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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • mrstefanmrstefan Posts: 2

    They will only reimburse pass $2500 according to the settlement. I'm almost positive the lawyers got paid off because they agreed to this so-called "settlement". I'm going to every news station I can about the story and I'm not stopping until I get some satisfaction, which is a new transmission & radiator without a dime out of my pocket. They are still selling these vehicles too!
  • mrstefanmrstefan Posts: 2
    The case is closed and they are charging the customers $2500 if it is under 90K miles, and $3000 if it is under 100K miles. Anything other than that, you get nothing.
  • psb3psb3 Posts: 1
    This infuriates me! Nissan has had this radiator problem since 2005 and they never told me. I bought a 2008 Xterra and was never told about it anytime at the dealership for the last 5 years and just found out about it coincidentally after my car crossed 80,000 miles! They want me to pay $2500 to prevent it. Would they have replaced the radiator for free before that--if I had just asked? I hope you all join me in banning Nissan for life and for the life of my kids.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    the problem has been on going and Nissan doesn't want anyone to know it because they want you to out ride the warranty miles and pay for it , right now there is a partition somewhere out there maybe Google it , and a team of lawyers are suppose to be getting some answers from Nissan's lawyers. :surprise:
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    edited May 2013
    1-there is also another problem with Nissan V6 engines made from 2002-2005 , Its the tiny brass screws that hold the butterfly throttle disk's in the swirl valve assembly on top of the engine '
    what happens is these screws were forgotten to be locktited with a thread locking compound and eventually they loosen and get sucked into the pistons of the engine and destroy the engine for peace of mind- you can take it to a dealer have it done for about $200.oo to prevent it , or just chance it that yours were done or let it cost you a new engine $4,000 if it does happen to these swirl valve screws loosening . 2- one other problem with these VQ35 V6 engines , the timing chain ,after 2002 they are all timing chain not timing belts any more , the chain tentioners wear out and cause the chain to cut into metal then snap , a big expense to fix. 3- the transmission fluid goes into the radiator and ruins the transmission , this is because Nissan changed radiator venders for this to happen ,how ever the newer Nissans dont have this problem any more ,perhaps the 4 cylinders could be perfect I don't own one and I do not know how ever the V6Q35 ??? :surprise:
  • unrelentingunrelenting Posts: 42
    edited May 2013
    I am not sure the case is actually complete. The last status I received was that the Judge had not signed. (That was a week and a half ago.) There was a formal objection by a third party not related to the actual case, but requires the Judge to weigh the objection. The real problem is that there is already litigation settled (prior precedent) that a drive train that lasts 100K miles is not defective. So, objections due to the 100K limit can be reviewed, but the legal precedent would prevail. In other words, short of a recall, there is not much that can be hoped for greater than 100K miles. Ever noticed or wondered why it is tough to get a manufactures warranty above 100K, that is why. The OEMs know the prior litigation caps the mileage.

    Nissan did note the word 'defective' in one of their formal court pleas...if you read the agreement that is being played out, you will see the word.

    As for your Xterra, the best thing to do is to bypass the lines from the radiator to the transmission, cap them and add a radiator cooler. Not a big deal at all. We added one, it sits right in front of the radiator. Total cost approx $400.00 or less. Once bypassed, it is impossible to have the transmission fail as a result of intermixing the fluids.

    We had a problem with our 2006 Pathfinder. When we added the cooler (sized for the transmission), it failed when pulling a trailer. What we discovered is that we needed a bigger cooler. We had a bigger one (2X) installed. Even now I think the problem is not the seal that Nissan notes as 'defective', but rather the design of the tranmission itself. I strongly feel the OEM design builds up far too much pressure and heat...thus failing at the weakest point in the design, the seal.

    And yes...the same cooling transmission design is on the Xterra and Frontier, but all of those combined (Xterra and Frontiers) pale to the amount of failed Pathfinders. The Pathfinder failures are nearly 10X the combined Xterras and Frontiers (as reported) that have failed. That in itself is crazy. That is also why I think the those vehicles were included, simply not to draw attention to the poor overall design of the Pathfinder transmission.

    Based upon data I have seen, the Pathfinders are failing at an average mileage of 93K. But, an average is an many below 93K and many over 93K to create an average.

