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Ford Escape 4x4 Help



  • Ok, I have 4x4 issues... the dashboard 4x4 light is flashing and front wheels only spinning... I have replaced the toner rings on the cv shafts and still nothing... is there something more to this?

  • I have same problem. For the first few winters of my 2007 Escape, I felt the 4WD was very capable. I could drive around in 6 inches of snow and not worry about getting stuck. Due to an unrelated powertrain issue, the rear 4WD was swapped out (unnecessarily it turns out). The next winter, at the slightest wheel slip on snow, the 4WD light comes on steady, and if you persist a bit with wheel slip, the 4WD light begins to blink. Trust me, it is NOT overheating. It blinks for 5 minutes of running and then resets. The repair then was to replace the LF tone ring, and I was told to trust them, this was the problem. Well, we didn't have any more snow for 10 months (and hence no test), and once again, with the first snow and at the slightest wheel slip the light comes on. Essentially, there is no 4WD and without it, the Escape is useless in snow. I had it in the shop mid December 2013, and was told that it was fixed by replacing the 4WD electronics module located under the console. However, at the very next snow after Xmas, the light came on in exactly the same manner. Service appointment at 7am this morning, but I am losing confidence.

  • Mine turned out to be a broken PTU (transfer case). You can determine this by being able to turn the driveshaft when the transmission is in Park and the vehicle on a hoist.

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