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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • brownjen8brownjen8 Posts: 2
    Go to the Better Business Bureau, I filled out a report from them. Also google class action law suits against Nissan, I haven't joined one yet because I'm not sure which one to join and when you join one you don't get as much money as if you start one. I found a lot of sites to complain to and try to get action just by googling. Your state has a vehicle department you can also file a complaint with and they have to investigate.
  • Laura, seems you are also "unrelenting"....I would love to chat...but, no clue how to do it in the forum. Any ideas?
  • Check this out. NHTSA has begun an investigation re: the transmission/radiator nightmare. -for-transmission-issues.html e.shtml

    However it is critical that those who have experienced this nightmare report it to NHTSA. And if you had even a close call to what was or could have been a dangerous situation, this is so important to note. NHTSA looks at the dangers, not the cost. I know we are far from the only owners who came close to what could have been tragic due to the vehicle lurching forward in heavy 40 MPH traffic. Others have reported their transmissions dying while in the middle of heavy traffic. We finally have a chance to get these vehicles either off the road or fixed and also hopefully be reimbursed. Below is the site to the report starting the NHTSA investigation. This is where you can file a complaint: chType=DrillDown&type=1&year=2005&make=NISSAN&model=PATHFINDER&component
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,949
    edited July 2012
    would love to chat...

    That's the purpose of this site, and we all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum.
  • ck256ck256 Posts: 3
    Bummer, I wish we found this before we went car shopping on these, might have pushed us more towards a 2011.

    We picked up a 2010 just yesterday with 20k miles for a pretty good price - it drives and shifts well. I did notice something funky with the transmission while test driving but having no other point of reference as my wife drove the 2012 we test drove - it just made a different noise at different points in the acceleration/decceleration cycle. It's my wife's vehicle and she likes it, so I'll check for the fluid issues when I get home. Paperwork is all done, but we have the 90 day period if something blows - plus the extended warranty. With 20k on it - there's 60k miles left under covereage for the transmission and 80k and the powertrain. Sorry to hear about everyone's problems - it sounds like Nissan is starting to take care of it. We had a similar issue with our Toyota Sienna Van that this vehicle replaced and at first the dealership was giving us a hard time about the repair, but I stuck to my guns, brought paperwork with me, and insisted they fix it under warranty and they did. This will be my 3rd Nissan product and I imagine they would do the same thing if you are persistent. Transmissions are a tough thing to do a recall on, because everyone that bought this car for 6 years would bring it in for work. That's probably what is going on here - they are avoiding responsibility. Good luck to everyone trying to get relief.

    Any tips for us? Take it back? Get a transmission cooler? Wait till it breaks?

