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2009 CTS



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I have no noise at all in my transmission....non DI, RWD.....11K on my 09
  • srushingsrushing Posts: 37
    No wine for me either (2009, Black, Std engine). I do sometimes have a faint rattle in the passenger side seat belt assembly, but otherwise, all is quiet.
  • joey245joey245 Posts: 9
    i have an 09 cts,bought it dec 29th.08 and it has about 1200 miles on it now.
    i have no whine in first has the direct injection 3.6 engine.
    there is a rear end problem in some of the 2009,s and i think the late 2008.
    over 40 mph i was getting a pulsating feeling in my ears. i thought my dealer would think i was nuts when i told him about it.
    his reply was,"we know all about it. there is a soundproofing kit that needs to be installed around the rear end." they also re aligned the rear axle and the sound is gone.
    my only complaint is the climate control, and i am making an appointment with another dealer next week to try and resolve that problem.
  • ramjet22ramjet22 Posts: 3
    cadi put in insulater kit on my 2009 cts awd di., vibration between 40-60 mph is now gone ,dont know about higher speeds caint do in my area, ramjet 22
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Thanks for the response from you and the others. I needed to know if this was true through the line or if it were just mine. If this was just a characteristic of all of them, I was not going to pursue warranty. Now I will.
  • ctsguy2ctsguy2 Posts: 19
    I live in New England, so have not had a chance to use the a/c yet. Haven't noticed the blower problem with the heating system though. Also have not noticed a transmission whine in first gear.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 317
    Posting in all caps is very hard to read. In fact, most people ignore messages in all caps, so I would be surprised if you get many answers.

    My 2009 CTS climate control fan runs fast until the car approaches the set temp. Then the fan slows.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 317
    I have 9000 miles on mine. No whine in first.
  • prophetprophet Posts: 72
    09 CTS - I finally found the fix for (my) creaky driver's seat. I used leather conditioner on the leather surface that mates with the vinyl trim around the perimeter of the seat & seat back - and WD-40 on the bottom vinyl seat trim "vertical seam" where the two front sections are joined together. No more creaking.

    Good luck
  • OK, sorry for the delay..

    I tried the 60 mph test. The average mpg did say 18 to 21 mpg traveling at aprx 60 mph on a flat road. OK, well, Hmmm? I have not had a long trip with the CTS09 yet doing primary highway driving. This will be my final test.

    With about 40 miles of straight highway driving the best I have been able to get is 13.3 MPG average on a tank .(203 miles to a tank of gas - 15.25 gals)

    I live in the Boston area and if you've driven here, you know it can be pretty much stop and go driving. Since I have bought the car I have calculated my average mpg for a tank to be from a low of 10.9 to high of 13.3 mpg.

    Well what to I do now. Live with it?
    My wife drives a 02 Jeep Cherokee Larado and appears to get the same or better city mileage. It appears other CTS owners are getting better mileage, so I just want to make sure I didn't get a :lemon: .

    The sticker lists 17 MPG city. Let's say I get 12.4 MPG (conservative driving). Is this difference typical?.

    Is there anything I can suggest for the dealer to check?

    Do Escalade driver's get 5 MPG? ;)

    I think the car is really sharp, I'm just a little bummed that it seems I bought a gas hog. ;(

  • joey245joey245 Posts: 9
    i bought a 09 cts dec 29,2008 rear wheel drive 3.6 direct injection engine. now has 1300 miles on it.
    local stop and start driving i am getting 19 to 20 mpg. highway driving at 60 mph get 30 mph,75 mph highway driving drops to 26 mph.

  • ctsguy2ctsguy2 Posts: 19
    Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try at the first opportunity when the weather warms up a bit. I was seriously starting to think I was nuts, because no one else seemed to have the creaky seat issue.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,237
    I tried the 60 mph test. The average mpg did say 18 to 21 mpg traveling at aprx 60 mph on a flat road.

    Winter is really hard on gas mileage, mostly because engines rarely get a chance to warm up (and that means the oil, not the coolant) completely. I drove a car in Alberta for awhile that had an oil temperature gauge, and it can take an hour or more to get the oil to a stable temperature when it's cold out, and even at that, the oil temp is lower than when the air temp is higher, as in the summer. Add to that the fact that "winter-blend" fuels rarely do anything positive for MPG.

