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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • I recently bought a 2005 pathfinder LE with 2wd. Is this problem happening with 2wd and 4wd? Does anyone know if this was confined to a particular plant or manufacture date range? Mine has 45k, any suggestions on how to approach the radiator leaking into the transmission issue proactively?

    Thank you.
  • From what I have been reading in these forums, it is ALL 2005 Pathfinders. It seems that the company that manufactured the radiators obviously had a problem.I know you probably don't want to hear this, but if I were in your shoes, it would be a helluva lot cheaper just to change the radiator or bypass the the cooler in the radiator altogether by putting an aftermarket transmission cooler on it.Good luck!
  • Yes the other guy is right and its a lot cheaper to By pass the radiator and just plug to two tranny lines that were going through it so if they should ever leak internally at least the water wont come out . those bypass tranny cooler kits are on JC whitney web sites less than a $1oo.oo
  • what type and brand of fluids should I use in the rear end gear housing and the front drive housing on my 2003 path nissan LE V6 Automatic [Note] my first time 4 wheel drive vehicle, thanks any one :)
  • should you put the 4 wheel selector on a few times to circluate the oils or fluids when you drive in 2 wheel selection all summer say for 3 months ?
  • Any 90 weight gear lube will do.
  • Can't hurt! But it's NOT good to do so on a dry road, (unless it's dirt).4 Wheel is supposed to be used only on slippery (wet) surfaces or loose (sand and gravel) surfaces. Doing so on a dry paved road can cause gears to bind thus causing undue stress on the 4 wheel part of the drive train. :shades:
  • you mean [Its not a good] practice just to circlate the oils to put it in 4 wheel auto for about 3 turns around an empty parking lot ,if this is so what about the possibility that when it snows and you do use it you may have leaks or hard shifting? :confuse:
  • This past June I bought my first vehicle. It's a '95 Nissan Pathfinder SE V6 auto. I LOVE it! But one thing that concerns me a little bit is when I am backing up and am making a turn there is a slight popping feeling from the rear wheels. It seems to do it mostly when I'm turning, and it will do it on asphalt or on dirt. Also, very rarely when I'm pulling out while giving it a little more gas to get up to speed (Not flooring it or anything like that) there is the same momentary shudder or pop while it's pulling out.

    It doesn't seem to do as much anymore, but I still notice it now and again. It feels as though for a brief moment something is slipping somewhere. I'm wondering, is it possibly the transmission?
  • jan48jan48 Posts: 1
    I also have the same problem. Took in today. Will cost about $5,000.00 to replace transmission and radiator. Call Nissan North Amer. to file complaint. Now checking on starting a class action law suit for help. Anyone have more suggestion.
  • What is surprising is the inconsistency with both the prices for replacement/repair and Nissan's response to the problem. Mine happened with just under 60,000 miles and first they replaced the radiator and flushed the transmission at no charge. Once the transmission started acting up again (after about 1,000 additional miles), they replaced the transmission, again at no charge. No excuses at all about the radiator causing the problem.
  • srexy1srexy1 Posts: 7
    Victim # 14,265,000..(kidding) Just put in the shop today. Service manager was surprised that I knew exactly what was wrong with it... Tells me it will cost $5,100.00. '05, 108,000 miles. I had it sitting in the driveway for almost a month before deciding to get a 'loan' to get it fixed. It would be nice if I could pay off a vehicle completely before dealing with issues like this. This is my second consecutive new Nissan product (out of warranty) with a major repair prior to paying off the initial loan. If anyone knows friends/family with this vehicle, direct them to this forum and warn them ASAP. My thought is that this will end up with lawyers and a bunch of unhappy customers. I think we are the initial wave of victims, and as others reach higher mileage totals, they too will have the same issue...
  • srexy1srexy1 Posts: 7
    Per someone's request on here, Vin number for my 2005 Pathfinder with the radiator/transmission issue is: 5N1AR18W95C712047

    Hopefully others will do the same.... Thanks...
  • I have a 96 LE pathfinder--I think it has a sensor problem--While driveing after it warms up it sometimes goes into a downshifting mode and the RPM jumps up and after awhile it will shift back to a higher gear.It has gotten bad over time.I think it may be a heat sensor in the transmission but I am not sure.Has anyone had this problem--Sometimes it will change gears 3 or 4 times in a short time.Never does it when it is not warmed up Thanks
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    theres a speed sensor in the tranny usually on the side, let a good tran ny guy look at it and adjust it or replace it.:sick:
  • The mechanic told you the right thing, I have 2006 pathfinder and it does the same on slope roads in terms of being in drive but it would role back alittle which is normal.I wouldn't shift gears on the slope or even park on it to be honest with you because the owners manual said that the pathfinder should be parked on even grounds.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    What is your question the roll back or not shifting? :confuse:
  • How's that class action suit coming? My issue with all of this is... If I hadn't done any searching about the problem online, I would have never known about it. I took it into service and already had it diagnosed for them. Nissan has obviously known about the problem for some time now. You would think they would have informed their customers about it so they could have the option to do some preventative maintenance, if nothing else. Even out of warranty. I would much rather have replaced my radiator, instead of the radiator and transmission. But wasn't given the choice...
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    was this a radiator defect or the tranny :confuse: cooling lines iside the radiator defect?
  • As I understand it the main problem is not really with the radiator itself but with the transmission fluid cooling line within the radiator that is prone to failure. The solution is not replacing the radiator but by-passing the cooling line within the radiator so that even if the cooling line eventually fails the possibility of coolant contaminating your transmission fluid is completely eliminated.
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