    Great forum, keep up the chatter - strength in numbers!
  • pmuttonpmutton Posts: 1
    Well I wanted to let everyone know how badly I was treated as a customer by Nissan Warranty department, and the service department at Hamilton Nissan, by them giving us the run around on our warranty that had been extended from 2013 to 2018 which we were never told at time of purchase at Younger Toyota.
    Our experience with our 2008 Nissan Rouge, that I purchased back in November 2011 in the amount of $17,991.00 which only had 42,148 miles came when my husband and I took our first long trip, which was our honeymoon. We were coming back from our honeymoon, when the transmission seals went on highway 95, with transmission fluid all over the back hatch and window. We stopped at the first dealer we could find, which happened to be a ford dealer; they looked at my Nissan and informed my husband and I that the seals we had gone, and that they do not work on Nissan’s and the only way we were going to be able to get home was to continuously to put CVT transmission fluid in it, and hope that we make it home and that they do not even carry that fluid, and it would be hard to find. We left there and went two blocks down the street and purchased the only 4 quarts of fluid that Napa had and started back on 95 with 2 hours to drive home. Just an hour from home my husband stopped to check the fluid level; it was low. At this time, we were on 60, so we stopped several places to try to find CVT fluid, with no prevail; we had no choice but to put in another type of fluid. After many of hours smelling transmission fluid and panicking on whether we would make it home, we pulled up at our house; by the way we lived in the area that was hit by a storm. The next day July 1st, 2012 I called Hamilton Nissan to tell them all that had happened with my Nissan and a towing company, because I was not going to drive it there, so they picked up my Rouge, the same day my brother called and said my sister in law was dying from her five year battle with breast cancer in Phil Pa., and if I wanted to see her before she passed I needed to come now.
    Upon arriving at the Hospital Hamilton Nissan Warranty called me and told me that my Nissan Rouge would be covered, and that my Nissan transmission had been extended from 2013 to 2018 due to all the problems with the transmissions. I thanked her and informed her that I was in Phil with my sister in law, and if she needed me to leave a message and I would get back with her. Several hours later, Hamilton Nissan Warranty called me back and informed me, because of the last hour driving home, we put in another typed of transmission fluid, they were not going to cover it; I could not believe what she was telling me, I told her that we had stopped at several places, and no one carried the CVT fluid, and we wanted to get home, she said that, because of that the warranty was void, I informed her that the transmission had gone before that, and we had stopped at the Ford dealer and could prove it and that they would verify what they saw and what they told us to do, and that we left there and stopped two blocks away and purchased the only 4 quarts of CVT in that area. She said I would have to prove that by having them call her, so I called both places and gave them her phone number, (remember all this was going on while I was with my dying sister in law). I called her back and told her their phone numbers, and that I gave them her phone number. Several hours passed when I received another voice message from Hamilton Nissan Warranty, she stated that she would need documentations from them. So I went down stairs and called them, and they told me that would not be a problem, so I had them fax it to her. Thinking that this was all I needed, so very wrong… I received another call from the Warranty Dept, she informed me that due to the fact that I did not use a credit card, and that my name was not on the receipt from purchasing the CVT at Napa, they were not going to cover my car, I was very upset, I informed her that we do not use credit cards, and I was upset that she was calling me a liar, she stated that anyone could have purchased it, I said are you kidding me, how many people have that many problems with their CVT transmission, she informed that I my car was not going to be covered, and that I would have to contact the main office and discuss it with Nissan personally.
    So I proceeded to call them, and I was given a Warranty person named Richard in Ohio, (I mention him because he was the only person who was willing to listen to what had happened to my Nissan Rouge). He contacted many people and was turned down many times (now my car has been sitting at Nissan dealer for 2 and half weeks and I am without a car, and to make it worse my sister in law has passed away, and I have to get a ride to get to her viewing and funeral). In the middle of the third week, I received a call from Richard. He informed me that he has sent my nightmare to several people at Nissan Warranty, and told many people of how honesty I was about my car, and that I had put in 2 quarts of another transmission only to get home, but to no prevail Nissan was not going to cover my car, even though I was honesty, and had it looked at by another dealer and putting in the correct fluid prior to putting in the 2 quarts of another fluid. He informed me to call BBB of auto to see if they would fight it for me, He informed me that he was so sorry, and that he did not want to have to call me to tell me about their final decision, and he also told me that he has never had a car owner who was so honest with him about what was wrong with their car and what they had done. I thanked him for all his help and for not calling me a liar, like I had been told prior to a receipt that did not have my name on it. And for helping me as much as he could. I informed him that I would call BBB of auto, and that I would also be calling local news, my attorney, and anyone else who would listen to my Honeymoon Nightmare Nissan Rouge. He wished me luck and told me if he could help just to call him back.
    I proceeded to call BBB of auto and again told my Nightmare, she said she would be sending me information, but if Nissan Warranty called me back, see what they were going to do to fix this nightmare. Within the hour, I received a call from Richard from Nissan Warranty; he informed me that Nissan has changed their mind and are going to replace my transmission, and that he had already called Hamilton Nissan to inform them that there would be no charge to me. I thanked him for the good news, but informed in that due to all the problems with trying to get my car fixed. I would not be keeping my Nissan, due to the way I was treated, and that I was still going to let my feelings be heard about how customers are treated by not only the dealer warranty dept, but Nissan in general, and that I would be sending a letter, of how he was the ONLY ONE who was willing to help me correct this problem.
    I called Hamilton Nissan Warranty,
  • Where can one get the aftermarket kit? We own an 06 with +121K miles and just started experincing the jerking at 40mph. I was preparing to hev the tranny flushed when I came upon this site. My wife usually dirves vehicle and told me today that it lunged forward at a stop sign few days ago. I checked the radiator and transmission no intermix yet. If you can help me out on where we purchase the kit, I would greatly appreciated.
  • ck256ck256 Posts: 3
    I think someone posted a kit from

