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MISC Sprinter Problems (oh the list)



  • Replace your fuel filter. If engine revs fine under no load but falls on its face when accelerating you most likely have a plugged fuel filter. The yellow fuel filter light will usually come on when this happens.
    2003 Sprinters do not have a resonator. 2005 and later.The plastic part you are seeing is just a housing that holds two sensors. The resonator is attached directly to the compressor side of the turbo, its a big oval looking plastic box. Johnson Industries makes a nice aluminum bypass tube to replace this part.
  • Nah, I've owned this vehicle since for 6 years and I know what it's like when the fuel filter needs replacing. What it does now is different. Filter had recently been replaced anyway, so, that's not it. It's one of those "strange" fixes. I haven't even driven it since March 2008 when I got my Chevy 2500 truck (gas engine) that costs me almost nothing to drive. lol I calculated everything and the Sprinter STILL cost me 20% more to drive when you add up all of the expensive services, expensive parts, diesel fuel price, etc.

    I'm thinking it might be in "limp-mode" like someone else mentioned. Something computer-related is my hope. I certainly hope it's not what my Five Star Dodge/Sprinter dealer claims that it's because it was driven with a leaky fuel injector that kept dumping more fuel into the top-end. The injector has since been replaced but they claim that is what caused this problem it has now. I haven't gotten a 2nd opinion since then, so, I don't know for sure.

    Not even worried about it right now. The van is paid-off and makes for a great 14-foot storage trailer that sits in my driveway. LOLOL

    Sprinter vans are great for what they are designed to do. Heck, mine was my sole transportation for 5 years. Great vehicle. But too expensive to buy, too expensive to service, too expensive to repair, just too expensive to everything...

    Full brake job $1700
    Transmission service $800
    Oil change with fuel filter service $200

    One could buy a small used car for the cost of some of the major services of a Sprinter. HAHA
  • How many miles do you have on your sprinter?
  • I have 162,000 miles on mine. And it has been parked for almost two years. Makes for a great 14-foot enclosed trailer to store my stuff. LOL
  • Where are you located and How much do you want for the sprinter Thanks Rodney Email is.....

  • Where is it located and what do you want for it?
    my e-mail
  • ...please remember that buying/selling is not permitted in the Forums.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • ok this is driving me nuts--i will run the sprinter all day no prob -then i stop and shut her down come back in a few minutes and she won't start--no dash lites nothing--i try a few more times and it starts fine and runs fine. the dealer can't find the prob and i even changed batteries($$$$$$) and i still have the problem--like i said i have no power at all its completly dead--changed the battery in the key and still it happens
    any ideas?????

    thanks dave
  • I purchased a 2008 Leftover this summer. I bought the long body/wheelbase with duals 3500. Boy was I disappointed. I took it out on a job that required moving the vehicle every 100 feet. The doors automatically lock. with the key left in the ignition for ease of use the second key on my belt will NOT unlock the doors. I complained to the dealer on several ocassions about this and they just told me that is the way they were. The only way was to remember to hit the button on the dash to unlock each time before I got out. I fixed them!!! I find a way to unprogram the automatic locking feature the DEALER knew NOTHING about.
    Then we had the rattling caliper on the left front wheel. They told me the bracket was either machined wrong or the caliper was.
    They replaced both finially.
    There was air in the breaking system from the day I picked it up. Three times to the dealer for that one and they think they got it. ( MORONS... Air is trapped in the ABS unit from dissembly for shipping and since there was no CODE in the computer they couldn't fix it!!)
    Then we have the transmission problem.... It leaks for one. Then when it shifts from 3-4 or 4-3 there is a rumble in the driveline. FIrst time I told them about it they looked at me stupid. The second time they couldn't find a thing wrong.. ( huh, what else would they say) but it was low on fluid again.
    The Third time I took it in was DECEMBER 22, 2009. after two weeks the repaired the caliper and called saying they could not get it to make the rumble/vibration in the driveline. I was there the next day. It didn't want to do it, but I kept driveing it. Made the Service Manager go with me instead of the Mechaninc he was going to send. After about 25 minutes at 22 degrees it did it. The SM looked at me and asked with big eyes" what the hell was that" I about rolled on the floor while driving.
    Then I could get it to do it everytime it shifted up or down between the two gears.
    I am seriously disappointed in a vehicle that has promise but lacks any trust from the engineers to the dealer to service it. In My opinion the Major Problem with the Sprinter is the lack of familiarity the dealer has and the training they receive along with the fact that they tear apart a perfectly good vehicle only to have idiots reassemble it when it gets into SOUTH CAROLINA.
    There is the issue of using only a synthetic oil with Mercedes ratings and anything else will damage the emissions. This oil is anywhere from about$ 7-$12 a quart and there are 13 quarts!!
    I hold a valid PA Inspection License and have worked in the automotive fields for 40 years. GOD help us all if this continues in the auto market.
    They only care to sell at any and all costs.
    Now what I forgot to tell you the dealer still has the Van and I have not heard from them since. I pulled the tag the day I dropped it off and am in the process of putting it on a 1998 Utilmaster/GMC walkin. What a disappointyment. I really don't want the Sprinter back and for me to drive anything but a dodge that is pretty bad, but I need the room and won't buy a new GM or FORD. I dropped the insurance yesterday even though it is still financed. I don't care I am not paying payments and insurance for a new truck I can't use. So to save my credit I will make the payments until the attorney gets involved and we go from there.
    Sprinter = Lemon
    Stay Away!! oh and by the way you can check and see..... Dodge dropped the Sprinter Line and are in te process of replacing it with another disaster... a similar looking FIAT.
    Dodge\Chrysler..... a bit if advice... Copy the body. Get rid of CAN.Put a 3500 ram running gear under it and I would buy two. Especailly if they were 4WD.
    Have a Great Day! BUY AMERICAN
  • I accidentally locked the keys in my Sprinter because of the Auto-Locking feature. Had to bust the cab rear window to get in. LOL I read in the Owner's Manual though that you can disable the auto-door-lock feature. I did it to mine. No more auto-locking doors.
  • The 8th of Feburary will be week seven (7) without that wonderfuly engineered german work of art. Have not heard from the dealer for 4 weeks. Maybe the artist needs to get involved?? Meanwhile I am still making payments and paying for insurance. Spend $42,000 and this is how you are treated. I don't totally blame the dealer SUSQUEHANNA DODGE in Wrightsville, PA but gee guys, don't you have any pull with Daimler? Oh that's right, Chrysler/Dodge got the shaft with the split.
    WWII ended 55 years ago I thought, yet we are still being screwed by the nations we beat. Anyone want to discuss TOYOTA?? Does anyone else see the handwriting on the wall??
  • No offense, but, what exactly are you waiting for? It's obvious that they do not want to fix it. Take it somewhere else and spread the word - as you are doing - that they don't care about customer service.

