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Honda Accord Problems 2000-2005

bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
edited January 6 in Honda
Welcome to part two of this lively discussion.

I wouldn't have thought that Honda Accord problems
would be as popular a topic as it has been.

Here's a link to the previous discussion:

Honda Accord Problems

Your host, Bruce


  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Many problems, thanks to me complaining all the time.

    - Anthony
  • mm04mm04 Posts: 16
    Does each door have an actuator? If so, how can you tell which one is bad? Thanks.
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    yes they do and usally the one that is making the noise is the bad one. For the most part I have only seen the drivers side front one go bad so if not for sure start there. However you should be able to hear just the one cycling.
  • capt2capt2 Posts: 57
    Has anyone been able to establish what production months the V6's with the transmission problems were made? (assuming it doesn't effect all 2000's)
  • terminalisterminalis Posts: 40

    sorry for the delay in responding to your message. My accord doesn't have "finger-print like" spots. On the left side door panels, there are small holes that seem to "eat" through the clear coat into the paint. I guess it's not like yours. I haven't brought this into the dealer's attention. As long as it doen't get worse, I could live with it. However, I agree that these are factory defects or dealer's handling problem. Maybe they sprayed some chemical during preparation. I don't know. I certainly don't buy the crap about the acid rain. Anyway, good luck.
  • terminalisterminalis Posts: 40
    Hi. I was away for a while. First, I want to thank those who provided useful info about the VTEC usage (especially auburn who provided the link to the helpful link. I read it, and I think I understood).

    Some more questions to you knowledgeable folks. Do you know how to decrease the noise coming from the exhaust? My accord makes this "boom" sound when it first starts accelerating from a dead stop. It's more noticeable on a hill. There're are actually two kinds of noise. First, the "boom" sound and, second, tickling noise at around 2000 RPM (with accompanying vibration of the car). The funny thing is that this sound-tickling-vibration is most noticeable from the passenger side, and less noticeable from the driver seat. Maybe the exhaust line runs under the passenger seat (mine is 2000 Accord EX-V6). Any thoughts?

    Well, I guess with time any car develops engine-exhaust noise, but I want to keep my car like new as long as possible. There wasn't this kind of noise when I bought it. Is there anyway of reducing it? Like a quick tightening of a few bolts or some thing? Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I have a question! My friend was cleaning his engine on his 2000 Celica GT, and I was spraying water on it. I questioned him on whether or not it was smart to spray water on the engine. That went against everything I've learned about engines. Water and engine's don't mix. Well he seems to know what he's doing, his car is immaculate, and he has a detailing business, so I went home and hosed down my engine. I have to admit, it looks great. I sprayed some "More shine, less time" on the plastics, and it's looks so good. Now, maybe this is a little late to be asking, but is it a good idea to hose off your engine every couple months? Will I hurt anything?


    - Anthony
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    I have been doing it for long time. My accord's engine is shiny too. As long as you cover distributer cab with plastic it will be fine.
  • joe111joe111 Posts: 28
    I know some people think that cleaning an engine is the dumbest thing you can do. I dissagree, I have been cleaning engines for many many years with absolutely no problems. I am careful not to wet down a hot engine and I try to keep water away from electrical parts as much as posible. I just sold my 90 Accord , a car whose engine I cleaned on a regular basis. A clean engine might run a little cooler, and it is definately more enjoyable to work on.
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    Hello, whats up.
    That doesnt sound like anything I have seen yet so all I can think of is maybe they left something a bit loose when they did the trans. If not that or you dont think thats a possibility then is it possible someone hit the back bumper and or muffler and possibly bent it,causing it to hit on accel and vibrate against the body on decel? Let us know, keep in touch with more info if possible if not...see ya
  • terminalisterminalis Posts: 40
    Hi auburn63. Thanks for your reply. Actually, someone rear-ended my accord a few months ago. It was a really mild one though. However, the noise was there before the rear-end collision (at that time, the noise was very mild and just noticeable). I didn't notice a distinct increase in noise right after the collision. I think it gradually increased. The vibration-noise comes from the front end (especially from the front passenger). Very little from the back though. Funny thing is that the tickling noise-vibration dissappears at over ~2800 RPM, and is most noticeable (I think) at around 1900-2000 RPM. Also, the "boom" sound only occurs at the very begining of the acceleration. All this vibration-noise being most noticeable when there is a lot of load (like 4 adult passengers on a steep hill keeping constant RPM of 2000). I wonder what it is. I hope it's not a tranny vibration.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Thanks guys for all your responses. Yeah, my engine is so clean you could eat off it. And then the spray makes all the plastics really dark black. I'll have to take a picture of it. :-) I really don't get it too wet, I just put the hose nozzle on "shower" and lightly wet the engine to removed the dirt.



