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Isuzu Rodeo No Start Stall Idle Problems

hagasnhagasn Posts: 2
howdy. the 2.3 engine in my 91 isuzu stalls and idles bad. iam the original owner and have over 177,000 miles on her. i have just recently replaced the spark plugs & spark plug wires, coil and fuel filter trying to fix this. prior to this problem she ran fine (perfect). less than a year ago i had stalling issues and replaced the distributor cap and rotor along with the fuel filter and ignition coil. i have also just cleaned the EGR valve (dirty) trying to fix this problem. im holding off on buying parts that will not fix the problem. any advise that helps is welcomed. thanks in advance.


  • oops. i have also changed the PCV valve trying to fix this idle problem.
  • Hello,, I had a check engine light on my 2000 isuzu trooper where the code fault mark the EGR valve that i replace fixing the fault. Now, 3 weeks later is stalling when stop and or in "park". While running and normal speed works fine but the check engine light flashes on and off .The code marked is PO405 and PO300. Could this be another faulty sensor or does the coil or Spark Plugs needs to be change?
  • mbentsmbents Posts: 4
    There is an ignition sequence that will help reset timing. You are supposed depress the accelerator slightly while starting it. Let it run for three seconds and then turn it off. Leave it off for 10 seconds, then restart. I did this and it seemed to help. Once I pulled the fuse for fuel system and started the car, but not sure if that helped reset or not.
  • my 1994 rodeo would bog down ans black smoke would flow out and i noticed where i parked would have black soot particles on ground,one night it was hesitating real bad and the next morning it cranked,ran like 2 seconds,died and never ran again,there is a fuel smell in the oil as well...HELP
  • got an initial idling problem. 6 cyl 2002 Rodeo. When cold, it won't stay running until I restart 4 or 5 times. Check engine light is on.. faults that showed were EGR and O2 sensor. Runs fine when warm. Any ideas? I don't want to just start replacing parts I don't need.
  • i cant remember if its throttle body fuel injection,so if it is you might want to check the iac[idle air contol] might be dirty with carbon,or need replaced hope this helps.ihis is for the 91.the newer ones with multiport will have the iac also but will give a code for it
  • I just bought myself a new toy a 1992 trooper. it had some problems but it was so low on miles i had to take it. 112k miles. I changed the plugs, oil air filter, most of the vaccume lines, fuel filter, checked most sensors the seem to work, ran sea foam through out entire vaccume line system and break booster line, I think the IAC VALVE could be bad. The problem is when I want it to start I have to really be on the peddle in order for it to start. once started it runs rich a little bit of smoke and then has a fluxuation in the idle between 800rpm-1200 rpm's. ANY HELP PLEASE thank you
  • ok ive changed plugs,plug wires and plugs are only 6 months old.Changing the plugs got the rodeo to where itd crank but its doing as it did before it died,it will bog down and barely go,then check engine light comes on and it runs great,im thinking its cutting something off by default,then when it comes back on it starts messing up again.Does anyone know if im on the right track in thinking its fuel pressure regulator problems?ill change oil next cause i do have the fuel smell in the oil,hence the black smoke from exhaust
  • My Isuzu rodeo died to day while I was driving it. I was driving and the rmps dropped to 0 it is a manual tranny. A fried said it sounds like the fuel pump. It sounds like it wants to start it just doesn't. Does anyone know what it could be if so PLEASE give me a little insight...
  • okmech1okmech1 Posts: 19
    Fuel pump is a good guess, if you turn everything off - radio, fan, etc, when you turn the key to 'on' you should hear a low hum/whinning sound which is your fuel pump. If you don't hear anything at all, chances are it's the pump, or at least a something in the power circuit of the pump.
  • my 97 rodeo 4 cyl idles rough ,exhaust also smells bad , i can spray carb spray on the map sensor and it smooths out ,seems to have plenty of power and only runs bad at idle
  • mrmouse3mrmouse3 Posts: 4
    I have a 95 GMC pick-up with a 305 engine. I just now put in a modification to run my truck on HYDROGEN (water). How can I adjust the MAP SENSOR so I am getting less gas. The HYDROGEN combined with the gas almost double the octane so I now need less gas to the engine. Is there a MAP SENSOR that you can adjust? I need to fool the computer so I can tell it that the engine is running to rich.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    This may help: Hydrogen Injection Kits

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I just towed a friends 95 Rodeo to my house. This is what he told me. He was driving down the highway and all of the sudden he started to lose power. He would press the accelerator but nothing happened. He finally coasted to a stop and then the vehicle died. He was unable to get it to start after that.
    1. I have tried jump starting - that did not work
    2. All lights - both interior and exterior work w/out having to be connected to jumper cables
    3. The vehilce was completely out of oil when I checked. Took 4 quarts to almost fill
    4. I don't think it is the battery or alternator.
    5. The only thing I can think of is:
    a. The starter is bad
    b. He drove the thing dry for too long and locked up the engine.

    Any suggestions? Agree or disagree?

    Vehicle has leaked a lot of oil since I got it home two nights ago.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    If your friend is lucky then his gas gauge isn't working and he's just out of gas but the fact that there was no oil is not encouraging.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • The issue is the engine won't even attempt to turn over. Even if he was out of gas wouldn't it at least try to start?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Even if he was out of gas wouldn't it at least try to start?

    Of course. So we can now rule that out. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • relay relay relay. the same exact thing hppened to my mom. i thought feul pump, then i thought feul pump relay, and after that i looked at the relay just to the left of the fp relay and saw ithink its the cpm or something relay, but i changed that and it worked fine. almost guarantee thats your problem.
  • cbuckleycbuckley Posts: 1
    My Rodeo wont start. When I turn the key, everything lights up but engine doesnt turn over. I checked the battery, good. The starter,good. And replaced the ignition switch and still nothing.
  • 92 Isuzu Rodeo wont start. Fuel filter, pump, injectors & plugs OK. No electric to fuel injectors. Will start when fuel is poured into carb but wont stay running. Please help me out here. Hubby is going in for a bad surgery Friday and we need this fixed and gone. He has tried everything he can think of. Is it the ECm or computer? How do we know? Do we need to reset the computer? If so how do we do that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
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