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Jeep Grand Cherokee window regulators



  • I replaced the battery in my 2006 GC and afterward, the driver window would not go up. It went down fine and all the other electrical devices worked fine. Took it to the dealer, they hooked it up to the computer and recalibrated it for $36. Works fine now (about a month later).
  • Driver side door - no power windows, mirror, or locks. Passenger door locks work,windows don't work. Interior lights stay on.

    I worked on my jeep today and it turned out to be two broken wires where they go through the boot into the dash spliced them together and everthing works so this may be something to check.

    thanks Mike2633
  • Add my Jeep Grand Cherokee to the list. I'll sign on for Class Action. Driver side failed. Motor works but window only goes up and down 1 inch. Cable feels OK so I guess the problem is in the regulator and that I need a new regulator. Is this correct?
  • The problem is that one of the wires between the door and the car have broken. Peel the rubber gasket back in between the door an the body of the car. You will see a bunch of wires. Look very close & you'll see a thicker black & a thicker orange wire. One or both of these wires is broken. You just need to add a piece of wire to splice.
  • Received letter today from Chrysler that WIndow Regulator Warranty on 2007 Liberty has been extended fto 7 years from date car was put in service.
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