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2009 Subaru Forester



  • pharmd718pharmd718 Posts: 78
    Sounds like something the dealer needs to address.
  • pharmd718pharmd718 Posts: 78
    I was thinking of adding the subwoofer to the list of options on my limited. However, I don't know the specs on the unit and am not sure it will be worth while. I just know that it has a dedicated amp but would like to know the frequency response if available.
    If anyone installed the factory subwoofer after getting the car I would love to know if it made a huge difference.
    If I were to get the sub it would be the factory model over any after market version (even though after market would sound best) because Its the only unit I can install under the drivers seat. I don't want anything taking up space in the back.
  • orcorc Posts: 39
    We just completed a 7,000 mile trip with our new 09 Forester. I ran full synthetic oil and changed it once during the trip. The oil and filter is extremely easy to change as it was on the wife's old Impreza. It's a shame to pay so much money for a dealer or Jiffy lube place to do it. If you are able to lay on your back for a few minutes you can change the oil.

    I picked up a trailer hitch and installed it at my sister's house while visiting. My B-in-law helped me with the instructions and lent me a hand when needed. It took us 3 hours for the install but we went slow. The self install saved me $200 to $300 labor costs but IMO one should have a basic mechanical aptitude for it to go smoothly. The large plastic bumper piece is the trickiest part to remove and re-install. It's not overly difficult but it's frustrating in a few spots. Yes, you have to remove the entire rear bumper & mufflers and the cheap little plastic button attachment pieces are annoying to work with. Having the knowledge now I feel pretty confident I could do it again in half the time.

    We drove up Schnebly road in Sedona and did some light hiking out on to the beautiful red rock formations. This road requires high clearance and is very popular with local jeep tour companies. The drivers enjoy telling tall tales over a loud speaker while happily bouncing over the road beating up tourists packed in the back with extra seating under a sun canopy. We rolled down the windows and opened up the panorama moon roof to let the Arizona sun in at 90 degrees F. The 09 handled the road easliy but we went slow with the stock Yokohama Geolander tires. They are not the best tire for sharp rocks and rough roads but they do OK. No complaints with them.

    We drove city traffic, Interstate, rural twisty roads, mountains, heavy rain and desert (reaching 118F in Laughlin, Nevada). From SE Alaska through BC Canada down to southern Arizona and back. We did one week on the road with my daughter aboard who lives in Vegas. We had our dog along for half the trip and he stayed at my sister's place the other halfof the time. Mileage ranged from 21mpg to a short stretch down a mountain pass at an unbelievable 73.2 mpg. (LOL) I usually set the cruise at 8 to 9 over the speed limit whenever possible. Cops tend to not write tickets at those speeds. Speed limits are 75mph in some western states - I loved that and we cruised at 83-84mph. We used AC much of the time and it never once affected mpg. IMO AC makes has little to no influence with gas mileage. I checked the on board mpg calculator with real numbers and a hand held calculator and they always matched.The average Gas mileage for the entire trip was a credible 27.5 mpg.

    Complaints? Not many. I wish the drivers seat was more comfortable for a big guy like me on the road all day but it was OK. The plastic gas cover flip open lever cap thing popped off. Seems the pin that holds it on broke or fell out. I can't find it. The lever still works fine. I'll fix it now that I'm home. It's not a biggy.

    I love the slightly stiffer suspension of the Forester over other small SUV's. I watched them bounce and lean too much in corners while the little Subbie handled such things much better. The Subbie is fun to drive and that's important when on the road several days in a row.

    Seems the Ford Escape, Toyota Rav4/Highlander, Honda Suv's and Hyundai Suv's rule the the road these days. There are less and less big SUV's and PU trucks out there. I loved my old Expedition and F150 but I'm adapting well to downsizing. With the hitch installed I can use a trailer to haul big bulky stuff. Other than a car hauler with 8 Foresters packed on its back we rarely noticed any 09 Foresters the entire trip through Canada down to Arizona and back. It's still new and I noticed when passing Subaru dealers they had lots of 09's in stock. I think there will be a lot more on the road by the end of the year.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Great pics! You should send them and your story to DRIVE magazine.

  • pharmd718pharmd718 Posts: 78
    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Your trip sounded great. I should follow your footsteps (once i get the forester i ordered).
  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    Yep, the buttons pop out easily and there are rattles in my rear seats as others have noted. We are making a list for the dealer at our first oil change.
  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    Incredible photos and a great report on your trip. We have not yet taken our '09 Bean on a long trip, but there is nothing more fun than taking a brand-new car that you really like on its first expedition. We did that with a new '95 Taurus Wagon (and also bought our first cell phone ever for that trip, $30/month for 30 minutes!). That was a B&B tour of South Texas. What a thrill to use one of those precious airtime minutes to call ahead confirming our arrival at the next stop, and keep up with the friends who were watching our kids. Then we did a 4,000-mile-RT in our new '03 Town & Country to the east coast with the kids eight years older. We called that car the Mother Ship till we turned it over to the young'uns when we bought our Bean. The next big road trip will probably be just the mama and the papa. Oh yeah.
  • orcorc Posts: 39
    Thanks RS, maybe I will.
  • orcorc Posts: 39
    Good luck with that Pharmd. I think I'd like the Limited better but this one with Premium pkg is OK. It's a beautiful dark Metallic Gray but usually looks black without just the right lighting conditions.
  • orcorc Posts: 39
    Thanks PGB. My kids are grown and on their own but I've dragged them on many a road trip adventure from Deadhorse, Alaska to Mexico and even through Europe one time. We covered 7 countries in two weeks in Europe with a rented fine little sporty Opel minivan that I wish they could sell in the USA.

