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2008 Chevrolet Cobalt



  • I have had the car in service since April of 2008. Its first date of service was the Thursday following the purchase. The car had been leaking oil which I didn't notice til I got out of a class during the middle of the afternoon since most of my classes were over in the evening after leaving the car parked I couldn't tell what was under the car I would see large puddles and thought someone might have dumped out a cup or a bottle I do live in a college town after all so its not impossible. I called the dealership that day I saw the brown liquid and was told I "have nothing brown colored in my car". That was the guy's words exactly. Oil by chance is brown. So I called my friend's fiance who works with Toyota/Mitsu/Mercedes/Chevy/Scion and explained the problem. Later find out the car's oil pan was cracked. Covered by warranty I was forced to pay. I have went to the nearest dealers and have been refused service. I have been to over six local dealers: one here in town, one in Uniontown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Kingwood, and Waynesburg and have been told they will not work on the car because they will not get compensated for work. I am told to drive to the original dealership and have the work done there which is over 100 miles away.The fact that I asked about the incentive should be something not because I wasn't given it in the first place I was flat out told GM doesn't offer that kind of incentive. I think it is very unprofessional to tell someone without even checking if the incentive exists. The car's interior is a mess and the layout is awful. I was falsely imprisoned at this dealership and didn't know it until I had the chance to talk with a friend who is in law school here about it. I still do not get the gas milage out of the car. I hit 30.0 mpg for the second time this past Friday after driving down for service again. Mostly the highway mpg runs around 25 to 26 which is what I got driving to Martinsburg, WV when I was going down to interview for a job in DC. City driving isn't much different compared to my SUV I had before I usually get around 16-17 mpg while driving to work and back home. I normally don't meet any rush traffic as I am driving into town compared to everyone heading out of town towards the interstates. :lemon: I'm glad there are people who enjoy the car my friend's sister got one awhile back and according to her she says her sister really likes it. My cousin had one and she had occured similar problems except for the shutdown and starting issues I face. She traded the car a few months later for something else. So its not alot of sour grapes but a scorned customer. I think everyone has their own experience with cars and I got the bad luck of the draw and I have a car that cannot be fixed locally, where the warranty is of no use, and customer service with the company is awful.
  • I need to get my hip waders on now.
  • "Covered by warranty I was forced to pay"

    "I have went to the nearest dealers and have been refused service."
    And you're in school taking...English grammar?

    "I have been to over six local dealers: one here in town, one in Uniontown, .... and have been told they will not work on the car because they will not get compensated for work."
    That's nonsense. Any Chevy dealer will do and get paid for Chevy warranty work.

    "My cousin had one and she had occured similar problems"
    How's that English grammar course going? Oh, I forgot, it says you graduated. I guess what they say about college degrees these days is true. They're not even worth the paper they're printed on.
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    A large national newspaper would like to speak with consumers who decided to downsize their vehicle. The vehicle size does not matter, as long as its smaller than your previous vehicle. If you have switched to a smaller vehicle, please respond to with your daytime contact information no later than September 15.

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  • Last time I had a car seriously flood was back in college when I left the top down in Florida on my '56 Ford convertible. Easy to fix the problem though. I just drilled a hole in the floor.
  • I repeat - THE CAR IS UNDER WARRANTY. ANY Chevrolet dealer in North America - at least in Canada and the US - is required to fix warranty problems regardless of where you purchased the car. You have a customer service number for Chevrolet in your Owner's Manual.. Use it. Frankly I don't believe your story. I have owned scores of cars under warranty in the last 40 years and each one -from Chevrolets to Audis to Jags to Cadillacs - can recieve warranty repairs at ANY authorized dealer for that make.. The fact that you are unhappy with your car has no bearing on the fact that you can recieve warranty service from your local Chevrolet dealer. Regarding the cracked oil pan. I'm not suprised that you had to pay to replace it. What did you do, drive over a curb?
  • Does the back seat fold down in the Cobalt LT coupe?
  • No I didn't drive over a curb. I drove the car back from the dealership and was leaking since that day. All interstate driving. I pointed out it was in service that Thursday following the day it was leased. Also I have called customer service, but so far they have been unhelpful in assisting me with having my car serviced under warranty. I have been told that each dealership is owned by individuals not GM. This means they can refuse any customer warranty work or any other service request on any brand of GM cars and any other make of car. This has been emphasized many times by customer service and in particular the Chevrolet Business side I was dealing with during my BBB complaint.
  • Thanks - I confirmed that today. I just bought a 2009 LT1 Coupe.(will pick it up next week). It is supposed to have a manual driver seat lumbar control. The salesman says it doesn't. Anybody know where the control is? It is supposed to be standard with the sport cloth seats. I can find the height adjuster and the seat back recliner. Also -several people have said that you can reverse the headrests. The seat belt holder is part of this headrest. Does it come off so that I can reverse the headrests? Thanks - Karl
  • This is an absolutely amazing story. You may have personal problems with your selling dealer but a Chevrolet dealer is supposed to service Chevrolet vehicles under warranty. It is true that they cannot do warranty work for other GM brands -obviously they wouldn't have the training and parts to service a Cadillac at a Pontiac dealer. I cannot believe that Chevrolet Customer Service (at the telephone number in your Owners Manual) told you that a Chevrolet dealer can refuse to perform warranty service on a Chevrolet. They can refuse to fix items that have been damaged, paint that has been hit by a hail storm, and items that have failed from neglect, but that's about all. I think that you are probably misquoting them..If this car is under lease I get the distinct impression that since you don't like it that you are trying to get out of the lease. Good luck. You will pay a fortune to break the lease but if you have lemon law problems then you have to contact your State agency that handles that sort of thing.
  • I have a 2008 cobalt and need to add some tranny fluid and need to find the plug or what ever it is that will let me fill it. I know the tranny is "sealed" but, whatever............. Does any one have, or can anyone take a pic. of their engine and put an arrow on it and say "this is the plug!" or "under this is the plug" ? I replaced my radiator and need to top the tranny off. And what is the recommended tranny fluid for it?

