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GMC Envoy instrument panel problems



  • epodepod Posts: 2
    I have been reading about all the problems about the instrument panel. I just had this problem with the speedometer going crazy had my mechanic check it out at first he thought we would have to replace or repair the panel but he checked a ground wire that connects the panel to the engine block, it was all corroded fix that and everything went back to normal. the mileage dropped about 300 K and everything on his instrunents showed what they should. Maybe if someone else is having this problem they should check this out. :confuse: :confuse:
  • Hi thanks for the info...I actually know I have a corroded wire from the alternator back to some where and it was patched but it need fixing...I will try that first.

  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    Did your mechanic happen to say where this ground wire was located on the instrument panel. Ex. bottom left or center of panel. Would like to know as I am having similar problems too. Also the cruise control works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't.
  • now my oil guage is all the way past 100# and bottom out at the bottom of the guage too. What a piece of work.......
  • Mine is coming from the alternator.

  • If you still have the name of the guy in Wichita, I could use it.
  • epodepod Posts: 2
    The ground wire was on the engine block near the back on the passenger side he was told to check this by the GM dealer
  • I was driving home from work in a snowstorm last evening the by-pass was not in good shape, I looked down and the speedometer said I was going 80, I had no idea how fast I was actually going. Tried to judge from the Tach, but it was reading crazy too. I finally got behind a vehicle and followed it back to town.
    Now That I think is definately a safety hazard trying to watch the road and wondering how fast you are going.
  • Well here's another issue with the 2005 Envoy by GMC, Problem 1: gas gage reads empty then moves to full, then back to empty indicator light constantly moves to various levels of fuel. Fuel tank is actually full yet constantly displays empty resulting in refueling vehicle whichs upsets family also a confusing problem and annoying. Problem 2: Speedometer needle indicator fluctuates erratically from normal speed needle indicator then displays 80miles in speed which is not actually correct miles being driven also indicator needle shakes eratically for no purpose at all.Service Advisor stated the fuel sensor supressor needs to be replaced cost $380.00 + since tank will be brought down recommended 2 replace fuel pump in case of future issues and is covered by a lifetime warranty cost $480.00 +. Being that on a set income adding also a disabled Vietnam Veteran would make this impossible to replace the fuel pump, just alone fuel sensor supessor set me back on my Mortgage payments making this a financial burden. This vehicle is my life line to all present & future medical appointments with the Veterans Hospital and their clinics.
  • My 2005 Envoy has this same issue which cost $380.00+ TO RESOLVE, reported this to the Nat'l Hwy and Transportation were not the only we must continue to report all these complaints to get our Government to react immediately, I am a disabled Vietnam which depend on my vehicle to meet appointments.
  • Bought 2004 Envoy 2 years ago with 36000 miles on it. 38000 the speedometer DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. Always going 120 miles an hour. The other day got in the car at 49900 miles Gas gage quit working!!!!! GREAT what else is next. Got told at dealer a few months ago Envoys not on recall BUT would be happy to put in new instrument cluster for $475.00. Yeah okay :mad:
  • I purchased a 2004 Envoy in March of 2009. Within three days the instrument panel went out completely. When I took it in it was explained to me that they knew of the problem, it wasn't a recall, but if you take it in to have it fixed GM will pay for it. I was told that there were two manufacturer's making the modules that work in the panel. One manufacturer's modules were bad and it would blow the whole thing out. Mine was a certified used car and I had 12,000/12 month warranty, so I wasn't sure if that was the reason mine was paid for, but then my uncle has a 2004 GMC truck and he received a letter from GM to notify him about the problem. I was mad and so I called a GM dealer in the area and he told me exactly the same thing and that GM would fix it - like a silent recall. Please contact GMC directly instead of a dealership. If they won't help, I'm not sure what it's called, but there is automotive consumer help in Washington, D.C. Please research and good luck!
  • kjcripekjcripe Posts: 2
    Advice, experience appreciated...

    About 3 months ago my speedo started acting up. Pegged at 120 or -10. That is also intermittent and seems to be effected by the cold weather. Codes showing bad instrument cluster. Ok, I can deal with that. Not fixing that now ... other issues to take care of ...

    For the last two weeks my Envoy has not started maybe 6 times. Ironically the first two times I was parked in the same exact place. The first time we jumped it - the second we did not. Full battery power - lights, stereo, blah blah blah. I came in and called a local mechanic and he asked me to go sit in the car. He told me to turn the key on but not try to start, let it sit there for a few minutes and then try to start it. It worked! So he asks me if I am sitting on an incline. He suggested Neutral Safety Switch - but cannot do it at his shop. Minimal - but a bit. EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAVE HAD TROUBLE I have been parked on a slight incline or at an angle to the side.

    My Envoy has been at the shop 1 week today. They are guessing the problems and I'm getting ticked. I have explained to EVERY shop I have called the initial diagnosis of neutral safety. You would not believe the stupid crap people are coming up with that could be wrong - makes absolutely no sense. One GM mechanic suggested i was leaving dome lights on too long and therefore running the battery down.

    Any help is appreciate.
  • wlaywlay Posts: 2
    Glad I found this information. The gas gage on my 2006 Envoy is doing exactly and one of you described, when full it goes to empty. Saw the note on the "quiet recall" I plan to visit the dealer tomorrow and ask to have the instrument panel fixed under the warranty - I lack 50 miles hitting 70,000 so saw this info just in time. I will keep you guys posted on my success.

  • My 2004 Envoy is currently in the shop now with the same problem. I am getting the same stories from the dealership. I did call the phone number posted, I am currently waiting for the Chevy people to call me back. Again, my VIN # is not on the recall sheet, but they did have some recalls on my car that they changed, like the tail light that would work every now and then, the a/c sensor for the #4-#5 speed, when you turn it up that high the a/c would kick off. My gas gauge did not work, so when I did put gas in my car, it would take about 3-4 tries to start it. My speedo was stuck on 120 mps so I used a GPS for long distance drives, but when I drove in neighborhoods I really don't know how fast I am going. Very dangerous if kids are playing in the street. Most of the time I would for get to put the GPS on because it caused a distraction for me. :mad:
  • GMC agreed to pay for the labor on my instrument cluster so got that fixed, one down more to go. The Cruise Control still does not work, so took it back to a "Certified GMC Service Shop" 2 days later. Then they said it was because my Crankcase/Cam Actuator was leaking oil and causing a arc that was causing my electrical problems and fixing would solve the problem. Well that was $350.00. They fixed it. It worked good for one day and the cruise stopped working again. It is so intermittent that it will amaze me if they can figure out this one. Taking it back today for more.
    Anyone having Cruise Control issues also??
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    I am from GMC Customer Assistance. I see that you have spoken with us before about your instrument cluster concerns. Because the issue is currently unresolved, I would like to look at your situation further. What is your GM case number? Thank you,
    Mariah GMC Customer Assistance
  • Thanks Mariah, I got the call from GMC Monday. They will not cover any of the work. I am going to have to pay for everything. I will pick up my car today unless you think there is something else to try. What information do you need?
  • case # 71-815-208915
  • Will this have my personal information on it so that you can call me?
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