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GMC Envoy Electrical Problems



  • golferxgolferx Posts: 4
    Name is John, golferx is username in Edmunds. Vin #46180822, has 139794 miles, and Arbogast is the dealership in Troy OH. Hope you can help, but from the looks of the other postings, I'm not very hopeful. I called to get the date of the work done, and they actually replaced a fuel pressure regulator, not a fuel module on Sept 2011. I've had the same issue of it stopping on me while driving at least 5 times since then.
  • magenta66magenta66 Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 Envoy XL with 77,000 miles on it. The "Service Engine Soon" light keeps coming on and diagnostics tells me it's throwing the same fan code over and over and over. I've replaced the clutch fan assembly three times in the past year. I'm thinking an electrical issue is really the problem here, given the history of this make and model. Any thoughts? A sensor of some sort?
  • I was wondering if you had anymore help with this issue. I had a problem with my GMC. It caught a fire!!!!
  • I was starting to have the same problems as rooster22. We purchased a used GMC Jan 2012. Just recently we started having an issue with the air conditioner, everytime we turned it on it would say oil pressure low, check gases, the car instantly shut off, and also the service engine soon light would come on and we had it serviced in April 2012.The display in the gauge cluster immediately shut off the vehicle due to a loss in oil pressure. I checked to oil it was full. On the way home the oil pressure gauge steadily dropped from 40 to 20. Before we could get it looked at, up until Wednesday 8/1/2012 the window stopped working on the passenger side. I managed to get it up just a little on Thursday and in the wee hours of Friday morning the car caught on fire on the passenger side. I saw that the window wiring has problems from the other posts. Luckily the fire dept was able to put it out before the fire got to the house and no one was in it. We liked to have had a major loss and fire damage. Will GMC help with this situation? I am out of a car and I lost property within the fire. I am going to have to pay the insurance deductible and other costs. I am also going to have to try to get a new vehicle. I have a lot at stake here and my situation is a bit of sensitive.
  • If you haven't already contacted the GMC Customer Assistance Center, please send the following information to so we can look into your situation further: your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your preferred dealership.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • golferxgolferx Posts: 4
    Solution, I bought a new car.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    GM or ?

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  • My 2004 gmc envoy 4.2 inline 6 run really rough at cold start up. When I put it reverse gear it quits shaking.When I put it back in drive it starts shaking again.When it warms up and the engine is at operating tempeture it smooths out some but not all the the way the ac is running when I have the problem. when the engine is warm and the ac is off theirs no problem.I hope you get what i am saying.
  • I have a burned out license plate bulb on my 2002. I've removed the 2 screws and plastic cover that protects it and can see the bare bulb. It is a no. 168, which has just a glass wedge base. It "should" just push/pull with no twisting I presume. It's a tight space, and there's not room for my fingers. I have been unable to pull the old bulb out, but have been afraid to force it since it might break in my fingers. I suppose I can try again with a glove.

    Have any of you replaced this bulb, and have you had a difficult getting out the old bulb. Any tips? Should I try gripping it lightly with some pliers? Thanks.
  • pepito51pepito51 Posts: 16
    edited October 2012
    OK, I managed to solve the problem in removing the license plate bulb. It's very hard to pull out with big fingers and a tight space. It's hard to get a grip on the bulb. One thing that can help is a thin piece of gripping material--such as the thin rubber pads that people use to remove a jar lid, or a thin piece of cloth. I still had to rock it rather vigorously, but got it out. The new one does not seem to be in as tight.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
    thin rubber pads

    Good tip; I have several wedge shaped bulbs on my older van, including the license plate one (148s iirc). The exterior ones are fine so far but I want to replace a few in the dash this winter. And there's at least three of those pads in the cupboard.

