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GMC Envoy instrument panel problems



  • I recently spent a bundle to replace my instrument cluster due to speedometer problems. I don't understand why GM won't stand behind this repair, when the same speedometers have been recalled on a number of other GM products. The best thing we all can do is to report our problems to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board -- they have a website that allows ready filing of complaints. If the feds get a sufficient number of complaints, they might actually act on our behalf.

    Funny thing is, on all the GM vehicles I've owned, the old analog speedometers never failed. GM should be ashamed of the way they're treating Envoy owners -- don't know about anyone else, but I'll certainly think twice before buying another GM product.
  • Mine started with the Service engine soon light on/off for about 6 months, took it in they told me it was the Crank to Cam system about $450-500.00. I told them forget it. Then I was told the Service Engine light was a faulty thermostat. Now my speedometer jerks and sometimes pegs out at 120 and stays there. My cruise control Works intermittenly this vehicle has been nothing but trouble. My mechanic calls it prosessed. If I start the car several times the speedometer drops back to 0. It only happens when I drive it over an hour or so.
    Anyonw else had trouble with Cruise Control also?
  • Did you try to send them a message to the Transportation board? I will write a letter along with anyone else on these Envoy's. The only good thing I say about mine is the Stereo is Awsome. Now that will probably jinx.
  • I have an 04 envoy where the water temp sensor is intermittently according to the code reader. I purchased one from auto zone and went home to put it in. That was a couple of months ago and I've still not found the darn thing. Can't find schematics to locate it. Anybody know where the sensor is located?
  • The temperature sensor in behind the alternator on the side of the engine.
    1. Remove Negitive Cable from btry
    2. Drain Radiator by disconnecting lower drain hose. Save it and reuse it.
    3. Remove Serpine Belt. 3/8 drive ratchet or breaker bar locates in idler pulley. Pull from alternator to remove and install.
    4. I would recomment you remove the 3/4" Aluminum crossover pipe mouning screws so the pipe can moved while removing the alternator.
    5. Remove alternator & mounting bracket. Carefull with the connector wires. They are small and fragil. A magnet wand would be handy. some of the bolts can drop. Keep ground clear also to help find them if they drop.
    6. Locate Sensor along the side of the block.
    7. Remove connector slide locking tab and then connector.
    8. Using a 18mm wrench or modified 18mm socket to allow wires not to be damages and remove.
    9. Reverse to install.
    10. Instrument Cluster gage may act funny after this. Mine did so now I have a bad speedometer, temperature gage, and the check engine light for low temp is back on.
    So, it may be the instrument panel or computer. Even though I had mine diagnoised before and the CPU is a more expensive option. I elected to do the sensor. 1 hour and $40 for sensor.

    Good Luck
  • :mad: I had a feeling I'd find others with similar problems! Good ole GM and they wonder why America is mad! They are willing to lose customers over something they can control. My 04 Envoy has similar sporadic speedometer issues, starts at 60, pegs at 120, now I've noticed my oil gauge is pegged out of range. And all this time I was glad the gas gauge was working...after reading all this I guess I can't assume that either. This thread has been very helpful and I'll be writing to the TSB and GMC.
  • Yep I know the feeling 2 weeks ago I notice my oil gauge was topped out at the max too, called my mechanic, he said it goes with the instrument panel problems. I was figuring how fast I was going by my tach, then it started messing up too......What a piece of GMC crap.
  • I have my light on the intstrument giving all kinds of warning, battery, no seatbelt and I have it on the gas light is on, the gauges all stop working then start back on their own. I took the my truck to GMC dealer in Columbia, he told me the Envoy is not on the recall list and it will cost $597.00 with part and labor to replace.

    Is there any update on whether will be a recall for this vehicle?