    What is really needed, (unfortunately) is a safety problem. And a safety problem has to be based pretty much upon someone having an injury. I have seen scores of responses on this forum regarding what could have happened', but to date....I have not seen a verified injury related to the cross contamination. Without an instance of that, hard to get a recall, and I hope there is not an injury, but you can really lay money that Nissan North America hopes there is not an injury. That would cost them far more than this lawsuit to recall all of the vehicles and make the fix at no cost.

    For us, we won't have an injury in a Pathfinder....we traded ours in. The dealer advised the vehicle would be in Europe or the Middle-East within a could of weeks. Makes one wonder.....Hmmm.

    I await the final approval by the judge. I surely understand the complaints by the vehicle owners... I complained quite heavily to Nissan North America, but to no many have. So, we sued Nissan.

    I am one of the named lead plaintiffs and have been at this for longer than 2 years. I applaud the Judge, and accepted the agreement....simply from a legal point of view (and it is all about the legalities), that is best one can hope short of a recall. And believe me, the auto manufactures and their legal teams are all about avoiding a recalls. And yes, I agree that Nissan was and is wrong about not admitting and informing specifically the problem. And, they are not about customer satisfaction and making things right.....after having 5 Nissan products in our garage over the last 15 years....we now have a least they tend to recall when they have an issue, unlike Nissan. All we can do is hope for the best and remember, we are just a sales number, not really a customer.
  • jk05mdxjk05mdx Posts: 15
    You do not need to pay anyone to prevent it as long as you are sure it has not happened. Just bypass the transmission line going through the radiator and mount an external cooler, if one is not there already. On my 2006 Pathfinder, I simply bypassed the hose going to the radiator line and now make use of the second cooler, which is externally mounted in front of the radiator. It has been over 3 years and not once have I had a problem with the vehicle. I have assisted 2 others to do the bypass. Not a pin was bought. Costs me nothing, just my sweat. So to ask for a whooping $2.5k to prevent it is ridiculous in my opinion.

  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    [psb3] by jk05mdx
    I agree with this person get the external cooler :)
  • Omg!!!! 2 days ago the Exact same thing hAppened - complete failure of engine on my brand new 2013 pathfinder with 3700 miles. Transmission failure and no power. On major road and family in car - dogs in car -on way to vacation. The engine completely stops accelerating , smoke started coming from the engine Transmission fluid all over road. Needed to get towed to dealership. MAJOR SAFETY HAZARD AND VEHICLE IS SEVERLY COMPROMISED BECUASE NOW TRANSMISSION HAS LOST FLUID AND VEHICLE NOT SAFE!!!!! I AM NOT GOING TO ACCEPT THIS VEHICLE BACK!
  • delpierodelpiero Posts: 2
    pathfinder Model year? Did you replace you IPDM?
    Recall ID # 10V517000 - ENGINE AND ENGINE COOLING

  • delpierodelpiero Posts: 2
    I need more data to try to figure it out what the issue was.
    Were you towing? Weight? etc etc. What dealer said?
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232

    Swirl valve butterfly missing tiny brass screws felt out and cause this on a VQ35 V6 engine Nissan
  • ronsavageronsavage Posts: 3
    I haven't had a problem yet,can I replace the radiator and be good ?
  • ronsavageronsavage Posts: 3
    What size cooler works the best ?
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    you need a 18 -24" length buy 4 to 5 " or a 18"x 10"
    actually most of them will handle the carting load of a medium size boat being pulled.
  • ronsavageronsavage Posts: 3
    Thank's,I'm pulling an 6x12 enclosed trailer to Colorado in a few weeks (from Atlanta)with 3 motorcycles inside. I'm looking at a 20x7.5 cooler,it looks like it should fit. Doing the butterfly valves at the same time.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    good choice , it never hurts to go bigger and be safe especially with 3 motorcycles ans the weight of the trailer about 3,000 lbs

    and those butterfly valves its good to have them done after yor updating that truck should give you 200,000 miles of good use
  • 2005 pathfinder no start- ive exhausted all my options. Replsced ECM, BCM, after several trips to the dealership still having same issue. Can someone please tell me what I can do to get involved in the lawsuit. Why hasnt nissan recalled?! Paying 500 a month for a car that consistently wont start. Please help!!!
  • I haven't explored this forum much but I have to ask...Would you buy a 13 Pathfinder?

    These experiences sound awful!
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