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  • I have a 2004 GMC Envoy. It recently developed a low level electrical short and I cannot find it. I disconnected the positive lead from the battery. I then connected a 12v test light from the positive lead to the positive pose of the battery. The light was activated. I then removed each of the fuses, one at a time, from the fuse panels in the engine compartment and under the back seat. I could not find the circuit with the short. Is there some other place I can look?
  • We are having similar issues. Our car will not start every morning, but once you jump it, runs fine. My father is an electrician and checked all fuses and came up with nothing. Our passenger seat did not work for three years and after checking the fuses made a miraculous recovery. We just bought a new battery and had it checked as well. If you go out in the middle of the night it starts up, but lights are really dim. But by morning totally dead. I have seen several other postings with same problem, but no answers.
  • I found the short in my Envoy. Seems the gauge cluster has an internal short and the climate control module has a short. Apparently that is quite common in the Envoy. I can't afford to replace both clusters right now, so I installed a battery kill switch to protect the battery at night. The Envoy electrical system goes to sleep about 4 hours after you turn it off. With the shorts it does not go to sleep at all. I had to replace the battery also. It was drained and recharged several times and at the end it would only charge about 30%. Because the battery was so low if, while driving, I turned on the air conditioner the car would stop dead in its tracks.
  • Hello everyone. I hope someone can help. My alternator went out on my truck this weekend. I had it replaced at CityGarage. After they finished the replacement of the alternator and the hoses for the radiator the dash lit up like a Christmas tree. Their computer isn't producing any details about the error codes so they told me to take it to a dealer. *sighing* I wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue first though. The engine light is on, the abs light, the computer is displaying that the airbags are failing. The air bag codes are u100, b0100, b103. The abs module won't communicate with machine but light is on. The check engine codes are u1000, po 463c, po452b. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi everyone. Just wanted to tell my story and hope it helps. About a month ago, I took a drive with no warning something wrong with my SUV. Went into a facility, came out and envoy would not start. Showed no gas, even though tank was full and AAA said battery was completely dead. Had it towed to my local garage, backed it off rollback and started right up. Shut off couple times on highway. Finally would not start at all! Would not click, showed dead battery, and no gas. THIS SHOCKED ME! Started checking fuses. (Number 10 FUSE) under the hood, PCM Module B was partially melted. Replaced it and the Envoy started right up, registered full tank of gas and a full battery. 10 minutes before that, it wouldn't even turn over. Also there is a PCM 1 as well, #28 under the hood. Soon as I pulled this one, the Envoy shut completely down. Also just for information 4 wheel drive unit did not work all last winter. Just started going through what all the fuses said. This one was #8 under the hood. Transfer case unit. The fuse was intact but the metal was loose in the fuse. Put another one in and I just tried it. SUCCESS!!!! I spent days trying to find out the start problem. Not saying its going to take all my worries away. But 10 minutes ago, my Envoy has been sitting for days. Not registering. Not starting. Now I have turned it off and on 10 times. Starts up everytime. I googled everything trying to find a solution and seeing all the problems people are having very similar. Before you spend lots of money diagnosing , CHECK THESE FUSES!!!
  • j_engj_eng Posts: 9
    Fuses only blow if you have a short and draw current over the rated value. However fuses with a heavy load can fatigue and eventually fail from the constant expansion and contraction or at the solder joint. If there was a short or bad power module then the problem would reoccur immediately. If you replaced the faulty PCM (power Control Module) and then the fuses and everything is fine you've corrected the problem and saved yourself a lot of money. My window module burned up and never blew a fuse but caused the car's computer to shut off leaving me stranded and costing me a tow. Thank God I was only at the end of my driveway. Now the rear door lock has failed but other than that my SUV has been running great.
  • wbj2wbj2 Posts: 1
    have a 1998 starts up fine but when i drive it for awhile and stop at a stop sign all the gauges act up and it shuts off.. it wont start back up until i go out and open the hood and move the neg wire around but strange thing on that is wire is tight and no cracks the truck starts back up but still cant figure out why the truck stops .. and whats so important about the neg battery cable
  • Mine was doing the same thing. It would run and all of a sudden it would sputter a little the gauges would act up and it would die. I had, or thought I had to move one of the battery cables to make it work again.

    Check the battery. My battery would start it and run it until a little more load was placed on the battery and it would die. I checked the battery and learned it would hold only a 30% charge. I replaced the battery and it runs fine now.
  • Well here we go again time to vent. It's funny my last post was exactly one year ago this month. So on with it, cylinder #4 misfire code P304. This happened 6 months ago and healed its self before I could start the diagnosis. At the same time my oil pressure sensor failed. Fast forward to 1week ago. The oil pressure sensor is acting up again thankfully it's under warranty. The misfire has returned. I have checked the spark plug, spark plug wire, ignition oil, fuel injector and compression. Also checked the wiring harness for the injector, it's getting signal to activate. Compression is well over 120. Swapped plug, wire and coil. Guess what it still misfires, but only after driving 40 feet or so. I have checked the power, ground and reference ground for the coil and they all preform as expected. That leaves the signal to the coil from the ecu. Well GM decided it was a good idea to use a Hz frequency signal instead of a 5v or 12v signal to activate the coil (Really GM?) guess who doesn't have a digital multimeter that is capable of testing that ? This guy! So I'm at a loss as to why I'm experiencing a misfire unless the coil is losing the signal from the ecu after a load has been applied and why did this heal itself 6 months ago? Hopefully someone has experienced this and can shed some light on the problem. As for the GM rep that will probably chime in on this post no I'm not interested in taking my envoy to the stealership. I don't feel comfortable paying 100 dollar an hour labor rates for them to tell me some random crap that is not even related to the problem. Speaking of GM, they have a corrosion warranty for this vehicle. My back doors have begun to rust and I spoke to GM and they advised me to take it to a authorized repair facility which I did. After they determined it was covered under the corrosion warranty and would take a week to fix GM declined my request for rental car reimbursement. I shouldn't have been surprised! So GM will fix my car but won't provide me a rental while its being repaired! What crap lol your warranties are half [non-permissible content removed]. My cars doors are corroding and it's your fault but I have to foot the bill for a rental really? That's just as bad as the 50% reimbursement for the fuel level sensor lol I cannot wait to get this SUV running so I can trade it in. This has been the biggest lemon I have ever owned. Anyone considering purchasing a envoy or any GM model with the 5.3L motor with AFM run the other direction please !! The active fuel management system is terrible. If you have a envoy and wonder why it burns so much oil between changes it's probably the AFM system. Forgot to include this it's a 2007 GMC Envoy Denali 5.3L 4WD. Someone please shed some light on this intermittent problem before I burn it to the ground :)
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