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2009 Subaru Forester



  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
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  • calessancalessan Posts: 18
    I installed mine just below that solar shield, to the right of the mirror. Works fine!
  • bohoboho Posts: 6
    I'm buying a S.F. in a month and want to do it as cheaply as possible. Prefer no options except for automatic transmission which my wife demands. Is there any option you think is really desirable? I'm retired and will be driving around Boulder, CO, so except for some trips to ski resorts, pretty mundane driving. I'd like your opinion on really useful options?
  • the radio system is horrible- probably better to get after market. i got a sweet deal from Lori at flatirons in boulder
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    If you're living in Colorado I would absolutely recommend the All-Weather-Package (AWP). It includes heated seats (a winter must-have!), heated outside mirrors (dries the mirrors in the rain and snow), and the windshield deicer (helps prevent ice buildup on the front wipers).

    This package is not available on the base Forester X, but is optional on the X Premium, and is standard on Limited models.

    I know you want to save money, but I really think this is worth the extra money. We have it on two of our Subarus, and would never buy another Subaru without the AWP. The first time you use the bun warmers on cold winter morning, you will be sold, I guarantee it. :)

  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    It will work!! If you are not sure, next time passing through toll booth hold it up with your hand, but I have had a few vehicles with that "shield" and no problem
  • billwvbillwv Posts: 48
    I have the 2.5X with 4AT and love it.

    I agree -- the only option I wish I had is the wiper de-icer and mirror heater -- but, these become very expensive considering you must upgrade to the premium.

    Winter wiper blades do help with ice and snow, especially if the car sits out overnight in winter.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    Well, if you're going to live with a vehicle for 5 or more years, I'd get as much car as I can afford. Perhaps better stated is get a car with the features you want. Otherwise you may have regrets.

    I've never been one to buy the "cheapest" car out there. Every time I've done that, I've been sorry in the long run.

  • connieyleeconnieylee Posts: 29
    Agreed. I had a base model honda for 15 yrs as I'm pretty utilitarian. I upgraded to this Fozzie and LOVE it...didn't know I could love a car. I love the huge moonroof, the leather heated seats are so nice as they heat up before the heater does, and the 6-way power seats come in super handy.

    I had had some reservations going for jump in price from the premium vs the limited, but no regrets now. I do believe the 2010 premium has the moonroof and heated seats, although they're not leather.
  • billwvbillwv Posts: 48
    I do appreciate where you guys are coming from, and agree 100%, do not leave out something you will later regret.

    The key words in the original post were: "as cheaply as possible" and "retired".

    I am also retired and a major issue for me was: I do not want a moon roof. So, everyone has his own preferences. Its unfortunate the builders do not offer more combinations.

    One other negative on the base is that the passanger seat has no height adjustment -- so, if someone is going to be riding there a lot, have them check it out.

    These really are fine cars, with or without all the extras.

  • robert142robert142 Posts: 18
    I am light sensitive. But the vertical bars appear as a distraction. (I am getting used to them) From the corner of my eye the one closest to the driver's side sometimes looks like a lever or handle to pull down or do something with.

    Otherwise like the car.
  • gtscharggtscharg Posts: 5
    I just got a "base" 09 Forester with automatic. The only thing I could not live without was a subwoofer, runs about $400 installed, and since the stock stereo is decent (4 speakers, MP3 input, CD) it makes it sound really good. Rear cargo mat is good investment for those snowy ski boots and/or gardening type runs (saves your carpet) as are all-weather floor mats for winter (if you plan to go skiing fairly frequently). The base model does NOT come with luggage rails, so without adding something up there, you will have to transport skis in the cabin (split fold down rear seat) which will work but reduce your capacity to 3 passengers. Mudguards would keep the car cleaner in rain and snowy/slushy conditions or during "mud season" but in Boulder that's not too much of an issue. The car is very easy to drive, I compare it favorably to our 08 Outback XT Limited (turbo). Live up above Rollinsville, Boulder is our "everything" town.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    Even with the Premium trim, the AWP is an option; it used to be standard on this mid-trim level a few years ago. I would venture to guess, that most Colorado Subaru dealers will equip all their Premium models with that option.

    I live in Maryland (not nearly as cold or nasty as Colorado can get), and my dealer told me recently that all Forester Premiums they order to sit on their lot will be equipped with the AWP. Oh, they will special-order without the AWP, if that's what the customer wants, but they won't stock them as most customers opt for it anyway.

  • gtscharggtscharg Posts: 5
    Agree with Bill. $21K vs $24K is a major factor. Having an 09 Forester X (base) automatic, I too would like the AWP (heated seats, mirrors, wipers) but by going with the "premium" version you have to get the moonroof, 17 inch aluminum wheels (more $ for tires), dark tinted rear glass (does not really help in parking lot situations). Subaru went to this strategy with the last iteration (08-09) OB XT Limited, where in order to get the "juice" you had to get the whole enchilada (moonroof, leather, CD Changer). On the 05 and 06 models, you could get the OB XT Turbo without all that junk, and believe me I tried to find one of those, but was too late, so we got the 08 OB XT Limited. We never use the sunroof, leather is nice, but cloth is actually more comfortable here in CO where the leather gets HOT in summer and COLD in winter. Remote start was a necessity and it was standard on the OB we also own.
  • billwvbillwv Posts: 48
    Hello all,

    I am having problems with rough cold starts with 2.5x 4AT.

    Service dept. diagnosed as loosing fuel pressure sitting overnight and replaced the fuel pump.
    Did not fix the problem.

    With the view that it may be a fuel pressure problem, here is my question:

    I have noticed, when accelerating slightly up a slight grade, about 20 mph, 2nd gear, 2500-3000 rpm at some point there is a noticeable surge in power even though accelerator pedal is held constant and gear not changed.

    Is this normal? Something is kicking in to cause increased acceleration -- or -- could it be related to fuel pressure problems or something normal? Do you experience this?

    I am trying to decide what is normal, and whether to mention it to service dept.
    Service dept. wants Subaru rep. to see car.


  • robert142robert142 Posts: 18
    I notice a slight windshield distortion along the bottom 3 or 4 inches. Seems to run across the entire bottom of the windshield.. I notice it most when I am in the passenger right side seat which is lower.

    Anyone else notice this?
  • Den5276Den5276 Posts: 4
    I had an experience like that in a Ford Ranger. In addition to that, it would constantly surge forward while in gear,stopped at a light and the brake was pressed. If in netural, the surge would stop. After many guesses by the Ford service dept, they found an electronic sensor that was faulty in connection with fuel flow to engine. After replacing it, no more surging. Sorry, don't ask me what it was called, it's been a while since I had that problem. I do rememeber hearing a 'CLICK'ing sound just before the surge. This may not be much help, but it might be something like I had. A 'fuel sensor ' problem.
  • billwvbillwv Posts: 48
    Thanks for the reply,

    I agree, a bad sensor associated with fuel supply seems a likely cause of the problems.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    Well, one thing about Subaru is that you can at least get heated seats in the mid-level Premium models. Most other carmakers (Honda, Toyota, etc.) force you to get the top-level model if you want heated seats.

  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Juice, uploaded the pictures to my album, not sure why but apparently the 1st photo entered ends up at the end of picture set? Don't really understand why, or why I can't re-arrange the photos once they're in the album, but the last photo on the bottom is actually the 1st and the 1st photo in the album is actually the last. Hope these photos are useful?
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