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Jeep Grand Cherokee window regulators



  • undrsiegeundrsiege Posts: 1
    do you remember where you bought the retainer clips?
  • I didn't need any. But I got the regulator from Advanced Auto . I'm sure if you do a search you will find them on their web site. Also I remember reading that NAPA also has them. Thanks to this site I replaced my regulator for $97.00 instead of around $450.00 :)
  • Two windows just went out on my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Two windows in less than a week. I'm interested in joining a class-action if anyone knows of one.
  • Same here, both front windows last week. Both shimmed for now. What a pain in the butt!!
  • listen fix it yourself, Im 63 and have not work on my cars in years. With the help of this site and the price and web site of Advanced Auto Parts, I fixed it for $97.00. It is not hard, take your time and think when you are doing it. You do not need to get it all done in one day. Once you look see what is going on , you put some wood to hold window up. (I left two bolts in also). It took me about 45 min., if I had to do it again it would take me 20 min. I agree there should have been a recall. I did not buy a new jeep this time. :D
  • After replacing the front passenger side window regulator of my daughters 2001 Jeep Cherokee, she then had both rear window regulators go out and on my other daughters 2003 Jeep Liberty she had one rear window regulator go out. After I had the first one fixed, I had the other three blocked up until I could decide what I wanted to do. Then I found the following website: / .

    So I taped the windows up and took the three regulators out. I begin thinking of ways to repair. I went to Home Depot and purchased cotter pins (3/32 x 3/4 inch). For the Jeep Cherokee, I run a cotter pin around the cable and through the hole of the plastic nylon piece that had broke and secured it on the backside. I went ahead and put a cotter pin in the one that was not broke so I would not have to do it again in the future and just to provide a better secure fit, I put some marine epoxy in the holes to fill eliminate the wobble. Put it all back together and BINGO FIXED! Works like a charm.

    For the Jeep Liberty, the regulator is completely different. But I used the same technique to repair it. I drilled a small hole “3/32) through the plastic anchor being careful not to pierce the side that slides on the tracking bar. Then I placed the cotter pin around the cable and sunk it between the spring that covers the cable to provide the clearance I needed so the tracking would slide freely and secured it on the back side. ONCE again BINGO FIXED!

    Thanks to the referenced website. It got me to thinking and considering ways to repair them rather than replace them. You cannot just get the piece that is broke, you have to purchase the complete unit. It took very little time and effort to repair. Cost: 70 cents for a bag of cotter pins and 5 dollars for the epoxy.
  • I'm in. Today I'm replacing window #2 and waiting with bated breath for the other two to fail. I'm a single mother on a limited income (especially with the economy the way it is) and I can't afford to keep paying to replace something that they know darn well they should have recalled a LONG time ago. :mad:
  • actmiller :shades: I like your style, Thanks for the tip!! for the rest, I concur, this plan of action DOES work like a charm!

    To clarify, I did everything as mentioned, additionally I had to pop out the rivet that connects the plastic cable housing to the top of the track. I had to disconnect the track in order to have room to get the cotter pin securely attached around the cable. When I re-attached the track to the cable housing, instead of using another rivet, I used a 3/32 x 3/4" metal screw with a lock nut.

    One other tip is be generous with the epoxy.... I had to do this procedure twice, b/c the first time I didn't use enough..... Good Luck!
  • hankeyjhankeyj Posts: 1
    Hello! I, too, have a window regulator on the front passenger side go out-would you care to send us the Chrysler TN and whom you spoke to about your $50. co-pay? I am sure we would all appreciate it....thanks
  • Thanks for the idea with cotter pin( refuse to spend anymore money on this piece of crap) . I am now on my third window regulator of my 2002 Grand Cherokee. I had the rear replaced and the front passenger regulator went four days later.
  • found one of ebay for $11 free shipping!
  • my 2004 grand cherokee had same problem
    try window they had my elect reg assy for 47.89 plus 9 frt dealer was over 200.00
    ordered it and am trying to install next week using the instructions listed below for door panel removal

    does anyone have one directly related to installing this electronic window reg gizmo?

    last year I paid over 400 for the dealer to do the right front
    going to try the now broken left front myself
  • to monaclemarly or who ever has a problem with the car window
    Jeep liberty 2002 dirver site window won't go up ? it was working good before that not slow or anything like that and now is not working and i don't know how to open the door panel to at least put something to hold the window up untill i can get it repair $
    how do you hold your window up ? could you help me please ?
    thank you
    note: some people think is a fuse ?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    to hold the window up i went to walmart and got some suction cups that you use to hold things on a window in your house held window up wet cups stuck to inside of window
  • Major problem I had was the cable inside the motor drum had jumped the track and had to be rewound. Another problem was compressing the springs on drum enough to get the cable back on the pulleys which required wrapping bailing wire around the ends of springs and compressing by twisting the wire with a needle nose pliers. Sure glad this info availiable it helped a bunch and aved major $$. Thanks Gary
  • I've had both front regulators for my windows go out this past year on my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The dealership wanted over $ 500.00 to change one out.
    Thank god for Ebay! Found new window regulators for around $ 60.00 and replaced myself.
    Dealerships are now like Jewelry stores 300 % markup or more!
  • I am interested in a class action law suit. I have three windows so far down on my 2003 Jeep. replace one at 500.00. Two still down, wedge them up with rubber door stops.
    contact me at
  • reginamreginam Posts: 1
    Yes, we need a class action law suit or a recall to replace the window regulators so they do not break again. I've fixed all 4 windows some under warranty and some at my own expense and they are starting to break again because my daughter had to open the windows once the A/C failed. Prior to that we told her to keep the windows up as much as possible!
  • Driver side door - no power windows, mirror, or locks. Passenger door locks work,windows don't work.
  • Yup, same thing just happened to me this weekend. My mechanic quoted me $338 to fix it. Think I'll try fixing it myself with an after-market regulator. Not at all happy to find out it's a known problem and Jeep won't do anything about it.
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