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GMC Envoy instrument panel problems



  • ksatc1ksatc1 Posts: 4
    Took my envoy in at 34,000 prior to the the warranty run out at 36,000. When I was getting a fuel light when I shouldn't have. The light would go off occassionaly and work correctly most of the time. When I took it to GM the found nothing wrong. Now I have all sorts of issues. Speedometer, Tach, occassional battery light, occassional gas light. So what do you think the problem is and was at the time I took it in. Whats the odds of GM taking care of this?
  • In Dec 2007, my vehicle started accumulating water above the headliner. After a day of sitting in the rain, I noticed upon moderate braking a small water fall coming from the front of the headliner on to the dashboard. At the dealer, they checked the drains were open and the sun roof was closed and sealed. After five days of water checks they thought they had found the leak above the headliner in a seam in the roof. They sealed this and it still leaked. After another week, they finally found the leak in the track assembly where 2 factory rivets attached the drain rail to the frame assembly of the sun roof and were definately causing the leak. The service manager told me the only way to fix the problem would be to remove and repair the entire assembly which would cost about $1300. After the initial shock, denial and anger, I concluded that this was truly a factory design screwup. The service manager agreed and further stated it would only be $1000 to buy and install a new assembly. After numerous calls to GMC and further coordination with the service manager who went to bat for me, GMC agreed to send the dealer a new assembly complete with glass (even though the warranty had run out on body failures) at no cost as a factory warranty repair. I did suffer a lot of grief because of repeated attempts to fix the problem and numerous trips to return the vehicle for more leak testing. So, be polite, reasonable and STUBBORN and you may get lucky. Also, when they took down the headliner and later removed and replaced the the old assembly , I took a lot of digital pictures of everything. When the one year warranty is up on a repair like this you might need the pictures for another repair by yourself. reich
  • We recently took our 04 Envoy in for this problem, (unaware of this letter) and were charged about $700 for this to be replaced. I think if the dealerships received this letter they should have paid for the fix. They could have returned the defective part as the letter states and received a reimbursement for it along with charging us, since we had no knowledge of this letter and made double. I think that stinks! I wrote GMC about this and have yet to receive a response except saying they got my email. When we took our vehicle in it had under 50,000 miles on it. I am not sure I will buy GM again. I can't believe the government gave them $$ and they still don't take care of their customers.
  • wsr58wsr58 Posts: 7
    Enough is enough, the waiting game is over for me, I will surrender today. After all this time of waiting with this instrument panel problem and the GMC dealer pretending I am the only one with this problem, not aware of this widespread issue with Envoys or any Bulletin to GMC dealers. With all this being said my Envoy will be handed over to them today for repair, and of course they insist on starting with the ignition switch, even after I have shared posts from this thread showing that the problem is with the instrument cluster. Thanks again for everyones help here, but unless someone can reply to this post within the next couple of hours with saving information, my Envoy will be enroute to the dealer, with its tail between its legs.
  • Just bought a 2004 GMC Envoy, with 60,000 miles...driving home I notice the battery light came on, and stayed on after I parked it. Also, the speedometer stayed at 60MPH. Good thing I didn't fully pay for the vehicle yet. Supposedly, this dealership will fix it, I hope they just don't rig it short term until the 3 month warranty is up. Sounds like a recall is needed.
  • I gave up on GM doing the right thing. I purchased all the stepper motors needed on ebay and now my 2004 Envoy instrument cluster works perfectly. It was very easy to do if you know how to de-solder and solder. I should have done this a long time ago.

    Note to GM- You Suck!
  • uhlixuhlix Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 GMC Envoy with pretty much the same problem that everyone else on this thread has. The gauge in question for me is my oil pressure gauge. I have a friend that is an accomplished mechanic and has his own garage business so I'm thinking of purchasing the instrument cluster from ebay and working with him to replace it.

    My question is this. Does anyone know where there is good documentation for replacing the instrument cluster? I'm sure we could figure it out ourselves with some investigative work, but any information that any of you can provide for doing the job would make it that much easier and quicker for us.