    I've done a fair amount of long-distance driving out here in the wide-open west and watching the average MPG number continue to go up for an hour or two on long flat stretches in Nevada, has be convinced that getting too worked up over poor gas mileage in the winter where it gets really cold is not a good plan.

    See what happens next summer on a long trip.
  • ctsguy2ctsguy2 Posts: 19
    Hey Waffleman, I live on the Cape so we have similar weather and it sounds like similar cars too, though mine is AWD. I'm also disappointed with the gas mileage I've gotten so far, but am trying to follow previous advice on here and trying to enjoy the car while accumulating more break-in miles. Hopefully the mileage will increase over time, if not I'm thinking more and more of calling it a loss and checking out a VW CC.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I also beleive regional refinery mixes of gas for winter blend also impacts mileage....wait till they switch to summer blends....last I check..there are 17 different blends of gasoline (not octane) that are blended in this country based on regions and EPA and state requirements
  • artmbgolfartmbgolf Posts: 57
    You said you did the 60mph test and talked about Avg MPG. I wanted you to also look at the Instant MPG display, while driving at steady MPH on a flat road, even using the cruise. There is nothing magic about 60, so you can go 65 or 70 also. The "instant" under those conditions, will give you a feel for what your best MPG could be.
    I have had 4 Eldorados and 2 CTSs and all got the EPA MPG with this Instant MPG test and they all would show 60-70 MPG after taking foot off the gas and coasting. More miles, summer gas, etc, will help, but it sounds like you are so far below the highway EPA, that something is wrong. After this test, you have some facts to discuss with the dealer. Talking with the dealer about average MPG and city MPG, isn't going to get much done.
    You could have something weird, like a brake rubbing, especially if it doesn't get good MPG on instant when coasting. Check your tire pressure.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    There are two things that come to mind. Are you using a gas/ethonol mix? Ethonol mix cuts your mileage and your power. When it says 10% ehtonol mix on the pump, I just keep driving. You can tell the difference in power. Also, you have a 6 speed transmission which may not be as efficient in stop and go. This is the first 6 speed automatic that I have had and I notice the difference in changes. I am not sure I like it better than the 5 speed auto '05 CTS that I had because it seems to hunt more for the right gear.
  • OK, I did actually use the Instant MPG and it read 18 to 21 driving at 60MPH.
    And,.. yes going down hill coasting it would shoot up to 70MPG on the instant read out.

    Tire pressure seems in line.

    I'm still getting the same mpg. Nothing I do seems to change. If I drive as conservative as possible, the best is 13 MPG. If I get on it and use the sport mode, I'm looking at 10 or 11 MPG.

    I'm going to take this baby back to the dealer again.
    I have notice other post regarding rough idle. I also have the same issue. For a 40k plus car, I am shocked how this thing sounds. I forget about it right up until I get out of the car while it's running. It always makes me double take and think something is wrong. I don't mean to whine.....
    I think the car is sharp and like a lot of the internal features, but I'm beginning to think I should have done more research before buying.

    I'll also try to find a gas station that isn't 10% ethonol. I haven't been paying attention to that.

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.

  • artmbgolfartmbgolf Posts: 57
    The 18-21 mpg Instant is a clue to report to the service. I don't know if you have the DI engine, but some have reported rougher idle. Does your car perform/accelerate like other 08/09's?

    It does sound like something is not right with your car. Plenty of others have reported expected EPA MPG. Stop and go driving can be bad, but highway cruise should be better than you are getting.

    Sport mode would hurt gas mileage.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Something is definitely wrong with your car with that kind of mileage. I have the 3.6 base engine and mine shows 19.8 in a lot of stop and go driving. If I were you, I would be very upset with that mileage. Is this what others are getting with the DI engine? I never buy a gm product in the first year of model production. They never have it right. This is the 2nd year of that model and I would think that they would have it right by now. I think they are going to be resistant to you in terms of really looking into this, but I would keep after them. They are going to think that it has something to do with where you are driving or your driving style. Obviously, that is not the case. You have the more expensive CTS and I have the base and I am getting that much better mileage; something is definitely wrong. I am very sorry that you are having to deal with this; it is very upsetting.
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