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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • joebanjoeban Posts: 1
    I have a Pathfinder 2006 with 110,000 miles. My transmission started making noises and problem shifting. took it to a mechinic for a quick check and verification and find out the radiator has leaked to the transmission. Since I have 110000 miles on the SUV there is no way Nissan will fix a defect that they engineered. Shame on Nissan. That will be the last car I ever buy from them.
  • You cant be careful enough, especially after reading all the posts, make a decision. I too had the extended warranty (WAS my peace of mind) which expired not too long before problem occurred and there I sat.
  • You've got a dealer who was not truthful with you. I've has a 2005 since new & fortunately bought an exteded warranty or else I'd be posting here with problems that were fixed by the extened warranty. #1 Nissan had radiator problems leaking antifreeze into the transmissions & finally in 2009 started replacing the radiators if you had less than 80K on your vehicle. #2 fule gauge problems are the result of the fuel sensor being unarmored in the rear fender well causing the unit to short out. #3 tire shake (and this is a bad one) mine developed at 55K & vehicle was dangerous to drive because the front end shook so bad. Its the front axle assembly for the 4 wheel drive & they replaced both axles. Fortunately all the above was covered by the xtended warranty I purchased for a whopping $1,695, but actually worth it because without it I would be out 7K in repair bills. Within a month I am purchasing another extended warranty because original 6 year extended will expire & I don't trust this vehicle on bit. Wife only puts 10K a year on it so its only in the mid 70s as far as mileage goes. I'd never buy another one I can tell you that namely because Nissan does not have recalls unless absolutely forced to by NHTSA & even then they only honor recalls on vehicles under 80K miles. You can find all these problems on line to verify what I am saying.
  • Yes, more than likely you will have problems with your 2012 Pathfinder. If it's not the transmission it will likely be something else major like the engine. It's too bad that Nissan has become just another greedy corporation. The thing that Nissan has going for it is that they can make some attractive looking vehicles but the quality is terrible!! IF YOU BUY A NISSAN, a good RULE OF THUMB: The COST OF OWNING VEHICLE 1-2 YEARS AFTER WARRANTY=ORIGINAL COST OF VEHICLE. Keep the vehicle while under warranty if you don't mind bringing your vehicle into the repair shop often and you don't mind being stranded somewhere when it breaks. Unload it just before the Warranty expires. I wouldn't even do the extended warranty because they typically exclude many of the things that can and probably will go wrong with this vehicle.
  • Your radiator is leaking coolant into the transmission. The first symptom is exactly what you describe. Another dead give-away is that Nissan extended the radiator only to 80k miles because they know that nearly all will fail after 80k miles. Try driving in 4th gear (no over-drive). You will see the problem go away for a little while until the damage gets worse and then you will loose 4th gear. Draining and changing the transmission fluid will not help. I actually bypassed the radiator with the tranmission lines to stop the coolant from entering the transmission. I also ran many, many gallons of clean trans fluid through the transmission and even installed an aftermarket transmission fluid filter....all of this
  • I actually had some damage to plastic parts in my cooling system when the transmission fluid invaded the radiator. The plastic parts were the ones that on the fire wall that send the fluid into the heaeting system.
  • pathreepathree Posts: 1
    I'd report this issue (Nissan) to the Better Business Bureau at:
  • I am beyond fact...I am one of the lead plantiffs in the class action...I am unrelenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Please sign me up for the lawsuit.Just started experiencing the exact same problems that everyone mentions here. First noticed that I was leaking radiator fluid from the rear passenger side of the vehicle.Then came the vibrations at 45-60 MPH. Having issues now with the fuel gage. I checked the tranny fluid and it seemed fine, but I know this problem is what I have.Any advice on repairing on a limited budget. Need vehicle for job, not much money to repair. Would having the transmission rebuilt and fix the leak solve the problem?
    Thanks to everyone who posted.
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    Sorry to hear of your vehicle, this has gotten so bad now that if I am at a red light beside a pathfinder, I will put my window down and ask them if they had their vehicle checked. its terrible!!! My fuel gauge went out at 50,000 and its VIN is not on its recall for I am down thousands of dollars for that and the tranny...

    CALL THE HIGHWAY SAFETY ADMINISTRATION AND REPORT THESE PROBLEMS!!!! the fuel gauge IS a Safety issue because one minute you have gas the next you do not know..if you are alone, at night, on a highway....this could be a problem. Also, my digital reader went haywire w/ the fuel gauge causing me not know when I should change my oil.
    The transmission, although we arent crashing our cars, downshifting in traffic is not cool. Its a hazard.