    Thanks much!
  • My 2004 XUV has a pegged oil pressure gage since last year and then last week the speedo was saying 60 when i was parked. It took 2 days for the speedo to return to normal, but don't know if it will haooen again. With 50k miles it out of warranty, but was is up with GM fixing the problem for free.
  • I am unclear, is GMC willing to fix this problem or not? I have a 2004 Envoy XL and I have no idea what to do. Can I get some more information on the stepper motors you purchased. thanks
  • I visited my local GMC dealer with a copy of letter by Knockster dated 10/2/08. I was given by the service advisor a copy of GM bulletin #07187B that does not have Envoys currently included in this repair program. He can only provide repairs to Sierra, Yukon & Yukon XL,as stated in 07187B. This current bulletin dated 9/9/08 replaces bulletin 07187A issued 11/07. I was also told that my oil pressure gage problem can be due a bad sending unit.This does not explain the irratic speedo problem that re-appeared after self- correcting.I am not the person who purchased and installed the stepper motors etc but have the ability to solder if necessary. I would also be interested in hearing more on this repair procedure.
  • pegaleg50pegaleg50 Posts: 1
    I filled my tank up, and all of a sudden, the gas gauge is reading empty, with the yellow light blaring at me. As I drive along, the light goes out, and the gauge slowly crawls towards full. Huh? Sometimes my yellow "stabilitrak" lights come on, even though I can stop the vehicle just fine and the traction control and ABS seem to be working OK. Huh?
  • wsr58wsr58 Posts: 7
    GM is aware of this situation as noted in message #13 of this thread. GM Bulletin GMP07-174-Special Coverage Adjustment #07187. More information is available from the GM Customer Assistance Program at 1-866-790-5600. Good luck to all with this situation.
  • bfinchbfinch Posts: 1
    what gmc dealer did you contact about your envoy? I have an '04 envoy and i called the recall center and they said that teh envoy was not on the list for this recall but they would note this as a complaint. and if anything should become of it then they would be in contact with me. Thanks bobbie
  • lonealloneal Posts: 2
    could you tell me the name of the guy in wichita who fixes these. thanks would certainly appreciate it.
  • lonealloneal Posts: 2
    Ive done quite a bit of soldering. what part do I need to do the ten dollar fix. thank you very much.
  • lj09lj09 Posts: 1
    I have been experiencing problems with my 2005 GMC Envoy. The speedometer stopped working and reads 120 miles an hour no matter how fast I'm traveling. The gas indicator also stopped working and stays on "E" even with a full tank of gas. I also recently had to have the head gasket, fan clutch, water pump, and thermostat fixed at a costs of about $2500. This vehicle is too new of a model to be experiencing these severe problems. Has anyone experienced these problems?
  • Hi all,

    I have been having problems with my speedometer for the past 6 months, off and on. I finally couldn't take it anymore and decided to check the internet to see if anyone else was having issues. I was shocked to find so many!!
    I talked to GM today and their response was that Envoys were not covered under the special coverage. I was told to get a diagnostic run on my truck by a GM service shop and to have it fixed. Once that's complete I can then send in my paperwork and then they'll decide IF they want to pay for it or not!!! Has anyone actually had their claim paid?
    I know there have been a few class action lawsuits filed because of this issue. Does anyone know of one in Texas? If not, is anyone interested in trying to create one?
    I don't understand why GM will not fix the problem when they know what it stems from. It's wrong that we as consumers have to pay for any repairs out of our own pockets first when GM knows of the defect!
  • ggc2ggc2 Posts: 1
    I hope this will help some of you for this problem, the speedometer on my Envoy some times started to work from 60,went back to 40 wen I park, and finely stop working at 120 even wen i turn the engine off, then I read from this forum about the stepper motors, so I did as he say, went to ebay and bought the stepper motors cost me $35.00 + sh & han, all 6 of them and follow the replacement instructions they sent me, it took me about an hour to replace the speedometer motor and re-install the cluster in to my car and now is working fine.
  • I,m having the same problem. Did you get it fix? If so how much? On recall?
  • I also have a envoy with a speedometer issue. It says i'm doing 120 no matter how fast or slow i'm going. I have no other issues electrically no service engine or fuel guage problems. Could it possibly be a sensor or something?
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