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GMC Envoy instrument panel problems



  • I hope that the repair goes well today - please be sure to post to let us know how it turns out. If we can be of assistance, don't hesitate to contact us via email at the address in my profile.

    GM Customer Service
  • eddenniseddennis Posts: 4
    Dear Christina
    You apology is welcome, however it doesn't go very far in righting a design/procurement issue that is GM's fault. Your employer has already been bankrupt once, defrauding all it's creditors in the process. I would suggest to you that your employer is headed for a second huge round of trouble due to it's lack of appreciation for it's customers. I know it's not your fault, you didn't cause the problem, however you seem to feel that an apology is enough! I would bet that your apology was not well received by those of us who own GM products. Great customer service is the one issue that can provide repeat business. When a product design is faulty, that is not the fault of the consumer and failure is not due to use, but design! :lemon:
  • king3lking3l Posts: 1
    My fuel gauge always read empty, the speedometer needle stays over 120mph. You would think that gmc would cover the cost to fix the fuel gauge and all of the cluster problems. Since they are either design or manufacturing flaws. That how you treat your customers. I will not by another gmc car. I see a mustang in the future
  • Don't feel alone since 2008 know the feeling you have had unfortuately very same issues with my 2005 Envoy,arrived to Dealership in February 2011, requested fuel gage be check tank reads half tank then indicator lite displays empty theres fuel in tank, then reads full all of sudden out of fuel this almost caused a accident on the I-10 with my young Grand Children aboard immediatly had to quickly pull off to shoulder of Freeway. Today's drivers don't pay any attention to their driving, texting, reading their GPS screens, chatting on cell phones fortunately for us no serious mishap happened that night. Dealership stated my fuel sensor must be replaced since tank would be off why not replace the fuel pump module, ask for pricing original estimate $324.88 since I happened to be there asked for Envoy be serviced total $734.34 due. Since were on a set income could not afford replacing fuel pump module, parts & labor $800.00. Fuel sensor was replaced then here we go again fuel gauge read incorrect after just placing $40.00 in fuel. February 10th 2011 returned upset explaining my issue, Client Serv. Rep stated will check after placing on scope & scanned no problems found, best replace fuel pump gauge. Requested a talk with Gen Mgr. who happened to be out, instead of causing a disruption left dealership. Today fuel gage reading incorrectly w/indicator lite on & off, with the price of fuel today very costly fueling tank. Speedometer fluctuates works then freezes at times reads traveling over 100 mph, temp gauge reads over 180 deg, oil gauge reads overage of oil today not operating, RPM gauge reads so incorrect flucturates sporadically. These problems have existed so long GMC stated from letter sent 8/9/11 they would reimburse 50% of charges on the fuel sensor, requesting just repair the Instrument cluster. Currently disabled service connected Vietnam Veteran my Envoy is a vital part of my life, meeting all Dr. appoitments at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda Calif. Today Wife, Son are now in the ranks of the Unemployed and financially just can't afford labor & parts for Envoy, if so this will definitely set me back, so if anyone out there with problems like mine :mad: please speak out let's be heard.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning my1947pont,

    First and foremost, thank you for your service to our country.

    I'm sorry to read about the difficulties you've been having with your instrument cluster. If we can look into this further with you by setting up a Service Request, please send us an email at with more information (include your name/Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    Kind regards,
    GM Customer Service
  • mikeb633mikeb633 Posts: 5
    First it was the gas gauge that GM says is a wear issue. Now like lots of other folks the problem with the instrument panel is spreading. The speedometer sometimes sticks. Whether at a stop sign or on the freeway, the speedometer reads 45. Thank goodness our GPS unit displays speed otherwise we would have to base our speed on the tachometer. That is until it stops working. I'm going to to report a vehicle safety complaint.

