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Mazda Protege Maintenance and Repair



  • vittuvittu Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 protege lx 2.0 with only 30kmiles my idle was recently
    Rough & low with check engine light on I had my egr cleaned out & smoothed out the idle but its still low only at about 500rpm b4 i was at least at 750 or so any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    Some possibilities: vacuum leak, malfunctioning airflow meter, crack in rubber air intake snorkel. Check for any TSB's on the subject at ($15 for a year).

    Also, if you take off the air intake snorkel, it is a good idea to clean off the throttle plate with an old toothbrush, rag, and solvent as it gets covered with black carbon over time.
  • essennessenn Posts: 7
    Can someone throw light on this please?
    The second fan doesnt come on, making A/C not so cold. I live in florida, so on a really hot day, the engine overheats with the A/C on.

    Technician said pressure sensor is bad and not easily available. Can someone point to aftermarket pressure sensor and/or another solutions

  • sambo4sambo4 Posts: 22
    I have the same problem with the secondary fan, which is the passenger-side one. It's only to come on after a certain temperature is reached.
    I removed the fan and tested it, and it does work.
    Just connect one wire to each of the battery terminals,
    and then the end of those wires into the fan connection.
    I didn't know which was plus or minus on the fan, but it's only two choices.
    My fuses are okay too.
    My next step is to test the wiring harness that goes into the fan.
  • essennessenn Posts: 7
    the fan itself is good. technician did directly give it power and it blew decent amount of air. although i did notice most of the harness/connector are rusted, but he didnt think much of it.

    btw is it pressure switch or temperature switch or both?
    i see two sensors near the bubble window on the A/C line,
    on left front fender. dont know which one of these to jumper.
    can this be replaced at home or does the freon have to come out first?

  • sambo4sambo4 Posts: 22
    I was reading trouble-shooting possibilities:

    "condenser fan relay is stuck"

    "short to GND between condenser fan relay and
    PCM terminal 45"

    "circuit between condenser fan relay and fan motor short to battery supply line"
  • mazcarmazcar Posts: 7
    Hi there,
    I have a slightly different problem on my 96 LX. The engine temp goes all the way up to 'H' when the ac is working. I have to shut it down then the temp comes down a bit, but hovers around 3/4 way to the H mark. Coolant is at the right mark. Also, can we check the gas level at home. The AC though seems to be cooling alright. Problem is worst in city traffic. Do u guys think there is a prob with the radiator? There is no leak in it.
    Please advise what can be done :sick:
    Thanks in advance!
  • essennessenn Posts: 7
    its the same problem with mine. A/C works but engine overheats (ie goes to H) on a real hot day...try putting A/C on max, open hood and see if second fan comes on after a while...if it does come on, then the problem is different...

    when car is around 50 mph its not a problem bcoz the air hitting the condensor from outside will be enuf to cool it, mostly...
  • essennessenn Posts: 7
    btw, my car is 92 mazda protege LX, 1.8L DOHC w/ automatic xmission...
    thanks for the trouble-shooting tips...i'll try them out...
  • adam317adam317 Posts: 2
    I'm a relatively new '03 Protege5 owner. The A/C intermittently flickers on and off when the fan speed is on 2 -- it works fine on 1, 3, and 4. The problem appears to be more frequent on hot days. (Of course, the day I take it to the mechanic is the coolest this summer, and they couldn't duplicate the problem.) Any ideas as to what is going on? Car has 42k.
  • sambo4sambo4 Posts: 22
    Try this site concerning relays:

    I'm still working on my car.

    I don't think the pressure switch is involved, because that switch monitors head pressure and shuts down the compressor if it exceeds a preset limit.

    You can also try unplugging the clip from the thermoswitch
    located on the thermostat housing. If the fan goes on, then you found your problem. If not, then I still think it's your relay, or a connection problem.

    You could switch the condensor fan relay with a similiar relay, (maybe the horn relay ? ) just to test it.

    Also, check for corroded relay under the fuse box and support wiring/harness.
  • katek8katek8 Posts: 2
    i had a similiar problem. although mine would stop working on the highway, driving 75 mph, 17 mile trip to work. At first it would work intermittently for a while, and the mechanic couldn't find anything wrong. It ended up being the thermastat, check to see if it is higher than normal. the car finally one day almost over-heated and the problem was solved w/ the a/c.
  • sambo4sambo4 Posts: 22
    Forgot to mention:

    I'm not too familiar with '92s, so you may have to
    ground the thermoswitch connector, either to chassis or
    negative battery terminal.

    good luck
  • pvank1pvank1 Posts: 1
    I have exactly the same problem on fan speed 2 when it is hot. Makes no sense to me. It is not overheating.
  • Hello,

    I have a 1997 Mazda Protege LX 1.5L

    When I first bought the car the seat belt warning light and tone would operate properly when you turned the ignition. Now a few months later the light no longer comes on along with the tone, I saw the connection from the seat belt fastener to the floor of the car under the drivers seat and that is properly inserted, does anyone know what else I could try to look at? I also checked the fuses, they're ok. Another problem is my low fuel light to my knowledge has never worked correctly, is there anyway to check if it's just a bulb out or if the problem is more significant? Thanks!

  • essennessenn Posts: 7
    check the key might have broken off some 'teeth' in it...(HINT: compare with the same size spare)
  • essennessenn Posts: 7
    look at the engine light when it stumbles see if it flickers. get the code out of computer (thru diagnostic connector behind battery on my 92 protege)....problem with engine light is its on only while there is malfunction, but it stores the code in computer anyway, so you'll get the code

    mine did similar thing for a month, also started stalling...can get very dangerous bcoz steering locks up on turns...i got the coolant sensor changed, problem gone.
  • kjohnson7kjohnson7 Posts: 1
    i have a 1997 mazda protege with the 1.5 DOHC. i am replacing the engine because of high mileage and i was wondering if any one knows of another engine that fits that car. kinda like the civic and the integra swap every one does. or maybe of just some engine mods you can think of. i mainly deal with hotrods and domestic v8's so this is my first import. any input would help greatly. thanks
  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    1.8L from the Protege of the same year for more horsepower and torque. I believe it is the same as the MX-3 1.8 liter. Lots of modifications are available for this engine.
  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    Make that the MX-5 Miata with the 1.8L. The MX-3 had 1.6 and 1.9 liter engines.
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