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Problems with 07 Dodge Caliber Sxt

pixiistixxpixiistixx Posts: 4
edited December 2013 in Dodge
Please let me know if anyone else is having this problem or what to do to fix the stupid thing...or rather, make the dealer fix it.

My first thought-throwout's a manual(duh) but sometimes...and not all the time esp when i take it to the dealer....if i let the clutch out and let it sit in nutural it sounds like a dang john deer green's SOOOO loud...people will actually look at the car and give me a dirty look like i'm a horrible driver...but when ever i bring it in they say that it wont do it....i had it at one dealership that put on almost 200 miles and told me that they couldn't make it duplicate...when i went up there on the weekend, when mind you, the service manager SAID he would be there, to go for a ride with me...he had gone home sick...WITHOUT a phone call or anything...that dealer ship is about 40mins away.....not we got up there and they had some kid go with us that it didn't even matter because he's just a monkey with his thumb up his...well you know what i mean....anyways...the kid said that he had heard the same thing that i was hearing and agreed that there was a problem...i found out after that he told the service manager another the like this....when it does it mind sounds like there's a marble inside a spray can and you shake it or when we were kids we put a deck card on the spoke of a bike and it would make that sound...anyways if you put your had on the LOWER bottom part of the tranny...right under the car you can actually feel it doing this...cute right? but you can also feel it in the engine and it tends to shake more then it should...

the dealership first told me that it was nutral gear rollover and it's normal there is nothing that they can do about it...then they told me that it was drive train making sounds...again normal. they had a chrysler guy come in to look at it but we couldn't meet him? we asked prolly 10 times why we couldn't talk to the chrysler rep about the car and to no ones surprise they wouldn't give us an the car started this rattle shaking sound (did i mention when it does this it shakes the whole damn car?!) it only had 1500 miles on's up to 9400 now...still...wont stop and now it's interesting...i can let the clutch out not give it any gas and it will drive in first gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear...on it's own...

let me explain this one better.
1st gear i can let off the clutch not give it any gas and it will move on it's own...normal? yes. but not up a hill and doing 10-12mph on it's own...i've never had a manual do that!

2nd gear...i can shift into second from first(not using any gas AT ALL to get my mph and rpms up) and it will still cruise along at about 10-12mph on it's own...just kinda chills and bakes issue maybe??

oh did i forget to mention...yes i did...rpm's are constantly sitting at 750 rpm....maybe MAYBE once in awhile hitting 1,000rpm....when it itself...all alone...

3rd will buck a little if i attempt this without having more momentem going...but still i can let it go and it'll drive by itself....4th gears the same

i brought it to ANOTHER dodge dealership and they told me that this is normal for ALL manual drive on their own because the engine idle has to be MY understanding it's normal in first and reverse....but i have never ever heard of a manual doing it all the way to 4th gear. the clutch isn't sticking...all the other manuals that i have driven, if you are in first gear and let it go without giving it any gas...letting the clutch out so the car gets the idle up like you are supposed to...but forgetting about the big know the one that FEEDS the car...anyways all the other manuals if at some point you didn't give them gas they would die...odd i say, yes.

then...i had to have the back driver side passenger window trim ordered and put in do to heat heat the back window (on the gate) the trim had to be redone there...and the monkey that ATTEMPTED to complete this simple..simple task that i honestly think a monkey could have done better....SUPER GLUED the window trim...(not a new window trim...the same one that was on)glued the left side corner that came off about 4 inches of trim....glued it back on.....SIDEWAYS...literally....the trim twisted so that the opening where it is supposed to be...yeah...totally open to he scratched it...they put a chip in the gate...which within oh i don't know 3 weeks had rust!...IN SUMMER....-sigh-....i have to have "strut caps" put on the back because when ever i hit a bump it squeaks like a mouse...the gate is sooooo lose i swear to *god* it's going to fall off...they attempted to tighten this to...with no luck..

now when i use the back windsheild sprayer...the front one looks like it's trying to pee...and squirts the automatic locks....gave up...not sure why..not sure how..just...gave up

my aux cable plug in is lose...i can wiggle it with my fingernail...

everytime i bring it in the stupid monkies that work there...some how....forget to put the paper matts down and car looks like a grease bomb went off and i have to ASK them to frickin' clean it...okay...wait

let me explain how ANAL i am about this car...every 2500 miles...OIL CHANGE...and it only gets the mopar filter and yesssss, i know it can only have the 5w-20.

