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Mazda Protege Maintenance and Repair



  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    There is no sensor for the secondary fan. It runs when the compressor cycles on. It's either a relay, wire or the fan motor itself.
  • I just purchased a brand new 2002 Mazda Protégé LX. The car only has 1,500 miles on it. The problem I’m having with the Protégé is this. I am experiencing severe engine vibrations when I drive the car on the freeway. The vibration is so bad that my feet feel numb and tingly after driving the car.

    Does my Protégé have a defective engine or a broken engine mount?

    Or is the engine vibrations I’m experiencing normal for the Protégé?

    Is there a fix for this problem?

  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    What RPMs?

    Is the transmission auto or manual?

    Is it more related to engine speed (RPM) or road speed (mph)?

    Can you get the same vibration if you rev the engine in neutral?

    If it's engine-speed related, it's probably bad or missing engine mounts. You might also want to check your engine for proper operation (not misfiring or prematurely firing, spark plugs are firing in the correct sequence or not firing etc.). The engine doesn't have any counterbalances to smooth it out. It is what it is. If it's shaking too much, there's something wrong.

    If it's speed-related, you need to check:

    1) Wheel balance.
    2) Wheel roundness (check the tire and the wheel).
    3) Alignment.
    4) Strut and spring function.
    5) Other suspension components.
  • rbrooks3rbrooks3 Posts: 174
    Sounds like you need to avail yourself of the free loaner car warranty form Mazda. I would answer Mazdafun's questions while filling out the form as you drop off your Pro. My 02 5 speed certainly does not make my feet tingle. Give it back to the dealership, drive your free loaner and let them call you when your car is fixed.

    Ron B.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Trying not to sound patronizing:

    The car's under warranty. Use it!

    2000 ES
    2002 Protege5
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    My previous post described how my engine temperature gauge was climbing up into the very hot range.

    Since that post, I came to the conclusion that the engine was in fact running at the same temperature as always, but that the gauge was not working correctly.

    If I would shut the engine off and then place the key in the "accessory" position (to activate the gauges), the temperature would be where it always was before this problem arose.

    Here's where it gets interesting (or bizarre). The starter failed on Monday morning. A salvaged starter was installed and worked fine. And the temperature gauge works now, too. Go figure!
  • Well, I took my 2002Protege LX into the Mazda service department like everyone told me to do.

    The service department inspected my car and told me that the severe engine vibrations I was feeling when I drove on the freeway is actually considered quite "Normal" for the Protege.

    In fact, the service guy told me that I had one of the "Better" ones because there were other Proteges who's engines vibrated even worst than mine.

    I guess there is nothing I can do about it for now except play the Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations" every time I drive my Protege!

    Hey, do you think Mazda would ever be willing to let me test drive another Protege to see if they are telling me the truth about their engine vibration problem?
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Can't anybody test drive a car? I have a 2000 Protege, but my wife and I had to test drive a couple 2002s before she bought her Protege5.

  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    If you can't find satisfaction at that dealer, find another that's more interested in helping you. If not, then contact Mazda NA.

    It'd help if you describe at what speeds and what the road conditions are. Since the suspension is tuned more stiffly than the mainstream accepts, road imperfections do come through more than in, say, a Corolla or Civic or Focus. However, it shouldn't be shaking hard on a smooth road.

    Definitely take a few for a test drive and check them out under similar conditions.

    A tire place once told me it was normal to get bad vibrations at highway speed (anywhere above 45mph they don't consider being covered by their wheel balancing service...what a rip). I replaced my (out of round) tires and never went back there.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    What did they check when you took your car in? Suspension? Alignment? Tires? Engine mounts?

    I think all of the above could give you the impression of engine vibrations.

    I *ahem* drove a little fast last night...something like highway speed. My Pro was rock solid (as usual)...economy car not meant to go "that" fast? HAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH!!!! Okie dokie.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    Cruising at 85mph (hey, I was keeping up with traffic, trying not to be a road hazard) was pretty smooth, if noisy (wind and engine) on my last length road trip. 65mph is very quiet and smooth (unless driving through Detroit or other "rough" places where they don't maintain their road surfaces), if not "Lexus" smooth. Then again, I don't like being so isolated from the road. That's why I like the Pro.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    FWIW (very little, I know!) my 95 is surprisingly smooth for an econobox with mildly sporty aspirations, at freeway speeds, especially on tarmac (less so on laid concrete roads). I do, though, have 70% profile 13 inch touring all-season tires(yuck).

    I've taken a number of road trips, and often HAVE TO drive 80+ to not be a road hazard ;-) and never have my passengers (or I) complained about a harsh ride or vibrations.

    I think your dealer is trying to get away without doing his job well - make them satisfy you! And definitely test-drive a couple of other (new and old) Proteges, there is always the SMALL possibility that it IS you, and that you're made for (without getting anatomically gross) more cushy cars like the boring Corolla/Civic etc. Although I doubt it!
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    Actually, in adition to being solid at speed as others have noted, my 02 Pro seems amazingly smooth and quiet at idle compared to other 4 bangers I've driven/owned.

    Of course, there is the cold engine "death rattle", but that's a different story.
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    My brakes "groan" quite a bit. Most often when they are cold. My friendly local service rep says he called Mazda NA, and Mazda NA says this is perfectly normal. Anybody else have this "problem?"

    p_f: glad to hear you don't have the death rattle. Mazda says this is normal too, but it sure sounds and feels like something could be getting damaged and I don't know that I trust auto manufacturers on these types of things.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    When are they groaning? Under what conditions?
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    they groan just as I'm using them to come to a complete stop. They sometimes pop when I start up again. It just started recently, and does it just about every time I come to a stop.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    take a drive at lunch and take a listen to mine. I don't recall hearing anything like that though.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,322
    Usually it's due to some rusting of the rotors or accumulated dust on the pads (fallen off the edges onto the faces). I sometimes get this first thing after some condensation (or other method of getting moisture on the rotors) on the rotors. It's just the rust getting rubbed off and making noise.

    If it's not that, the only other time I get groaning noise from my brakes is if the pads are sticky (so the groaning noise is more prevalent on towards the end of the braking action when the relative speed between the pads and rotor is low...whereas the rusty rotor usually is noisy when you first apply the brakes and then goes away). You might try replacing the pads to ones with less organic material (such as kevlar or semi-metallic or semi-ceramic...but these can wear your rotors faster and can make more screechy-squealy noises) and resurfacing (machining...make sure they can do it w/o removing the rotor...results are better) the rotors to make them smoother.
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    It sounds like they're sticky - they groan near the end of braking, then pop as I take off. If nothing is getting damaged and the brakes will continue to work fine as such, I'll just put up with the noise.

    Thanks, guys.
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