at 60 mph. I was having an oil change and they inspected, but could find no problems. I Googled the issue and came across this page and many, many more. I happened to know a mechanic and he told me to bring it in and he would take a peek. He tested the fluids and did not see full contamination yet, but saw a sheen on the surface. After a road test he confirmed it was a transmission issue. He called Nissan. Nissan said bring the car in immediately, so I did. That was yesterday.

    Alex, the service advisor at Korum Nissan, was great from the start. She got the car in right away, told me about the issue, and assured me it would be okay. They confirmed it was a "transmission failure" and the radiator and transmission would need replacing. I had to leave the car over night and she said they would call Consumer Affairs in the morning to make the claim. My car had 83K on it, but they did not think this would be an issue because it was so close and a known problem. I called in the morning (today) to check and better than calling, the regional service manager was coming in and they could approve this repair. Well, they didn't! They denied my request! I was so upset I did not know what to do. The estimate was over $5000. I asked them about purchasing a new Pathfinder and trading this in only to be told that in this "condition" it is not worth enough to pay off my loan on the car! So my husband and I went to get the car and take it to the Toyota dealership which had already offered to trade it in in this "condition".

    I went to get the car and was met by Alex and she insisted we talk to the service manager. Alex talked to him with us and was totally our advocate. As we talked I told him the case and that I love my Pathfinder. I have had no other problems and I am disgusted at this customer service. My car that had no problems a week ago now needs $5000 in repairs and not because of my poor driving or lack of maintenance! He told me he was going to bat for me and he would make some calls. That he did! He was on the phone for about 5 minutes and came out with good news.

    My car is going to be repaired at no cost to me. A new transmission and radiator paid for by Nissan. The labor paid for by Korum Nissan (where I purchased the car). They gave me a loaner car for the duration of the repair as well. It is going to take up to two weeks because they have to wait for the parts to come in.

    I am still amazed at this! Korum's customer service was outstanding. I was ready to throw in the towel and Alex did not give up. They have a customer for life!
  • thats the u joint on the front driveshaft and it threw the magnets on the shaft so need to replace both..i think it costs me $600
  • I have been noticing a vibration when my 2006 Pathfinder hits a small pump and i'm traveling greater than 30 mph. I also just realized that the oil pressure gauge is pegged above H. I checked all the fluids and the oil is fine but the coolant is the same nasty color as mentioned in previous posts and very low. I realize that I now have the mixing of the radiator and transmission fluids. My car still accelerates fine aside from the vibration. I want to replace the radiator and add the oil cooler to hoepfully keep from having to replace the tranny. Is it too late? I havent had it checked yet and am going tomorrow. I cant afford a new transmission right now and need this car for my job. if the fluids have mised is the transmission screwed no matter what? thanks!
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