    Gas prices have really put a financial crunch on long trips like these. Gas is averaging $5.60 a gallon in Western Canada. I've never paid any attention to gas prices until the last couple of years - Now I'm obsessed with it.With just the wife and I the new Forester is excellent. I'm very pleased with it and I can carry four adults when needed. I have a hundreds of pics from this trip but since it's a forester forum I'm sticking to car photos. Here's another one in BC taken Friday.

    We used to to take 2 major vacations a year but we only can afford one per year these days. I love the open road and destinations that inspire me. :o)

  • irollitirollit Posts: 20
    We ordered June 5 and were very surprised when we were called Friday to come pick up our Newport Blue Limited (Automatic). That was a 7 weeks and 1 day wait. We were told that it would arrive by the end of July so we were so pleased that it came earlier. We really love the color.

    I had called SOA that morning to ask about the car. They had no idea where it was at all. The dealership was surprised too when it came off the truck. They were not notified.

    I have only driven it home, about 15 miles. The average mileage was 22.5 coming downhill from the foothills to the flatlands. There was only 7 miles on the odometer when we picked it up.

    I sprayed Scotch Guard on the fabric door trim, headliner and around the handles above the doors. It is light colored and a textured fabric so it will get dirty easily. Does anyone have another product they could recommend that would be better? I was envisioning some kind of clingy vinyl or fabric to put around those handles to protect the headliner fabric.

    I will put around 200 miles a week on it so time will tell how the mileage will be. It came with the moon roof air deflector. It gives it a unique look compared to other small SUVs that I have seen. I have only seen one other 2009 Forester during our wait.
  • pharmd718pharmd718 Posts: 78
    I ordered the same color. It looks great. Originaly I thought yours was a limited.
  • pharmd718pharmd718 Posts: 78
    Congrats on the XT limited. A week after placing an order for my X limited I was told that the car was right on schedual and should take 10-12 weeks.
    I hope it comes earlier then yours.
  • orcorc Posts: 39
    Irrolit... At first play with ave mileage gauge and keep up the two trip odometers by clearing them and resetting. I thinks folks are fooled that they are getting worse mileage than they really are. After a few thousand miles you'll notice mileage will be quite good if you don't use the low gear shifter option a lot.

    Scotch Guard is good stuff. It should work well. I had some rather potent bug juice on my leg while wearing shorts and it rubbed off on the driver's side arm rest and it dissolved some of the paint-plastic making it look bad. Oh well... what can I do? Stuff happens but it hurts the worst when the car is new eh?

    I agree that the new Forester has a very cool and sporty look compared to other small SUV's. I also like the fact that the Forester will actually out handle the others on twisty roads and gravel/dirt roads.
  • what a great post!!!! awesome pics too!!! i couldn't agree more about your first impressions with the 09 forester. picked mine up 3 days before setting off for the adirondacks. we stayed at a cabin on a tricky unpaved road during some torrential downpours and man was i glad i had my subie. it kept me, the wife, 4 yr old son and our new 8 week old daughter safe and comfy the whole time. drove the hell out of US9 coming down from fort ticonderoga and Hague (lots of twists and turns, some steep hills) and it was a pleasure all the way. i'm not in the turbo unfortunately, but threw on the sport shift for a few hills to make up for it. MPG hovered around 27-28 according to the in-dash readout. During one leg my wife sat in the back betw 2 bulky child seats to keep the pacifier jammed in baby girls mouth - she was completely comfortable and i'm 6'3'' so you can imagine i ate up a lot of the leg room. even though NY and VT are the subie meccas here on the east coast, i didn' see any other 09's either (saw a ton of 08's and other foresters / outbacks ) but i'm sure that will change soon. my only complaint is the ipod interface, otherwise, i'm loving it. thanks for the pics - i'll headed up the hudson valley next week again so i'll have some pics for ya.

    keep on truckin' and posting those awesome pics

  • orcorc Posts: 39
    The area your talking of is really nice but I haven't been there for a very long time. Upstate NY and Vermont/NH are beautiful places. I was near there for a short time in the 70's when in the military.

    I'm 6'4" and the 09 Forester is just big enough for me. I don't fit the '08 version very well. One more car pic near our home.

  • irollitirollit Posts: 20
    My car is a X Limited also. I didn't specify which limited we bought. I hope it comes early for you too. It was such a surprise for everyone involved.
  • irollitirollit Posts: 20
    At first play with ave mileage gauge and keep up the two trip odometers by clearing them and resetting.

    Thank you for your excellent suggestion. My interpretation of what you are saying would be to keep the A trip meter going from fillup to the next fillup without clearing it, keeping a record of mileage, then clearing it. The B trip meter could be used for my 20 mile commute, mostly freeway and some city driving. I suppose I could take the time to clear it after city driving so I could record the freeway driving separately.
  • pharmd718pharmd718 Posts: 78
    Does anyone know the specs of the factory subwoofer? I would like to know the freq response and if the stock stereo has a crossover that will redirect the low freq from the 6 inch stock speakers to the subwoofer.
  • bigfrank3bigfrank3 Posts: 426
    I thought I had seen this info somewhere but now can't seem to find where. If you look at the last page of the installation document, here:

    you can get some info. It appears that there is a gain and cut-off adjustment on the sub. This is new, the 3 I have previously used didn't have this. Mine in my 06 is fixed gain and cut-off, and I believe it rolls-off at 250Hz.

    I also don't believe there is any crossover in the stereo, all frequencies get sent to the sub and it filters out at the roll-off. The standard door speakers will continue to reproduce whatever they can, but they clearly can't pass the lows that the sub can.

    Personally, I find that the tweeters and the sub fill in the sound nicely.
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