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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • mr2005mr2005 Posts: 5
    I would never buy another Nissan again 1) the transmission radiator problem and 2) they way that Nissan handled this issue.

    Anything but Nissan!
  • sandkon1sandkon1 Posts: 11
    I would not buy another Nissan. They don't care about customer loyalty, safety or their products. I have owned 8 other nissan a in the past. This is my last one. If I could afford to buy a new car right now, my pathfinder would be gone!
  • happygmahappygma Posts: 2
    We a new 2013 Pathfinder on June 6th, 3 days later it began shuttering. We took the car back to the dealership and were told that the Torque Converter had been recalled. After waiting 2 wks to get the part in and fixed, we picked it up. Within 18 hrs the same problem was happening. We took it back and they determined it was the transmission. We were told they would reppace it with a new one. Upon picking it up for the 2nd time, we noticed that the invoice said it was a "reman" part. Needless to say, we are extremely frustrated. The dealership has bent over backwards to help us, but we are not having much luck with the Executive offices addressing this very seriously. Did you ever reach any satisfaction?
  • sandkon1sandkon1 Posts: 11
    If you want to get the dealerships attention on the matter. Hive them a bad survey . Corporate offices are a joke. Once they assign you a claim number they are done communicating with you. If you call corporate you get voice mail and if you are fortunate enough to speak with a live person. They are clueless . My transmission was replaced with a remanufactured transmission. I still have a bad vibration . Have had one all along. They will not do anything else for me. I filed a lemon law case and was turned down. Your 2013 Pathfinder is already acting up... Keep taking it back to the dealer . You can also speak with a lawyer who specializes in lemon law since your car is new. Don't give up. Every time nissan sends you a survey. Tell them you are not satisfied. The dealers are graded by corporate with the surveys. Good luck! Keep us posted!
  • happygmahappygma Posts: 2
    Thank you for your reply. The Dealership has bent over backwards for us. We did get through to the Executive offices and they paid our first payment and gave us an extended warranty. That was before the second breakdown. Now we do have someone working with us, she put in a request for a new car. I just can't give up on people.
  • My 2006 Nissan Pathfinder experienced sudden, catastrophic transmission failure. Complete loss of motive power and needed to be towed 75 miles for repairs. Mechanic diagnosed the problem as a failed transmission fluid cooler located in the radiator assembly that allowed coolant to mix with and contaminate the automatic transmission fluid, resulting in damaged internal transmission components and a damaged internal transmission well as the entire radiator core ad systems No warning signs leading up to or just prior to the failures. After numerous phone calls to various Nissan divisions, including the claims administrator, I was told by Nissan that they would not cover any repairs. Really deplorable customer service and several frustrating hours of calls. 3 weeks without my car and I am out $6,300 in repairs. My mechanic said he had never seen anything like it before and spent nearly 30 hours flushing sludge out of the cooling system. I considered trading it in and getting another brand. The trade in price was a joke. No dealer will touch a Pathfinder.">link title

    Outrageous that Nissan takes no responsibility for a factory defect that creates a safety hazard and costs loyal owners thousands of dollars. This is my third and last Pathfinder. <a href="
  • OH hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • valkamavalkama Posts: 5
    I was a pathfinder fan and planned on keeping my pathfinder as just an offroad vehicle. That was until the transmission when out due to the radiator problem and after $4700 in repairs it would suddenly jerk violently and I would have to pull over and stop every other day or so. No one could fix it. So I had to get rid of it. The New 2013 pathfinder is not the same vehicle. Its more like minivan than a sports utility vehicle. So no, due to their dealing with the transmission defect and because its not the same type of vehicle anymore, i would not buy a pathfinder.
  • dkd1959dkd1959 Posts: 1
    I have 2012 Pathy and a 2002 petrol. My 02 is absolutely brilliant although somewhat expensive to run. The 2012 has given me nothing but grief. Right from the get go there was the pulling to the left still doing it and dealer has rebalanced abs wheel aligned 3 times, replaced tyres at 38k with some improvement. After four months I drove on a dirt road thought I would try four wheel drive, couldn't believe the noise from under the car, a very loud drone. Immediately pulled over and put back to two wheel, noise stopped. Nissan replaced front diff. After this about month later notice car was bleeding, lost transmission fluid from cooling system due to cracked hose. After diff replaced noticed creek ing noise, sounded like front strut or stabiliser bar, after four months and replacement of front right strut and stabiliser bar mounts Nissan tech serviceman discovered front end tie rods to chassis had either come lose or probably never been tightened from factory. In June I hooked up the camper trailer got less than two kilometres out of town and lost all power. Four weeks later car returned from dealer with new gear box, trans cooler and radiator system, all of which had also been flushed. Now I have something grinding on left full lock in reverse, dealer very cooperative and are definitely showing frustration. I am thinking my pathy has been built in between siestas. Currently planning trip to central Australia, part of the plan is towing a car trailer with a spare car on it. Absolutely no confidence in this banana car. Very very very disappointed Nissan.
  • sbondssbonds Posts: 1
    So reading through some of the posts, looks like I'm not the only one with a Pathfinder (2006) that refuses to start. Unfortunately for me, my car has 114,000 miles on it so it's not covered under the warranty. (Lucky for me I was in my driveway and not stranded somewhere when it happened.) There's some sort of valve shorting out in the transmission and to replace the transmission valve body, it'll cost me $3500. But that may not solve the problem. They can replace the radiator too for a total cost of $5,600 (includes transmission work). From reading comments here, it sounds like that's probably what needs to be done to ensure the car functions properly.

