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2007 Chevrolet Cobalt

Nice car, however, when I go to accelerate to increase speed or to pass a car, the car hesitates a few times then picks up speed.

Has anyone had this problem? Let me know. Thanks.


  • 07cobalt07cobalt Posts: 2
    I need some assistance in figuring out the best way to change out the headlamp bulbs. I got hid look "9007" bulbs and i cannot fit my hand in the small opening. can it be done without taking the headlamp out?
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105
    Check you owner's manual. My experience is that GM usually has pretty good directions for the bulb changing processes. I don't have experience with the Cobalt, but just went thru the process with my Impala. The owner's manual provided the specifics that I needed.
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    Do you get an RPM bounce out of it? Engine basically goes Rrrr....Rrrr...Rrrr and the tach bounces +/- 500RPM's? My 2007 LS 2.2L Auto has done this since around 3Kmi. It happens when the torque converter tries to lockup under load. I haven't taken mine in because I have no check engine light and the car doesn't do it every time.

  • Brought it in to my dealer. They reprogrammed the computer as it relates to the transmission.

    Appears as though the problem is resolved.
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    Out of the 3 or so occurrences of this issue I've heard of, your the first where re-flashing of the PCM worked. I'm curious to see if this works long-term,

  • The only time mine has cut out, in any way, was when the driving conditions where to much for the car to handle, ex I was gettin off the freeway when it was raining and i just had to make the light, a 90 degree turn and i was doin bout 40 into it, the car had told me low traction, half way into the turn is when it stalled, the car took into account the speed, low traction, and how hard i cranked the wheel, and cut the gas before i lost traction
  • bws10bws10 Posts: 4
    you have to take out the headlamps there is no other way.Its not hard though just refer to your owners manual.
  • bws10bws10 Posts: 4
    i have a 2006 SS i have the same problem when i accelerat it hesitates for a few seconds then makes a reving sound then the speed picks up dramatically
  • bws10bws10 Posts: 4
    i have a 2006 SS i have the same problem when i accelerat it hesitates for a few seconds then makes a reving sound then the speed picks up dramatically
  • Well it looks as though the dealer knew what he was doing. I have gone thru various scenarios since they did the reprogramming of the computer and she runs like a top. I guess on these newer cars everything is programmed into a computer.

    Might want to try your luck at the dealer. Took less than a hour for me.

    Good luck.
  • Yes You do have to take the whole headlamp out it is not very hard.You have to take out the to hex screws and pull out on the front fascia,it takes a little wiggling to pull the headlamp out.This should all be in your owners manual. Hope this helps.
  • cobaltkencobaltken Posts: 21
    Can someone tell me where GM is hidding the turnsignal flasher unit on a 2007 Cobalt SS Supercharged? I put LED taillights on my cobalt and the turnsignals are flashing to fast now.I have read in other forums to change the flasher unit but I cant find it. HELP
  • There is a panel with all the fuses and flashers located on the passenger side of your shifter console, next to where your feet go. It has two clips on the bottom. Just give each bottom corner a tug and they will unsnap. Once bottom is it will simply slide dowm and away. Not the usual place for fuses and such.

    You may need a resistor for each taillight to slow down the flashing, instead of a flasher.
  • rabradirabradi Posts: 2
    i have had my cobalt for 3 years now and since day one the fuel consumption has been horrible. I fill up alot i get 160 to 170 miles per tank which breaks down to 14 to 15 mpg. I have had it at the dealer so many times i just hate going anymore they have replaced fuel pump, fuel tank, evap lines, gas cap. I only have 35k on the car and at first they told me it was normal you get better down the line but still is real bad mpg i do hwy and city driving and i do feel a slight hesitation while sitting at red lights and a few times the car stalled. I bought 2 cobalts the same day and the other one got around 300 miles a tank with about 27 mpg and my brother beats his car. Is there any one else that has had this problem or no a real fix maybe im tired of putting $90+ a week in gas in my car.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello Rabradi,
    I am from GM Customer Service. I apologize that you are experiencing and issue with your vehicle. Can you please email me with more information about your situation so that I can look into your situation further? You can get my email by clicking on my name. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • ecorlissecorliss Posts: 4
  • Another possibility is that the computers in the car are messed up for some reason and your mixture is off. That's definitely what it may be. That can be a number of things, though, so idk. I would test injectors, replace plugs and wires, and ohm/volt the different connections to wiring harnesses.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello Ecorliss,
    I apologize that you are experiencing a concern on your vehicle. Have you taken the vehicle to another GM dealership for a second opinion? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • 07_cobalt07_cobalt Posts: 4
    I have an intermittent issue with my Cobalt. It's become more permanent than intermittent recently. The turn signal used to click, like any car, when it is activated but that annoying click click click to let you know it's on does not happen anymore. The turn signals still function perfectly aside from this. After this had gone on for a few days off and on, I noticed that the speaker in my driver side door did not work. Now, I listen to music pretty loud so I thought I blew the speaker. After a couple days of trying to figure out why it was working sometimes and others not, I realized the speaker is dead at the same time the signal doesn't click. Also, when this is happening, the ding that lets you know your keys are in the ignition when you open the door does not ding. I think it may be wiring but I'm really not sure and really don't know where to start. It seems like if it were a fuse that it would just blow and none of it would work til I change it, instead of sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

    So, to summarize:
    annoying turn signal click doesn't click
    ding when the keys are in the ignition when the door opens doesn't ding
    driver's door speaker does not work
    this intermittent although it is becoming more permanent

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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