    Complain to the high-manager/owner of the dealership. Complain and complain, in person, and be very loud and obnoxious in front of other customers. Call Dodge Customer Service. Something will get done. Sitting and waiting won't get it done, though.

    My Sprinter has sat parked in my driveway for more than two years now - for that very reason. Couldn't get anything done/resolved from a dealership and it's just too much to fix all of the crazy things that went wrong with it. Makes for a great 14-foot enclosed trailer though. The loan is paid-off though. LOLOL
  • jlo_onejlo_one Posts: 12
    Oh boy. I am looking at a 2010 Itasca Navion IQ with the sprinter chassis and mercedes turbo diesel. Listening to everyone is pretty discouraging, but at least I haven't purchased it yet.

    The motorhome is on a 3500 (it has the double rear wheels). For 2011 they are coming out with a 188hp (old is 154hp). Also will have more torque (320 vs 280?).

    Anyone here heard about the motorhome issues?

    thank you,
  • Just don't do it Stay away if you value your money and safety. You can email me direct if you want to know the specifics. I am involved in a suit with the dealer and Chrylser.
  • I'm sure all of us Sprinter owners hate to say it, because it is such a good van, as far as what is designed for. BUT the little (and big) nic-nac issues they have are just too much to bear. Mine has been parked for over 3 years now. It works great as a 14-foot storage container. LOL

    Have you guys with 2002-2003 models received the Recall notice on the Intake Manifold? I must say I am happy about that, at least. Mine needed replacing anyway and the dealer was trying to con me into a whole motor ($14,000). LOL

    There is a recall out now for 02-03 Sprinters. Complete Intake Manifold replacement! YAHOOOO!! Should help mine run better now.
  • anyone interested in beginning a class action lawsuit against Dodge/Mercedes over these pieces of junk??
  • Anyone ever try gutting the engine and transmission and replacing it with a Dodge/Cummins running gear? I would be willing to try. Then I would have 4WD 3500 with some power and none of the problems. I know the can bus would have to go and the PW/ PD and radio would have to go. I don't care about traction control or ABS so they could hit the scrap can also. I would think a wrecked 2005 3500 ram would be a good start for all that it needed. At least I would be paying for something I can use.....
  • (I have been a Sprinter technician since 2004).
    The positive battery cable is proving to be a problem with some 07 and up Sprinters. There is a crimp/fusible link that gradually builds resistance and eventually causes a no start or lack of charging. I haven't heard of one that suddenly comes back to life after sitting a while, but it's possible. Here is some text from the Chrysler document...

    "Intermittent no start due to low battery voltage/discharged battery.;1. Intermittent low battery voltage/discharged battery, even after driving for some time. 2. Alternator output, when measured at the alternator is correct. 3. Alternator output, when measured at the battery may be below normal."

    "Possible cause may be high resistance in the cable from the starter motor to the battery, caused by a loose crimp at the 300 Amp fusible link. Perform a voltage drop test over the cable from the starter to the battery while at the same time doing a ‘wiggle’ test on the cable at the fusible link. If corrosion is present and/or the cable does not pass the voltage drop test, replace the cable."

    Hope this helps!
  • I have a 2003 Freightliner sprinter ,they send me a letter and told me to take my sprinter to a dealer to change the intake manifold ,they change the manifold and give me back the truck ,then the truck start cutting out at certain speed on the highway I took the truck to another dealer to check why the truck was cutting out and he told me to take it back to the people who change the manifold be cause they screw up the truck ,I call the shop and have the truck towed to them the next day they call me and told me that they have blown my engine apart checking it out and I will have to pay to replace the motor .The case is in a lawman hand now

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