    Sorry no link or pn
  • If you know something can you please share it. I am single mom living in Chicago. My 2005 Xterra now has the strawberry milkshake of doom. I have contacted Nissan and they refuse to fix it. I went to NHTS and filed a complaint as well as the BBB. When my car took the dive I was pulling on to a highway. I pushed the gas and it didn't go. I could have been killed if oncoming traffic was closer. Before that no signs of radiator or transmission problems. Most important is that someone is going to get killed and secondary is I dont have the 5 grand to pay to fix it and I am still paying it off. I could use some advice. Thanks.
  • How did you get them to pay for it???? I have 2005 Xterra that is currently worthless due to transmission/radiator.
  • ck256ck256 Posts: 3
    How many miles, if it's under 80000, they should fix it.
  • Our 2007 Pathfinder is at 76,000 and it was suggested to us since we had not experienced a failure yet to add the transmission cooler behind the AC condenser. About $250 parts/labor. Anyone else been advised likewise?
  • watch that they are not attempting to skirt the warranty until its too late (to be covered by the Warranty and the trans goes).

    I highly suggest getting it checked somewhere else.
  • Jerking at 40??? If the clutches begin to rummble...kinda sounds like those cuts in the road surface they do to keep you awake if you sway off the highway lane.... that is a sign that the plates are beginning to swell...which is the 1st place the radiator fluid begins to affect. The swelling causes the rumble. The plates are high pressure pressed paper. Normally the condition occurs in the torque converter. If you accelerate thru the 35 to 50 MPH you may not notice early on. If you are smoothly driving in the city 35 to 40 the vehicle goes into overdrive you will hear and feel the chatter. If you quickly push the OD disengage button on the shifter...the noise goes away. At this point...the fluids are beginning to mix. It's too late. Many folks have changed the fluid...but, the damage is done. It will get worse. In fact, some have had so much water in the transmission, that the electrical potions short out. If this happens, the vehicle will not start. The ele system in the transmission does not communicate with the main the starting system does not know that the transmission is in park. Thus, the computer shuts down the starting system. You can change the in line fuse in the cable...but, it will blow each time. It is really too late now.
  • Update: We just contacted another Nissan dealer and they have a technician there that has done the cooler line bypass (no longer running through the radiator) on numerous Frontiers and Pathfinders. We have ours scheduled to be done next week. Only half hour labor and no parts except a couple clips and plugs $25 job. No additional cooler needed since it already has it on most models. I would only recommend doing this on vehicles approaching 80,000 since I don't know what this would do to the existing warranty.
  • dawnma1dawnma1 Posts: 11
    I filed a complaint the 24th of july, thanks for the info!
  • dawnma1dawnma1 Posts: 11
    Interesting, I'll see what ppl are going to charge here in Joplin. My dad, a retired mechanic, said pretty much the same thing as to connecting hoses differently, which I guess is ok cuz I like my Pathfinder, BUT it's actually a Nissan manufactoring problem that we are going to have to pay for and it's not at all fair! But thanks again for that info!!
  • alabrialabri Posts: 1
    I've purchased a pathfainder Model 2012 before ten days and was Manufactured. in March, but I feel remorse after reading numerous reports of non-positive for this vehicle. My question is Model 2012 has the same Defects or have been avoided.
  • dawnma1dawnma1 Posts: 11
    I think '12 is ok I haven't read any complaints past 2010 models, but I would just watch for awhile.
  • No worries....the design was changed at the end of model year 2010.
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