winter i'm slacking on the cleaning....badly...because it's tooo damn cold to sit out there....but durring summer...yeah we have our "bonding time"...she gets cleaned for 3 hours...each week top to bottom. EVERYTHING is removed. the back cargo area is scrubbed spotless...if for any reason my monster dogs somehow get mud into the car... every single cubic inch of that car is cleaned...if i can find one dog hair or cat hair or person hair....the duct tape comes out and i tape the whole inside of the car. it has never and will never be smoked in...i don't allow food into it...unless it is placed onto the floor matt (i keep a small rubber one in the back for fast food) because my finace wanted McD's and set it inbetween his lap in the bag...and low and behold i had a huge grease stain on my seat...which i finally got out.

there is a specific blanket that goes across the whole back inside of the car for the dogs to lay on...and if we get rain or hail? well hail...i will go sleep in the car in the car wash that's just up the street to keep it from getting dents.

it may not be that nice of a car to everyone else...but she's my baby and if i'm good to her...maybe one day...she'll return that favor...once the bugs get worked out....

now my question lol...has anyone had any of the problems that i'm facing?? with the engine/tranny/dealership....and if anyone is a mechanic..i'm not calling you a monkey...just the monkies that wor


  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    I understand your feelings re dealers and while it is easy for me
    to say find another dealer not everyone is able to or has 20 dealers
    within 40 minute drive.
    As for messing up the trim or any repair first time is an accident
    after that is incompetence.
    Your noises from clutch have been noted by others and some
    have had satisfactory resolution because they have found good
    dealerships,follow the link to see one owners resolution with
    the noisey clutch.

    Hope you get it resolved,I am at 22,000 km and no problems to date.
  • sounds like you simply have a bad clutch. If you are not recieving top quality service from your dealer you should call diamler chrystler head office, there is a phone # in your owners manual. this # is a direct line to Diamler chryster. I to have a Caliber SXT it has sqeeky shocks and problembs stalling and it is very hard on gas ( 12 to 14 mpg) they are :lemons my sugestion is to get rid of it before the warranty runs out, that is what i am going to do or maby consider trading it in on an 08 model because first model years always have bugs that need to be worked out">
  • thank you so much for both your comments...i have it up at the one of the dodge dealerships here...which i found out that two of my fiance's friends work hopefully it will get fixed...they are going to try to get it lemoned for me...seeing as how badly these little cars are dropping in price...with only 9440miles on mine it's worth about...9-10grand....considering i bought it 11 months ago for 19500...that's a horrible drop..i love the car and it's sad to think that i might not have it again :cry: ....i'm way to scared to buy another one...if this lemon thing works...maybe i'll just get another one...depending on how hard the process is...i know dodge and chrysler are pretty bad about this....but still the cali is my baby and i really miss that car...i fell head over heals for it...

    lol my loaner car is a chrysler pacifica...and let me tell you...i miss my gas mileage! i was getting like 26-28mpg city and almost 36hwy with the cali....this MONSTER it only gets like 18...but i love the in minnesota kinda makes awd a blessing...i guess you have to chose your poision....gas mileage...or awd? considering my drive to and from work is only like 20miles a day i guess gas mileage isn't that big of a deal ya know?

    thank yo uagain, both, for being so helpful ;)
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    Well I am glad you found a dealer with possible allies on the inside.
    Over the years I have bought many new cars and it is common for them
    tto lose 2000-3000 dollars right of the lot and then the same in the first
    full year after that.
    If you paid $18,000.00 after a full year I can't see it being worth less than
    $12,000.00 in a private sale unless it was abused or as it happens had
    a bad service history.
    Anyway good luck hope you resolve your problems.
  • i no longer own the caliber...i traded it i think a week ago now...yeah a week ago...we have friends that work at one of the dealerships here and they apologized for not knowing about my car having been in there shop...i'm sure it was a :lemon: but that's okay it's off my hands now thank god...they gave me 14k for it which was insane because they don't sell for that up here....i ended up getting an 06 chrysler pacifica...and besides the gas mileage drop..i love it! i'd never ever go back to the caliber again...sad to say cause it was a fun little car :P
  • You can also look up the lemon laws in your state, follow the instructions and possibly get a new car or your money back.

