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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • mr2005mr2005 Posts: 5
    edited August 2012
    does anyone have a contact for Nissan to discuss the transmission issue or does one have to go through the dealership?
  • Call your local Nissan dealership to get the contact info for your regional customer service rep. Each region has their own rep in Nashville at the Nissan North America main office.
  • Same issue with my suv. Intermix with coolant and tranny fluid, replaced radiator 800.00, told me to come back and test fluids after 1000 miles, same issue, flushed out the tran fluid 250.00,t old me to come back after 1000 miles to test fluid, same problem. Paid 600.00 to clean out transmission pan and whatever bs they told me, now rpms are revving high when I try to take off. Vehicle has 98k and it's paid off. Don't want a new vehicle, and want Nissan to take responsibility for this issue fOr everyone who has this problem!
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    Ok. Im sorry to hear you are having these problems with Nissan! For one, they know EXACTLY what the problem is. So, you need to go back to that Nissan, go to the highest level at the location and request ALL of your money because you will need it to replace your transmission. I had a Nissan do the same to me, flush the fluid...charged me when they knew the issues w/ the vehicles. So I raised some voice and got my money back, car was fixed at another Nissan. Mine was fixed in of the "firsts" I believe. Anyway, please report this to the Highway Safety a vehicle safety issue that your car wont accelerate and such, this is a safety hazard and THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THEY WILL RECALL!! OR IT TAKES A FAMILY TO DIE BEFORE THESE DAMN COMPANIES FIX A PROBLEM THAT IS THERES. And we are to teach our children to take responsibility for their mistakes right? Look at big business!!! Sickening. good luck to you. It's such a mess.
    I honestly tell EVERY Nissan owner I see to get it checked. I'm probably the crazy Nissan woman in Va Beach but I dont care. I would never talk about Nissan as a good company ever in my life.
  • Great answer! As I wrote previously, and same as this response, it is so important to report this to Highway Safety as a dangerous safety issue. So many complaints have been about the money, which is huge, $6000.00 in our case, but the close call we had when our SUV went nuts in very busy traffic still lives with us. I am so grateful my husband had the quick reaction he did to take control of the vehicle so we and others were not hurt or worse. So important to report this to NHTSA!!!">link title
  • dawnma1dawnma1 Posts: 11
    Here is the link again in case anyone has not filed a complaint, I have and I would recommend that everyone does. I still can't drive in overdrive I have to stay in 4th gear, which of course also sucks gas mileage. I hope that everyone will help each other here since we all are having this issue and file your complaint, I'm sorry for the ones that have already spent thousands to fix, you could hopefully get reimbursed something if the investigation NHTSA proves Nissan wrong.
  • dawnma1dawnma1 Posts: 11
  • On top of the transmission/radiator issue....Has anyone also experienced their pathfinder NOT STARTING/CRANKING. I brought it to the nissan dealership and they could not determine anything and assumed it was the ecu being burned out, i also looked online and they said it was a matter with the valve body having a short circuit. Does anyone who has experienced this problem know the real solution/problem?
  • Water in the transmission can cause the valve body to short out. There is an in line fuse. Change the fuse...if it blows, you have contamination. The brain of the transmission has to tell the ignition sys that the vehicle is in park to crank. If this fuse is blown, the communication is not there. start.
  • mr2005mr2005 Posts: 5
    Does anyone have a photo or diagram of what the radiator/bypass/transmission looks like? Trying to visualize the defect.....
  • mr2005mr2005 Posts: 5
    Does anyone's know the expected date for the conlusion of the recall investigation? Or the status of the class action lawsuit?
  • Hello All

    I'm experiencing the same problem, but my Path finder did not start acting up until 103336 miles, and Nissan want fix it for free, only if its at 80,000 miles they will fix it for free. now I'm stuck with an SUV that I can't drive.
    I would like to know how can I get on the class action suite for this Path Finder 2005.

  • sandkon1sandkon1 Posts: 11
    I have had the vibration problem with my 05 Pathfinder for a few years now. Nissan replaced the trans and radiator. The dealer has replaced the motor mounts and has torn the car apart and still cannot figure out what is causing the vibration. I have narrowed it down to 1400 rpms while cruising at lower speeds the car vibrates terribly. Yes it feels like rumble strips but replacing the trans and radiator did not change anything,. I drive the same local roads every day and experience this same problem every day. it is between 35-45 mph and cruising at 1400 rpms. you can accelerate out of it. Ujoints were checked, tires, balancing, axles even motor mounts replaced seemed to calm it down for a little while.. then it came back again. only 87,000 on the car. The car is going back to the dealer next week to be torn down again. Any ideas what else we can look at?
    The vibration feels like the torque converter locking up but that was also checked. like you are stuck between gears.

    any insight will help
  • Are there any diagrams online where I can find out how to pull this out? Or what part do I ask the parts store for? also is it related to any solenoids? I hope to get this done during the labor day weekend. Thanks
  • I am not sure and still trying to find out how I can be included.

    Is there anyone out there that knows how to create or find an existing class action law suit? If so, please post.
  • This link should take you to right place to file complaint with ODI/NHTSA
  • File the complaint. We need everyone to be vocal. You need to stress the safety issue.

    Last week I also sent multiple letters to folks in the NHTSA urging them to facilitate a recall. I outlined my story and the safety risk to family and other commuters. I urge you to do the same.
  • Type in "Nissan Transmission Cooler Leak Caught on Tape" on YouTube and it shows the hose/tube that fails that runs through the radiator.
  • I don't know why Nissan cannot just replace, with an updated design, the lower section of the radiator in a recall. To me it looks like it's a fairly simple remove and replace part.
  • The vibration and chatter is in the torque converter as the computer is trying to bounce in and out of overdrive. You can click the little knob on the shifter to keep the transmission from going into OD until you accelerate to 50 MPH then click the button again. You are not fixing it....just bypassing it.
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