    :lemon: :lemon: :mad: :lemon: :lemon:
  • alihsalihs Posts: 5
    There is no point in complaining about this issue. I sent them my info and a rep contacted me. He was all nice and tried to be helpful, at first. Then the next time he called me back he had the biggest attitude just to tell me that they aren't going to do anything for me. I had my car diagnosed previously, but he said they dont have it in their system and of course I didnt keep the paperwork for the instrument panel bc that was a while back and I have moved several times since then. Then, for my tailgate, which had previsouly been fixed on warranty, he said they didnt have that in the system either. WTF do yall have anything in the system? I also had it fixed again since then and he said that wasnt in the system, but I actually had the paperwork so he called the dealership where it was fixed to see if it was true. Then he tells me that they cant determine what the dealership prices me since they have nothing to do with it. They did give me a small discount, but he tried to say that GM gave me that discount, yet I thought yall had nothing to do with that? Then he said I can take my car back to the dealership and if it is the same problem they will give me another discount to fix it, but I just had it fixed 1 year ago so why is the tailgate not working already? GM is full of ish and I hope they go bankrupt again and my tax dollars dont help them to get out of debt again. I know I will NEVER EVER again by another GM piec of ish car and I will tell anyone that is thinking about buying one to come to this website before they waste their money. Thanks for nothing GM, yall are doing a great job. Please dont tell me how sorry you are for my problems bc you are not!!
  • alihsalihs Posts: 5
    One more thing, I asked about a recall and he said that GM cant issue a recall it has to come from some other government agency and we can call and try to get a recall issued, but it is highly unlikely since it hasnt been done yet. So we are pretty much complaining for nothing. I hope someone starts a lawsuit against this lemon lot of a company.
  • alihsalihs Posts: 5
    My tailgate wont open at all and the error message is always on the dash. How do I get it to open and fix it? No way I am going back to the dealership.
  • Attn: gmcustsvcsarah '05 envoy VIN. 52281797, 124500mi.? Davidson GM super center? My zip 13607. the fuel sending unit has not worked since 06 bought truck from father-in law didn't receive the notice for the service from him, was told he wasn't spending 1100.00 to fix in 2010, so just run 200 mi then fill up. so far that has been working until now. The engine idle flutters, and while driving, the engine randomly blinks out. While running any speed up or down hill, or in the flat. Also intermittently the check engine light will flash, and when checked on scanner it will show the thermostat code. Also was reading the forums about the water pump? I will change the pump and t stat, yaa it’s a pain (tell the engineers they need to embrace the KISS principal)
    Will I be on my own for the fuel sender & pump assy?
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning tuckeredenvoy,

    I looked up your VIN in our systems here and did not see any open safety recalls on your vehicle at this time. As your vehicle has quite high mileage, this puts it past any existing warranties that had not already expired from time parameters.

    To consider any options through customer service, we would need to get a Service Request set up and have you into one of our dealerships for a diagnosis (which would involve a diagnostic fee), and I cannot guarantee any results up front for you.

    What are your thoughts?

    Look forward to hearing back,
    GM Customer Service
  • my1947pontmy1947pont Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    My issues started in 2008 correction being corrected from previous posting, arrived to Dealership Feb 4th, 2010 not has written 2011. Currently upset received reply contact GMC on my problems 482 complaints year to date, Is GM waiting to reach a magic number one million? maybe until someone is involved in accident or even killed. Recommend to ALL contact your Senator or Congress official.Bernie "VIETNAM VETERAN' :mad:
  • I am the owner of a 2005 GMC Envoy. The gauges are all off. The gas gauge was the first to go. The next thing I knew, I had no accurate gauges. I need to know if there is a recall out there. Please help me. I did not buy my car new, so GM may not have my owner information. DESPERATE! I have purchased parts and the prices literally sent my head spinning. I just cannot afford to pay to have the gauges repaired or replaced. I have seen too many posts for this to be random. GMC PLEASE HELP!
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964

    If you wanted to get a Service Request set up with us, please send an email to that includes your name/Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership. Please also provide more details about the parts you have purchased - were they from one of our dealerships? - as well as details about any recent visit(s).

    I cannot promise anything up front, but we'll certainly look into any options.

