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Ford Explorer Missing and Idle Problems



  • uncle_corkyuncle_corky Posts: 2
    edited November 2012
    I have spark. She cranks. Iac valve not stuck shut but open about 1/2 inch. Haven't checked codes. Need to get it to a code reader. With ether it almost wants to start. I have reset the computer twice with disconnecting the battery 30 minutes each time. Maybe didn't reset it right? I checked for spark and it got that.
  • turtle01turtle01 Posts: 1
    last week the motor developed a random issue, the check engine light came on it was a 0300 code which is a random missfire, everytime you start it it has a very rough idle almost like its fighting itself, i cleared the code changed plugs wires coil pack exhaust everything i could think of and it still hasnt helped. The check engine light hasnt come on again and if it was something electronic you would think it should, i have had several mechanics look at it also and they said it could be fuel injectors, or the computer, ive tried to check the injectors but the intake is in the way and im not sure where the computer is located, Also ive been told you can get the computer tested?
  • i had same issue it ran rough and had it scanned and it was missing on cylinder 4 and i changed just that plug wire and thru some fuel treatment in it and i drove it home running rough missing on the cylinder and got home shut it off and then like 3 4 hours later went to drive it again and it didnt do it any more and still hasnt has 193345 miles on it but from time time it will die and it starts back up no problem
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