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2009 Subaru Forester



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You and Bob both!

    Now all 3 of us have the current gen in our fleets! :shades:
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Which one did you get Frank? We got the Premium w/AWP, 4EAT. The color is Sage Green. It's a real nice car. Just had the factory trailer hitch installed.

    Almost now wished we had gotten one with the AWP Plus package (adds upgraded radio w/rear camera, fogs), but Deb didn't want to spend the money, and this is her ride.

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    edited September 2012
    Bob - Sweet!

    I thought I had my choices of a new car narrowed down to the Audi Q5, Acura MDX or a BMW X3 and since the Acura was $5k less than the other 2, I was just about ready to buy one. But then I took one last look at the Forester.

    Juice, you remember back when the X3s came out and there was the constant back and forth over whether it was worth the 50% more than the Forester? Well that all came back to me when I realized that a comparably equipped X3 is still almost exactly 50% more than a Forester. Of course I've come to appreciate the X3 more and realize that you do get a nicer car but I still kept asking myself if it was really THAT much nicer and did I really NEED those extra bells a whistles. The answer was of course, no I don't.

    Anyway, since I was in the market for a luxury compact SUV, I decided to at least spoil myself with a loaded XT Touring: Nav, sport grill, puddle lights, interior footwell illumination, trailer hitch, etc.

    Frank P.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I do, it wasn't even a "vs." thread, just a general crossover one that focused on the better performing ones (CX7, RD-X, X3, Forester, Vue Redline).

    Back then the X3 had a really harsh ride so I wasn't a huge fan, but they improved the ride over time. Haven't sampled the new one, but price has really crept up, especially with options. They start at $38k but it's closer to $50k equipped.

    Yours is loaded up, you lucky duck! Our 09 is a Limited but not a turbo, no Navi. Touring didn't even exist back then.

    We should all show up to the next gathering in Foresters, that would be a hoot!

    When will it arrive? 6-8 weeks, I guess?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Congrats, Frank! That sounds like a sweet ride. Are you trading out your current XT? If I recall correctly, your current one is MT?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    edited September 2012
    Nice Frank. Would love hear feedback on the nav. What dealer did you get it from? Byer Subaru?

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    Bob - Yes Beyer Subaru

    Juice - They estimate 6-8 weeks but don't know for sure. I was surprised when they told me it could be that fast. Back in 2000 when I last did a factory order it was 10-12 weeks.

    Wes - Yes I have a 2004 XT MT. I guess I'll sell it :( I really wanted to get another performance oriented MT SUV but you ca't find one anymore in the US. I even talked talked to an after-market shop about the possibility of dropping a MT into a new XT or buying a MT Forester Premium and adding a turbo but they didn't recommend either option. I guess cars today are too complicated to swap out components like we use to be able to do.

    -Frank P
  • volkovvolkov Posts: 1,302
    BUT in a few years you could always drop an STi engine and/or drivetrain in and then have the best of both worlds. Have read a couple of threads about that wholesale swap into Imprezas. Should bolt right up to the Forester.
  • Still waiting for a reply from Subaru about my clutch along with two Subaru service managers. They acknowledged my letter (15 /9/12 ) and said they would reply shortly. Having considered a number of SUV's many without spare wheals I find the diesel Forrester very competitive - it just needs a functional clutch. Is your new acquisition Diesel, or is it too cold in your part of the world for such luxuries?

  • p0926p0926 Posts: 4,423
    I was hoping to put the transmission from a WRX in it but with everything being so computerized now, they said that wasn't a realistic option. Maybe I need to talk to some more after-market mod types...

    Frank P
  • Subaru have finally replied after two phone calls. They state there are no mechanical problems with any of the Forester clutches and so it is driver error entirely. I have disposed of the car after doing only 20.000 miles. The fact that the rescue had picked up three Subaru's with burnt out clutches before mine apparently has no bearing on the case! Neither has the fact that my 2 litre Nissan eight year old with which I used for caravanning for five years has never required a clutch. At least it is the first time I have ever had to replace a clutch so it is surprising I had to do it twice.I intend to inform the caravan club of my remarkable experience.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Disappointing that it "ended" this way, but if you have the inclination to push it, you should be able to gather some other info that might lead you to being able to make a case out of it. It doesn't surprise me that this is their initial response. Manufacturers never want to lay claim to a shortcoming.

    I was shocked this morning when I took my Forester to a dealership for replacement of a wheel stud due to them cross-threading it in April, and they took it in for the repair no questions asked. I walked up, told them I discovered they had cross-threaded it when I went to put my winter tires on the car yesterday, and they said, "here; fill this out and we'll take care of it." :surprise:
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