    Maybe there is a dent or hole or something in your headers or downpipe? I really don't know, just a sugestion. I don't have any "boom" sounds coming from my V6 Accord, but even if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to hear it over my AEM intake. Has the dealer checked this out yet?

    - Anthony
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    Well it sounds more and more like an exhaust problem. Maybe at sometime or another before someone hit you someone else tapped you or you back into something.I would have them check for bent pipes I see alot of them believe it or not.If they do find a bent pipe if they feel nice they can heat and straighten vs replacement.The vibration noise at 1900-2000 sounds like the exhaust buzz complaint of the 94-97 era.This to could have been caused by the bump or even the trans comming out and it got disturb. Either way thats what the warranty is for, find some time and have them fix it. Make sure to tell them it is worse with four passengers so they can duplicate it.Good luck....
  • joe111joe111 Posts: 28
    Hey Auburn, seems like you're the man when it comes to questions on Honda's. I, and I'm sure many others, really appreciate all your help. Got a question for there a problem with changing the oil in my 2000 V6 at 5000 miles? It only has 1200 miles right now but I've heard that it comes with break-in oil and this should be used for a certain amount of mileage. I know the owners manual calls for changes at 7,500, but I change oil in both my Honda's at 5000(and filter). Thanks for your help. Joe
  • terminalisterminalis Posts: 40
    adg44, thanks for your reply. I haven't told the dealer about the exhaust yet, but I'll at the next oil change. It doesn't seem to affect the car's performance anyway. For your engine cleaning thing, I was also told by a mechanic that it's not a good idea to clean it. I don't know why, but I wouldn't try. I don't mind having ugly looking engine bay.

    auburn63, thanks a lot again for your advise. I agree with joe111 that you seem to be the guy to ask when it comes to questions on Hondas. I wish you're around here so that I could take my car to you. BTW, just curious, what's the exhaust buzz in the older generation? And what do you mean by "the trans coming out"?

    joe111, I think this break-in oil issue has been already discussed in the past. If I recall properly, there is indeed the break-in oil, but it wouldn't matter to change the oil before the recommended time. I changed mine at around 4000 miles. Auburn63 could give you better advise, but I think it shouldn't hurt the engine.
  • trip3trip3 Posts: 9
    Just to share some thoughts with those who like to clean their engines. I have been doing that on a variety of vehicles for over 40 years. When I go to the "bay" car wash, I buy an aerosol can of cleaner (it is little more than kerosene with a few additives) and spray that on the engine. Let it soak for a while while I get out my quarters and get organized. Then the engine gets the first spray so that any overspray will get washed off with the rest of the car. Has worked well, the engine has thanked me with cooler running performance, and it was cleaner to work on.

    However, the last time I took my 1990 Ford Explorer in for a tuneup, the dealer showed me that the holes in the block where the plugs go in were so rusted up that they could not change the plugs. The water that remained there after engine cleaning had really done me in. so I have bought some Navel Jelly, etc to try to get access to the plugs.

    I usually drove every vehicle for some distance after the wash to air dry the exterior and get some heat in the engine to evaporate the water. clearly it was not enough. Fair warning to all of my Edmunds friends.
  • silvercoupesilvercoupe Posts: 326
    Trip3, I do the same thing. But only about once every 3 months. Never caused any problems so far.
    I wouldn't think about cleaning the engine every time I wash the car. IMO it just doesn't need it.
  • fritz1224fritz1224 Posts: 398

  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    This was the first time I washed my engine. The car is 3 months old, and I'll only do it every three months. I use a soft "shower" setting on my hose, and I do it when the engine is cool. I also try to avoid the electronic's and sensors. When I did it last week, I don't spray too much water on it, just enough to remove the dirt. Then I "dress" up the plastics and hoses and it looks great!
  • I have a 99 Accord with 13k on it, and recently noticed that above the front left wheel body panel, and below the hood (actually it's the lip on the side panel that lies underneath the hood when it's closed), there is a panel that appears to prevent water from running into the engine from outside.

    On this lip, near where the front tie bar is attached by bolt to the side panel, there is about a 6 inch strip of very light rust, which is obviously going to get worse.

    Is this a covered warranty item?

    How can I or should I fix this myself?

    If I bring it to a dealer for repairs, should I insist on a replacement panel, or am I only entitled to some light sanding and repainting of the part of the panel that is beginning to rust?

    Is this considered exterior or interior for rust warranty coverage?

    Other than this, I like the car.
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