  • There was no need for me to buy a 2009 Cobalt 1LT off the lot during the Employee Discount Sale in September. It is the last one that I'll buy off a lot. I would have preferred to delete the stupid spoiler and the worthless remote start thereby saving enough to purchase the Pioneer Stereo which I did want. The new Red Tag Sale seems to offer just as attractive a discount as the Employees sale and you have until early January to take delivery which means that you can probably order one.
  • tcaloftcalof Posts: 29
    Sometimes you may not get as a good a deal on ordering. Usually the dealers are more motivated to move stock that they own to pay off the bank loan covering each and every vehicle that they have on their lot. I know that the big three have holdbacks that are designed to help pay for the interest on these short term bank loans. The sooner the stock is moved off the lot, the more the dealer retains as profit from the holdback.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I agree with you on that spoiler and remote start, I would have deleted them also.

    Does the Pioneer make that much of a difference? The stock Delco's are usually pretty good.
  • tcaloftcalof Posts: 29
    It's funny how some options you can do without, and others are must have. Where I live remote start is almost a necessity because of the very long, cold winters. The dealers here won't bring in any cars/trucks without remote start if it is on the factory options list. I concur on the rear spoiler. Ever try to attach a trunk mount bile rack with a rear spoiler? Ever see how much snow and ice gets frozen into those rear spoilers in the winter? The standard rear spoiler is the only reason I didn't get a Pontiac G5 instead of my Cobalt.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    We get plenty of snow where I live to. Last year was Hell, we had more than enough.

    How does the Cobalt handles in snow driving? Might buy a "coupe" LT next year. When winter season arrives, you drive on 4 seasons tires or change for winter tires? Good traction in snow? The car's ground clearance is not to low for big snow storms?

    I like the looks and performance of the Cobalt but its when winter comes along what will it be like. Need someone with winter experience with a Cobalt.
  • tcaloftcalof Posts: 29
    I leave the all season tires on in the winter. The car handles fine on ice and snow. The ground clearance is OK unless you have 8" or more of snow on the road. I live in a large urban area so getting snowed in isn't an issue. If I was a rural driver who needed to get out every day I would have bought an AWD Subaru, RAV4, or Rogue, put on dedicated snow tires, and not have bought a Cobalt or G5. For my urban winter driving the Cobalt is great.
  • No misquote there. I have spoken to both a customer rep and a Business side rep for Chevrolet both emphasized that each GM dealership no matter if its Buick, Pontiac, Cadillac, Chevy or whomever are owned by individual people that call the shots GM cannot force them to do work under warranty. Most dealerships gave me the excuse that they would not get paid for the work and that it would go straight to the original purchasing dealership not to them which I didn't understand but that was how it was explained to me at Anthony Chevrolet in Fairmont, WV which is the next closest dealership to me. The original is located over 100 miles south of me. Its being leased by GMAC so I am paying towards owning this sad excuse for a car. I again have been tracking my avg fuel mileage and so far since purchase I have averaged over 24mpg on the Highway and a lousy 15mpg in the city. That is what my parent's Explorer should be clocking in at mpg wise. It continues to shut down and die randomly so during all this snow I can't wait for it to abandon me on the roadside while I pay for this supposed free roadside assistance I was told I would have to possibly pay for if the driver asked for major credit card for the tow to the dealership, which would not be refunded.
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