    CALL YOUR STATE CONSUMER AFFAIRS AND DISTRICT ATTORNEY. Make a complaint with them because they must contact nissan and raise the complaint to a mediator. My mediator called me from Nissan (after I put in for the state of Pa) and she tried to accuse me of not understanding the warranty. I hung up on her. I said keep your negotiation tactics, I will get my money back for this, your company is a fraud and your working unethically in your position right now and its disgusting!

    So, carry on with this!! do not give up! we are out thousands of dollars as consumers and its truly sick and corporate hedge hogging.
  • You have to sign yourself up. Federal judge is combining the NY, CA, and TX lawsuits. Contact either Mark for the NY suit (highly advertised) or Jason at the Sheena Law Group in Houston. I am with Jason.....
  • I am one of the lead plaintiffs in the NY case. Contact Gary Graifman at or

    The prior reply is correct. The case is in the courts now with a motion to connect the states involved. I believe it should be ruled upon soon. The more people, the better!
  • kt2007kt2007 Posts: 1
    I just emailed the lawyer above at KGG in regards to my 2007 Pathfinder. Had the same issue and needed a new radiator and tranny which Nissan did cover, however they made me pay a deductible and charged me for a loaner. I got off relatively easy I guess compared to others but still, Nissan isn't being helpful about any of this!! I would like to join the suit if possible.

    Also had an issue with 2005 Pathfinder and a defected gas tank which caused me to break down 3 x's before Nissan did anything about it. Both these defects are safety issues!!
  • The leads should stick together....we are the Texas leads.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    I think owners would be better off going it alone with their own individual case. In a class action, the lead plaintiff(s) may do okay but everyone else will likely just a coupon for $500 off a new car.

    For example:

    A case in which the only winners are lawyers (MSNBC)

    Honda sued over mileage in small claims court = (MSNBC)

    Lemon lawyers are a dime a dozen and many will evaluate your case for free. You could wind up with a lot better deal than waiting around many years for a class action suit to come to some conclusion.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • What exactly was your issue with the radiator and how many miles were on your vehicle?
  • i just responded to an auto reply from someone who posted on the following attorney email addresses at Gary Graifman at and

    The following was the email I sent.

    I live in Ohio and have had the following issue with my Nissan Pathfinder and it is posted on

    #925 of 977 Re: Radiator leaking into Transmission [ahsummer123] by pathfinder2008
    Feb 12, 2012 (8:05 pm)

    Replying to: ahsummer123 (Dec 23, 2011 1:09 pm)

    From OHIO. 2008 Nissan Pathfinder 115K miles. Radiator ruptured causing fluids to mix in transmission. Result contamination of transmission and need of new transmission, new radiator and flush. Dealer quote near $6500 to fix and Corp. Nissan knew of faulty Radiator in which they extended the warranty to 80,000 miles. Problem is no notification to me of faulty part by Nissan Corporate or from Dealer where purchased vehicle or Dealer where vehicle has been routinely serviced.

    Corporate regional representative said "I am sorry there is nothing we can do to assist you in the repair of your vehicle". Why I ask.. "because of the high mileage on your vehicle.

    No type of offer to me at all.

    Just to say: I had extended warranty which expired at 100K.

    Servicing Dealer, provided cost of repair and "call Nissan back".

    Thank You,
  • Hello,

    As many of you know, the North Carolina Consumers Council (NCCC) is working with the NHTSA on a defect petition for these vehicles and the radiator issue. ransmission%20defect.html

    Does anyone have photos of any failed part or personal stories they would like to share with us?

    Please feel free to look us up and share your information to help us push through for a national recall on this issue.

    Your friends at NCCC
  • We will definately add ours as it was a safety issue and thank goodness my husband is a good driver or could have been a mess. I will connect with both NHTSA and the NCCC.
  • brownjen8brownjen8 Posts: 2
    edited April 2012
    I have a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder. I too have the same problem with radiator & transmission. I called Nissan and they will not help me because I have 103,000 miles on it. The lady I talked to was Jacenta (sp) and she told me that I did have 103,000 miles on it so they couldn't help me and hung up on me. Obviously Nissan feels that a transmission should only last 80,000 miles and if their faulty m...echanics cause antifreeze to ruin your transmission they should not be held responsible. I wonder if any CEO of Nissan would take a gallon of antifreeze and dump into their transmission? That is exactly what Nissan is doing and it usually happens around the 100,000 mark from what I hear. We consumers pay good money for Nissans and then they will not own up to their mistakes and their customer service is terrible. I suggest to anyone and everyone: DO NOT BUY A NISSAN. A few websites to visit. And please google about Nissan, you will find their customer service is rated very low and the automobiles have many troubles, not to mention their tasteless choice of advertising with the motorcycle massacre. - cts-xterra-2005-2007

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    File a Safety Complaint | | NHTSA
    We are The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI), an office within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). ODI conducts defect investigations and administers safety recalls to support the NHTSA's mission to improve safety on our Nation's roadways...
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