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2009 Subaru Forester



  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    With the paint, it's also an anti-crime thing. People used to come in and buy the small spray cans of touch-up paint for graffiti and other vandalism. By giving the VIN, the dealer is assured that the person asking for the paint really has a vehicle that color.

    Auto parts stores keep generic touch-up paint in locked cases for the same reason.

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  • I had my 04 FXT in for a 60,000 mile service today, and got a brand new '10 Forester PZEV with 155 miles on it as a loaner. I got a chance to drive it for approximately 70 miles. Here are my impressions.

    The good:
    - It's roomier than the 04, but still has fairly tidy exterior dimensions.
    - Average MPG for my daily commute was 26.1 with 3/4 highway, 1/4 city. This is indicated MPG, not calculated.
    - The 4-speed auto was reasonably responsive.
    - Visibility is still very good, although the side mirrors have a strange shape and offset.

    The not so good:
    - Ride is mushier and the vehicle tends to float a little.
    - Steering is very light, although fairly accurate. Makes the ride a little darty and harder to track in a straight line.
    - Interior materials and design are much worse than my '04 - very, very cheap.
    - The driver seat is not comfortable, and this model didn't have lumbar adjustment, or at least I didn't find one. My back was sore after 1/2 hour drive.
    - LOTS of buzzing and rattling. Unacceptable for a brand new car.
    - The 4-cyl non-turbo engine still feels underpowered. Normal driving is OK, but passing is painful. It could use another 20 hp.

    Overall, a decent vehicle, but cost cutting seems to be too obvious.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Interesting observation about the mirrors. They used to have tiny ones on the L models, and really big ones on the S. Now they use one size, I believe, that falls between those.

    Agree about the auto trans being responsive, too.

    They lifted the whole vehicle a bit, so there's more body roll as a trade-off.

    The Limiteds do have power lumbar adjustments, IIRC.

    No fair comparing a turbo with a non-turbo. :shades:
  • "The not so good:
    - Ride is mushier and the vehicle tends to float a little.
    - Steering is very light, although fairly accurate. Makes the ride a little darty and harder to track in a straight line"

    These were also my initial impressions. Now, after 12 months it seems just right.

  • After having driven my Forester X for 18 months & 17,000 miles,
    I definitely agree that the Forester handling/steering is biased a bit on the "light"
    side. I can't say I have any issues with straight line tracking or the overall handling.

    For me, I've found I just get used to the handling characteristics, since this is the
    only 4 wheel vehicle I drive regularly. But when I borrow my daughters car (a 2008
    Hyundai Tiburon) it is instantly realized. The Tiburon (which is biased to be on the
    heavy side, with almost no power assist in the steering) feels like I'm driving a
    truck!!! I truly can't wait to get back to my "tossable", light-on-it's-feet Forester
    (which is ironic, since the Forester is an SUV versus the Tiburon being a small, low
    2-door coupe)...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru likely keeps an eye on the competition: modest-tweakage/

    180hp now for the CR-V, vs. 170 or 175 (PZEV) for the Forester. The Forester does still have more torque, 170 to 161. Honda also improved fuel economy by 1mpg, per EPA measures.

    They fixed something I complained about recently - the door handles now have rubber grips. I had said the painted metallic trim on the old one would be a potential wear area, and apparently they got similar feedback from owners and made that change.

    Any how, with Honda updating the interior, hopefully Subaru follows suit for the 2011 refresh. Less fake metal sounds like a nice upgrade to me.

    170-175hp is OK but at least bring us that CVT from the Outback.
  • Anyone know of a really good service dealership in NJ? I'm considering taking my car in for warranty work - all the AM radio stations whine enough to give me a headache. So it's not SUPER essential warranty work, so I'm worried to take something in with a potential electrical issue unless I know the dealer will do a thorough job... I'm closest to the Union, Morristown, and Avenel dealers.

    2009 Subaru Forester Limited
  • I noticed the other day my '10 Foresters driver seat cushion has begun to "pill" in one spot (below where my left "cheek" would be). I never have any sharp objects in my back pockets, it appears to be cheap material.
    Anyone else had this happen (cloth seats)? The car only has 2800 mi. on it; I'm really po'd about this and will ask to have the cushion replaced at next service visit. I traded a 1999 Ranger w/158k on it and the seat fabric was still nearly perfect. I am really concerned abot the long term durability of this fabric- hoping maybe it was just a defective piece on that one cushion.

    As for seat comfort, it took a few weeks for my back to adjust to the shape of the Foresters seat; I did find that the power lumber needs to be set fairly soft in order to be comforable. The seat back bolsters need to be spaced wider, I have a broad back and it sometimes feels "squished" in between them.

    Otherwise, it seems to be a well-put together suv. I drove 'em all before buying the Sube and I still think overall it does things the best, especially if you use it as it was intended, ie lots of recreational activity.
  • I have a 09 Forester with 14 K miles and I have a spot that is starting to wear on the right side. I have the black cloth interior.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Hmmm... not good news! I will certainly watch mine. My '96 Outback's interior (cloth) held up very well even after 220,000 miles. The foam inside it broke down in a couple spots (especially on the outer driver's bolster), but the cloth covering was in great shape!
  • so far it seems my '09 XT's leather interior is holding up well. It has wrinkled somewhat in spots from my weight, but no noticeable wear, color change, etc. has shown up after 13K miles.

    By comparison, the '03 Saturn ION I owned (regretfully - was a rolling rattletrap) showed significant leather deterioration after around 20K miles.
  • Liberty Subaru in Oradell on Kinderkamack Rd is pretty good.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Our leather is holding up well also, though we don't have that many miles yet.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    But no standard transmission in the CR-V, which they took away with the current model. Thank heaven Subaru still offers them, as my wife and I find a stick shift and three pedals on the floor adds a lot of involvement and driving fun.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Toyota dropped it from the RAV4 also. The Forester is one of the last few. I think Suzuki still offers them.
  • The last time I checked, Suzuki only offered manual xmission in their base model AWD, which did not have a factory sunroof available.

    When I set out to purchase a new vehicle, I wanted AWD/4WD, manual xmission, sunroof, good fuel economy, and a moderate MSRP. The Subaru Forester was the ONLY vehicle I found that met my criteria. (I briefly considered the BMW X3, but it gets lousy gas mileage and MSRP of $35K-45K).

    I sure hope Subaru doesn't follow the others (Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc) and drop the manual xmission option. If they do, I believe they will lose a significant competitive advantage!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    $35k? Try more like $40k.

    $39,575 rounds up to 40 grand for a base model no options if you can find one!
  • Hi again, Bill!

    I'm very sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

    I bought a 2.5X Limited (4AT) PZEV vehicle. And the explanation you seem to have gotten is exactly the same one I did from my dealer's service manager. So, I guess I have to be content with that. It's still a little unsettling to hear the noise this thing makes when starting from cold, but if that's what it's supposed to do then I can't do much more about it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience! It does help.
  • Did a freeway run of around 30 miles on relatively level ground.
    Both directions, at around 65 mph, yielded an average of 29 mpg.
    A/C was off for nearly the whole run, but a brief period with it on did not seem to affect mileage much.

    Vehicle mileage is around 13 K.

    A huge improvement over when the vehicle was new, getting around 24 mpg on the same freeway. :) Nice to see given Premium fuel's nearly 30 cents/gallon higher than regular here in the NW :cry:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You gotta pay to play. ;)

    At least the turbo 4 gets far better mileage than most V6s in this class. The only exception is the RAV4 V6.
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