    My thought is the car isn't worth a whole lot more... Uggh, very frustrating. Yeah I think when we're shopping for new cars in the future, we'll pass on by the Nissan dealership!
  • mamdanimamdani Posts: 4
    i have an 05 pathfinder with 49K miles. i have not experienced the coolant problem yet, but want to avoid it. is there anything that can be done in advance? eg, replace radiator or replace transmission cooler or both?

    i came here because my service engine soon light came on, but glad i did!

    thanks in advance.
  • jk05mdxjk05mdx Posts: 15
    Bypass the transmission line going through the radiator.

    There are several suggested DIYs in the thread but the one I used involved pulling the transmission fluid hose (short one) from the radiator at the left end and rerouting it to the transmission line where the long hose from the radiator is connected. Pull out the long hose and connect the short one there and now install the long hose over the pipe on the radiator from which the short hose was pulled. This is just to cover and protect the line so that dirts do not go into it.

    I did mine more than three years ago and I have not had any issue with the vehicle since then although I do not tow, but I do carry over 500 kg at a time worth of loads.

    If you go through the thread, you will pictures to guide you.

  • mamdanimamdani Posts: 4
    thanks, i will search for the diy.

    essentially we are "shorting" the fluid circuit so they dont mix. i guess i could look for an aftermarket trans fluid cooler. Does anyone have a suggestion that worked for them in the past?

    it seems if newer models still exhibit the same problem then this is a flaw in the design and not a bad component. replacing the rad will be of no long term benefit.

    thanks everyone for alll their posts.
  • We had our transmission cooler line routed directly to the transmission cooler. Bypassing the radiator all together. A nissan technician at our local dealer did it for $25. He said he's done it to his two Nissan's to avoid the problem and avoid having to put in a new radiator. Your Pathfinder should have a transmission cooler so you should not have to buy that.
  • The class action settlement going on now is laughable. I thought the settlement people were working for us but they are crooks just like Nissan. They are making it almost impossible to get any monies back. They have all they need form our receipt, the fact that we broke down 200 miles from home, towed to Nissan. Replaced the radiator/transmission etc. Two and half years ago the RO didn't say it was leaked radiator problem. Dealership has changed hands and said they will tell someone it was the radiator leak but can't "mess up their paper work". Settlement people say I need to get it in writing or no deal. Crooks, all crooks. Pathfinder ruined us. Beware
  • FIRST OF ALL YOU NEED A TRANS COOLER then a mechanic or your self can by pass the radiator
  • unfortunately it seems what your dealer wants to do for you, some people have had the entire trans and radiator replaced for nothing ,
  • phila2phila2 Posts: 1
    Please do not, do not buy a Nissan. My transmission failed and Nissan does nothing to help. You will be on your own with costly repairs. Go with a Toyota or Honda please
  • Hi. I see your message is from 2010. After you fixed the truck, did the problem ever happen again? Also, would you happen to know if replacing the trans is absolutely necessary or is rebuilding it enough? Thank you
  • jwvigjwvig Posts: 1
    Did anyone ever have any luck with just flushing the trans?
    I have a 2005 Pathfinder and it just started doing the vibration at 40mph. I was wondering if I can flush it and at least get it good enough to trade it in without anyone asking questions.
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