  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    Yes if your are a disgruntled car owner in the US you have the lemonlaws
    to fall back on,however in many parts of the world there are no such procedures
    as that set in place.
    In Canada we have an arbitration process(which I have never used) that
    supposedly is open for that purpose.
  • While driving my Caliber home from work, my transmission overheat light came on....I pulled over to check the said the light will come on when driving in extremely hot conditions...only problem was that it was 3 below zero at the time! The light went off and I was able to limp home....10 mph....I had it towed to the dealer and am told the CVT is toast...I have 49,300 miles on my caliber...and have always maintained it is out of warranty, but I did purchase an extended warranty thru CNA. CNA is flying an inspector in to certify the CVT is shot and to authorize a replacement, in the meantime they are paying for a rental car for me. My dealer has never seen a tranmission melt down like this one did! I will let you know how it turns out!!! :sick:
  • I'm curious to know if it started making "chirping sounds"...I have chirping noises coming from the side of the engine that houses the CVT. I don't want to take it in unless I have to...anybody have any ideas? I only hear thiese noises when the engine is idling below one thousand rpm's.
  • Mine made no unusual minute everything is good...I am clipping along at 60 with the radio on...then, the transmission overheat light comes on and I can't make more than 25 mph.....I am on a couple of the caliber forums...I have found two others with the same problem....both were at about the 50,000 mile mark...but, there are several calibers out there with more miles and zero problems....just luck of the draw I guess!!
  • I've just read in a few articles online that u r supposed to take the car in every 15K miles and get the fluid checked in the CVT. It's green colored and runs about $30 bucks a quart! *OUCH*. The dealerships are supposed to have special dipsticks to check the fluid levels. I may get this done tomorrow and see if the fluid may be low before I burn something up.
  • :lemon: ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: "Stephen Densmore"
    Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 15:42:37 -0400
    Subject: Re: [ Forums] New message in Problems with 07 Dodge Caliber Sxt
    I am currently having the same problemb with my caliper. I took it to the dealer but they refuse to admit that there is a problem. the check engine light is coming on about once a week now and when it does the engine will not rev above 3500 rpms. I have taken it in 5 times now but the dealer which is Moffet Dodge Chrystler ,, in St Stephen N.B Canada only resets the computer but they will not tell me what the problem is . I think that the calibers are junk and chrystler is hoping that the engines and transmitions will last untill the warrenty expires then its not there problem i am certain that if there was no warranty that they would find the problem..I will never buy another chrystler as long as i live! Infact I am Comsidering geting 2 big magnets for the side of my car with the word "LEMONS" writen in bright yellow letters and advertise that for chrystler...

    On Feb 7, 2008 2:16 PM, Forums wrote:
  • i'm really sorry to hear abou old is your car...? they would only give me $9600 for mine and it was 11 months old with 9600 miles on it or so...i miss the car because i thought it was really nice looking...but after like 2000miles it started to turn into a rattle i'm glad to say that i am rid of it!

    i ended up geting -slaps forehead- a chrysler pacifica...but so far so got...i honestly LOVE this's a little bit of a gas hog...but it's a lot bigger...and for the one little simple fact that i have two big dogs(german shepherd/wolf hybird and a pure bred husky) i needed something bigger than the caliber....a lot bigger...i'm made at myself for going with another chrysler car but so far so good...i've had it a month and nothing...the caliber was acting up at it would have been about 2 months to 2 1/2 months old...the pacifica's an 06 too and it had less miles then my car did ! the lady that owned it was a doctor...she traded it for a 08 chevy equinox...not a big fan of them i drove the 05 or 06 equinox and hated it! water stained the seat....not a very nice car...the dash was really odd too..

    hope you can find some luck with your cali...maybe you should dump it too like i did :P

    good luck! i hope it gets better! :blush:
  • Has anyone had problems with thier CV Joints. My car has been making off and on grinding noises when I turn the steering wheel since before Christmas of 2008
    Took it to the dealer and they told me they "tightened up some loose bolts" Exactly a month later its back and worse. Monday they put it on the hoist and the mechanic told me they are replacing both axles! Figures its a cold issue....something to do with the grease not circulating in the CV joint....
  • i had the same problem with cv joints in my '08 caliber. The dealer tightened the bolts about a month after I bought it. Since then I haven't noticed problems with them, about 5 months now.
  • djl5djl5 Posts: 1
    My horn no longer work. I thought it was a fuse problem, but it's not. I brought the car in 9/2007 & no longer under warranty.
    Any Suggestions?
  • Took my Caliber in to the dealer and they replaced both axles! Told me it MIGHT fix the problem but he was not sure, and if it got cold again, noise may come back due to the grease not distributing correctly?? Told me to bring it back again if noise continues as it is all warranty work.....
  • Last December, I bought a 2007 Dodge Caliber. I have had no problems with it unitl recently, it statred making noises and when I took it to the shop, they said my alternator was bad and needed replaced. The caliber only had fourty-seven thousand miles on it. Needless to say, the part alone was not cheap and where I live no one had ever seen an alternator look like the one in the caliber. The part had to come stright from the factory(which took like a week and half to get) Then we had to pray, the mechanic didn't screw it up. :( The factory did how ever take the broke one and gave us a refund, but it wasn't close to what we paid for it. Go Figure!
  • Having the same problem with mt 07' dodge calibar. Does anyone have any idea of the part name or number fro the alternator? If you don't mind me asking aprox. how much did you spend to repair it and do you think it was worth it? I'm behind in my payments, insurance and registration , I'm not sure if i should fix it or not. I don't even know if I can trade it in. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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