  • The auto mirrors do not hole the adjustment. We have to adjust them every time I start the vehicle. I have set them over and over and would like to just disable them. Any suggestions
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    Like everyone else in here, I am having issues with my instrument cluster also. My speedo is stuck at 80 mph. the oil pressure gauge is pegged completely, and the check engine light comes on at about half of a tank of gas, and then goes off after I fill it back up. I have read every post in here, and there are a couple of posts about buying stepper motors on E-bay, and others asking the same question. Where can I find them?? If anyone has a link, please share it, I have spent countless hours on E-bay, and can find nothing on stepper motors. I am an acomplished mechanic, and can easily handle the removal of the instrument cluster, and the de-soldering, and re-soldering the motors, but I have to find them first. Thanks for any help you can give.
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    Ok gang here goes, with a little back reading, and a little luck, I found the stepper motors on E-bay. If you go to E-bay, and click on auto parts, then in the search type in stepper motors, you will find them. Prices range from $2.95 on up. One suggestion I can offer is to select motors from a reputable supplier. Good luck and happy hunting.
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    I found the stepper motor on E-bay if you log into E-bay, and find auto parts, and then when a search window comes up, type in stepper motors, it will take you to many sites all of which has stepper motors. The part number you look for is 25 168. I have not bought mine as yet, as I am checking out different suppliers. The one I am leaning towards is $9.50 from Mandigital. He seems to have a good reputation for selling on E-bay, and also fixes these digital instrument panels. Good luck.
  • I am having the same problem. I have a GMC Envoy 2004. We all might want to write to the NHTSA and alert them of this "speed control issue" This may get them motivated to help GM do the right thing and recall the vehicles for this problem. Here is what I wrote: "The Instrument Panel Cluster on my GMC Envoy 2004 is defective as it is on a multitude of other GM Models between 2003 and 2005. One of the consequences is that the speedometer will not work or will report a faulty reading while operatiing the vehicle. This is an unsafe driving condition and for some reason GM has not yet issued a recall on this IPC problem for GMC Envoys of the year 2004 even though other years of this model and other models of GM vehicles have been recalled for this exact issue. Please help GM do the right thing by it's Envoy owners. We have certainly bailed them out enough. There is another potentially deady consequence of this issue. If one were to be driving the vehicle at 60mph using cruise control and the speedometer were to all of a sudden peg itself to 20mph, there would be a sudden and abrupt acceleration as the computer in the car attempted to regain 60mph even though the vehicle was already at that speed. Thank you for your time and attention to this dangerous speed control issue. Matt Dye"
  • Need to know where to write to about these GMC'S Envoy's. I think they look nice, have a wonderful stereo, comfy, but LEMON'S !!!! Oh Boy...
  • I have just had this item replaced because of the same issues mentioned here....stuck at 80mph today, 120mph tomorrow, working fine the next day, etc., for $610 (450 for the panel). I know, I'm still walking funny. Get this, I told the dealer that I wanted the old Instrument Cluster. They said "oh, that would be an additional $250 (core cost for part). I blew my top and told them that I owned the part and was not going to pay them for it. They said that this is because they have to send the part back to be "refurbished"? I said "Bulls^^t!". Finally after talking to 3 managers, they said that they would not charge me for it. Wow! How nice of them. Anybody else heard of this scam? They said that even if you were to replace an aluminum wheel, for instance, and wanted to keep the old one, there would be a $50 charge. Anyway, I also called GMC and complained to no avail. Will it do any good to complain further and hope for a reimbursement? I think I'm going back to Japanese.
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    Matt, I am Pocket, and I would love to have an address that you wrote to. I have a 2004 Envoy XUV, and I have had several problems with it. First of all like you say the speedometer, and the oil gauge. Next the rear latches on the tail gate have been replaced 6 times in the last year. GM is refusing to fix anything on this vehicle. I like you think that if enough of us complain, that maybe, just maybe the Government will force GM to do the right thing. Pleas post the address that you have written to. It would help so many of us here.
  • I have a 2005 GMC Envoy. I have had nothing but problems! Speedometer doesn't work. Gas guage has broken 3 times. We had to replace the guage in the actual gas tank. A/C has gone out, cigarette lighters short out, head lights short out, Fan has gone out twice, speakers on radio on the left side go in and out, all kinds of relays have been replaced, now......when you turn on the A/C the car dies. I will never own an American car ever again!!!! They will not fix anything or recall anything! Who should I complain to?
  • I recently had the Heated Oxygen Sensor 2 replaced. The check engine is back on. Will cleaning the throttle body and replacing the air filter solve this and allow me to pass emissions testing? Thanks.
  • I am still waiting on where/who to write to on these crappy GMC Envoy's. Also my Cruise Control does not work most of the time, once in awhile I push it to turn it on and it may work, if it does I feel privleged...
  • We'll it seems tha every Envoy owner is going to run inot the same issues sooner or later. I would suggest that the best thing we could do as a gorup (class) is organizae. Organize the letter writing campiagn to the chairman / CEO / COO of GM and also to the Transportation Board. Certainly in the case of the speed counter issue, that has serious safety implications and should be addressed by GM, but we haven't made enough fuss for them to do so yet.
    I had the fule guauge issue (which I overcame by using the trip meter until now), the gas gauge, and just a few weeks ago the speed counter, so after reading the board, I've ordered the parts and a soldering station and will do the job myself for about $200, but come out of it with a fixed panel and a really nice soldering station.
    The O2 sensor was replaced at 68K ($600), the front diff ($4000 at 80K), a front wheel bearing (400 - had to get an entire unit, the can't be changed for the normal $20 that you would on any other car) numerous front light bulbs, I think the shocks are getting to the point of needing changed. This car was bought new, and has been nothing but a money pit, but with the poor resale value, they are basicically worthy nothing second hand, I look forward to keeping it going myself until the engine gives up the ghost, which hopefully should be a while - and that will only be because I don't feel the need to lug a second hand engine out of a junkyard, not worth the effort.
    If anyone one wants to start thinking about a group petition / complaint to GM, I'm in. Maybe we can get these buggers to finx some of this stuff - I'd never by another GM vehile, ever, by the way.
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