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Isuzu Rodeo Lights Problems



  • hondosahondosa Posts: 2
    Probably a bad battery and/or alternator. Many auto parts stores will test both for free. I would jump start it and take to to a place that will test the battery and alt.
  • hondosahondosa Posts: 2

    I had a jeep Cherokee with a missing drive shaft. Turned out that the previous owner had bent it and took it off. A new drive shaft was all it needed.

    Check the CV-Joint boots for cracks and install a drive shaft. You can probably get one from a salvage yard pretty cheap. It will either work or not.
  • mikadencomikadenco Posts: 2
    SUV has been virtually problem free for 125K miles (7 years). It has had all regular maintenance performed, esp. timing belt replacement, recent tune up, etc.
    After a lot of water was dumped on hood of car, (don't ask, but engine was cold), the engine would crank but not start. (key would stay in crank mode unless turned back). I believe that this is normal, key should go back after ignition. Not?
    Fuel Pump is ok. Local mechanic is looking at computer run ignition system but after two days still has no idea what is wrong.
    Any ideas? Remember this Rodeo has been better than great until now.
  • Hi Ibren2:

    At this time, i am having the same problem in my 2002 Rodeo with the battery and brake light going on for a while and then in a short drive both went out in 5 or more diferents ocassions. Please tell me how you solved your problem to see if i can solve mine. Thanks
  • Have same problem with ABS, Battery, Brake and check engine lights all on.

    Someone said it might be a sensor, but which one?

    Any ideas
  • okc5okc5 Posts: 1
    hello everyone, I am trying to get to the brake light bulb on the driver side. i have heard there are 4 screws to get the cover off. I can find the two on the outside but am having trouble finding the others.

    My question is how do i access the bulb.

    on a side note. the brake light works when the headlights are off and doesn;'t when the headlights are on.

  • khop1khop1 Posts: 1
  • briyonbriyon Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo and recently the parking lights started staying on when the alarm was set. This happened last week. Now the parking lots are just staying on whether I set the alarm or not...however it still seems to be associated with the alarm. I believe there is some relay that flashes the lights when you lock the doors or set the alarm but I am not 100% sure that is true or where to even look to try and find that relay. Can anyone offer some help?


  • A while ago I had to get the clutch replaced in my 1993 Rodeo (V6-3.2L). After the work was done I noticed that the up-shift light stayed on when I was in 5th gear (not right). After years of driving this vehicle I was accustumed to the light and somethimes relied on it to remind me to up-shift to 5th gear (hard to explain). So now I was always thinking that I needed to up-shift. I took it back several times to have this corrected, but they were never able to get it right. They said they had called other garages and even the dealership, but were unable to make it work like it was supposed to. finally they offered me a discount on the original work, which I had not payed for yet and completely disabled the light. I was sort of satisfied. Later I discovered that, along with the indicator light, they had disabled the cruise-control. I would really like to find out how to fix both of these issues. I really don't want to take it back to those guys and I am sure they don't want to see me, so I hope this is something that I can repair myself. I am pretty good with this sort of thing, but I know nothing about cruise-control or the other.
  • Happening with my 99 Rodeo and I switched out the alarm module. It is a relay and is combined with the intermittent wipers front and back. Switch it out and should be fine. My problem is it started doing it again after a few days after swapping it out but I think my problem is a bit different. It is called Control Unit Alarm and part number is 8-97203-989-0. (I got it from a Honda site since Isuzu charges more for it and the Honda passport is the exact same vehicle)
    It its to the right of the glove box mounted to the right. Two wire harnesses plugged to it and two screws and a rear clip holding it. Hard to get to if you have large hands like I do. But I got it after a while.
  • Ok, so I changed out my part and it worked for several days but then it started doing it again for me. So, when I was pulling out the carpet, I noticed that there was some water under the carpet and under the rubber pad under the dash. We vacuumed out all the water and air dried for several days. Then it started working fine again. So, the water was the problem shorting out something under the dash or carpet. Since both wiring harnesses run along the floor on both sides, this wasn't good. So, I started looking at the windshield. Sure enough it was not sealed. So I had that redone and all is well now. Its been almost a week and no issues but it hasn't rained or snowed either. My fingers are crossed. Check your floor and see if you are getting any moisture under each side.
  • kboyd92kboyd92 Posts: 1
    Recently I purchased a 99 Rodeo 2 wheel drive Ls. The stupid thing had issues with the lights and I figured I was smart enough to fix it myself. The left tail light was out and the owner couldn't figure out why. Turns out the bulb was coroded and I just had to replace it. However....I started to look at the lights and realized that not only was that light messed up...but the tail lights in general were messed up. The way I explain this is confusing so bare with me.

    When I hit the brakes, all 3 (top, left, right) come on. When I turn my headlights on to drive at night only the right one comes on. It is the exact same light and bulb as the brake lights so the wiring must be messed up. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this?

    I just started college, my dad is in the military and is deployed over seas, and the rest of my family is stationed across the country so I am trying to do this on my own haha. I can't affoard to take it to a shop so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • klibckeklibcke Posts: 1
    The exact same thing happened to me this weekend. I'm going to try to replace the back bulb and fuse today. I don't know what else to do. Silly thing is I wiggled the wires in it yesterday and it worked for a few minutes. I don't know what any of this means...I majored in Fine Art :/

    I was wondering if you knew the answer....or how you solved your problem? Please e-mail me soon. I'm super scared to drive at night now.
  • I have a 2002 rodeo with 206xxx miles on it. I noticed that my inside lights were deemed, the battery light came on, engine light came on, no power charge came on, and my car was barely pulling. I came to a stop light and my car shut off on me. Nothing works now. I have had my transmission replaced, starter replaced. I don't know what to do. I have been reading other posts and some people are telling me that it’s my battery or my alternator. I really need help on this.

    thanks in advance
  • battiebattie Posts: 1
    My 99 rodeo has the same problem except when I turn my headlights on the only light that is illuminated is the third (top) light and that is the only brake light that works. If you found a solution please let me know I am at a loss.
  • My 1992 Rodeo's trailer wiring factory plug does not work. Car has all lights brake, tail, turn signal (except right hand) working, but when I plug new harness into trailer factory plug under bumper on passenger side I have no lights on trailer. My boat's trailer lights verified working. Is there a fuse for this plug I need to check? It seems to have no power. Any help in diagnosing this problem would be graciously appreciated. Taking boat out this weekend and would like to have trailer lights working by then.

    I thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

  • how easy is it to remove the dashboard area to replace the lights for the speedometer and gas/oilpressure indicators (right side of dials) for a 1996 isuzu rodeo?

    estimated idea of time to do the job?

    got any links that show the work?
  • matt9851matt9851 Posts: 2
    you can't i have a 1992 isuzu rodeo and the insterment cluster just has plugs on the back and the cluster is all one piece, so you have to replace it all but the panels are held in by screws its fairly easy a couple place are alil hard to get to.
  • matt9851matt9851 Posts: 2
    well if you can jump start it and drive it should mean the alternator is working also if you want to test it just get it started and remove the positive from the battery if it dies bad alternator if it stays running then its good.
  • @matt9851:
    actually, in a 1996 rodeo, I ended up removing the plastic bezel that surrounds the instrument panel, a few screws to remove the instrument group, disconnect a few wiring connections and the speedometer/rpm gauges comes out of the dash.. there are two bulbs that light up the speedometer and rpm areas as well as several t1 size lights that light up each gear . the large ones are common lights and i was able to buy those. I ended up moving the t1 from the 1st gear position to the D position. I will never need 1st gear that I would have to worry about it being there or not..

    so all the lights I need are working ...

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