    Kind regards,
    GM Customer Service
  • mikeb633mikeb633 Posts: 5
    There is no recall however for the gas gauge, GM has stated that the problem is a wear issue so it is not worth of a recall but they will cover half the cost to fix the gauge only. When I called local dealerships, my half ranged from $200 to $375. GM is going to shoot themselves in the foot over these issue and lose many customers.
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    Do yourself a favor, and get rid of the vehicle as soon as you can. This GM P.O.S. is wrought with problems, and GMC is not going to do a thing about them. I bought a manual at my local parts store, and combined with my general mechanical knowledge have been able to fix most of the problems myself. The instrument cluster can be fixed for about $200. There is a post in this forum with the name and address of a person that can do that for you. Good luck your going to need it. As for your plea to GM for help, I am afraid that that is all it is. As for their statement that they can not promise you anything..that sums it all up. They wont promise anything, or do anything about your problems. I too have an Envoy, and am trying to unload it as quickly as I can. :lemon:
  • :mad: Well the WAR has begun, GM best be on the run, my gun in my hand is my local Senator's MIGHT yes indeed all these complaints shall be heard clear & loud GM sure won't be proud. The word of pride once held so high is now been blown into the sky, true words have been sent replies with unjust lies, no facts all just an act. Sent one thick envelope the other day address to General Motors Corporation Detroit Mich. our remarks about their product including costs, abuse & being used of course these 487 complaints.
    My next move alert Mr. President Obama, Senate & Congress how stressed, depressed but were not going to take this anymore, yes GM did receive bail assitance who's on our side. GM sitting pretty in black soon be facing red, just fed up no end in sight until GM resolves complaints honestly right. To all here on Edmunds, write your Senators, Congress, Mr. Obama let our issues be heard..my1947pont :mad:
  • GM Cust Svc girl....
    You and your company are a joke. You should just get out of this forum because you are not going to REALLY solve anyone's problems. My 2005 Envoy's gas gauge stopped working years ago and somehow it was my issue. I refused to spend that kind of money. Recently the car died while I was driving at 70 mph on the freeway. The fuel pump went out... so I got the entire pump and parts replaced (locally I might add because it was cheaper). Which is what the GM service tech told me years ago, just wait till the whole thing goes out so you don't have to drop the tank twice. Guess what... still no fuel gauge. Not to mention my whole instrument panel is possessed like everyone else on this forum.
    GMC and the government should have done the right thing and recalled all of these years that have this obvious DESIGN problem. I have had many cars before this one and none have ever had these issues with higher mileage I might add. I got the ridiculous mailing that GM would pay for half of the repairs.. of course it had all of these parameters to meet for that to even occur.
    When it is time for a new vehicle, I will NOT be buying a GM or Chevy product. They treatment of your customers regarding these issues shows your total disregard for us. Obvious getting money from the government didn't show you humility as I assume nothing will except total and ultimate failure...maybe.
    I tell everyone I know not to buy GM due to the total lack of respect for your customers and their issues with their vehicles.
    And no, I do not want to set up a GD service appointment with a dealership so you guys can get even more of my money.
  • mikeb633mikeb633 Posts: 5
    Amen! While I was reading your post my wife called and said she just ran out of gas pulling into a gas station. Not strong enough to push the Envoy 10 feet to the pumps she is looking for someone to help her. Two weeks ago while driving on the freeway, she ran out of gas pulled over to the side and was almost hit by a semi that was half off the road (probably texting someone about another dead GMC Envoy on the side of the road). Now our speedometer works only part of the time. Are we doing 90 or 60? Thank goodness we have a GPS (not build in because I'm sure that would fail as well) so we can monitor our speed.
    Time to call my congressmen.
  • elle66elle66 Posts: 2
    Sarah: I have seen you messaging people in this forum but so far what you are offering is words and hope and then nothing. I won't give you my VIN# or anything else because plain and simple, you will come back and tell me nothing. Please let me [non-permissible content removed] about this darn vehicle and leave me the hell alone.

    Well it turns out everyone with all the problems I am having, I won't get anything for this vehicle, so therefore I will drive it into the ground and get something else. All aside from this, I will not buy gm again.

    Be safe everyone and good luck! Elle
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