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Nissan Altima Hybrid Engine Questions



  • tomscot2tomscot2 Posts: 33
    Last July 2010 my 3 year old 2007 NAH started having intermittent start problems. You had to really mash on the brake pedal to get the Ready light to come on. When the following the car home one evening, I noted that the brake lights were not coming on. I realized that the problems were one and the same.

    I took it to my dealership and they adjusted the brake switch.

    9 months later the problem came back. This time when I took it they told me that the switch could not be adjusted and that Nissan had issued NTB10-139 suggesting replacement of the both swtich and the harness sub-assembly. This cost my $430. I had to get done because you can't drive the car with no brake lights.

    I think Nissan should have covered this because you don't know that your brake lights are not working. It is a safety issue.

    Tom Scott
    2007 NAH with Tech Package
    Mileage as of today: 55,800
    Average MPG Computed: 32.8
  • shelsonushelsonu Posts: 6
    Update: After about $5500 worth of work detailed in my last post which was covered under warranty. I still have the same noise issue. I have returned the vehicle back to service department and now have then replacing the fuel pump and the CVT transmission... I almost have everything new under the hood. Let's see when i get it back if it still makes noise. I have my fingers crossed.
  • popny85popny85 Posts: 15
    When did you start to notice the infamous noise??? I'm curious, because it's looking like it may be a common problem, however, I don't seem to hear it yet My NAH is about 1 year old and with 7500miles 09MY. I'm hoping that frequent oil changes with synthetic Mobil 1 0W20, every 3 months, and using BP with Invigorate, as they are the only company around me that adds their special detergents to 87 Octane gas (I know, but who knows, maybe it does actually clean the engine) as a way to prevent buildups? However, every 3 months at 0W20 is getting kind of costly, and will probably switch to 5W20 or 0W30 which they say is also approved in the manual.
  • I'm having the same problems with my cylinder 3 misfiring. What type of lawyer did you hire?
  • matt4646matt4646 Posts: 2
    I have a 2010 Nissan ALtima Hybrid that i bought in August. I did my first oil change as instructed at 3,750 miles or about 3.5 months. I live in the city so I do not use it that often so I am just passed 6 months, but I only have about 5,500 miles. Do I still need to do an oil change to keep up with the warranty or can I do it at 7,500 miles. The manual says 7,500 miles or 6 months?
  • debbie49debbie49 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem last week. The car has done this intermittently so of course it never gets addressed until you are stranded and have to be towed and then pay to have something fixed that should have been fixed before! Even though there is a service bulletin on this issue there is no payment for the repair necessary because it isn't a recall.
  • ar_njar_nj Posts: 1
    This car is a piece of junk. 4 months ago the car started it self while parked in my driveway. I had to disconnect the battery to get the car to turn off. The dealer and nissan have replaced the cluster, the break controller, the shift controller and 2 shorts and the problem still comes back; it is intermittent. Started a file with nissan consumer affairs and that turn out to be a nightmare experience, my rep Michelle Mercer was extremly nasty. It is May and there is still no resolution. MY ADVICE, NOT NOT BUY THIS CAR, IT IS A PIECE OF JUNK! It might seem great the first 50k miles but it doesn't last beyond that mileage.
  • shelsonushelsonu Posts: 6
    I bought it into the dealer around 28k miles but I heard the noise at least a few months before. I just got my car back and it is still making the noise. I give up. They replaced the CVT and the fuel pump and did additional work on adjusting some settings. I happened to see another hybrid there for service and asked the service manager if i can check that car and that car as well had the same noise. I am gonna live with it for a while and maybe bring it in after few months since gas is $4.29 per gallon here in CT. :lemon:
  • royc100royc100 Posts: 1
    I just had the same problem with my 2008 Altima Hybrid, with 67K miles. Intermittment start problems this weekend. Took it Nissan dealer service center this morning. They confirmed the problem and stated an electrical short in the brake switch that starts the hybrid system was the problem, and recommended replacement of the wiring harness and brake switch (total parts and labor $472). Importantly, service personnel indicated there is a Nissan service bulletin on this, so Nissan is apparently aware of the problem, but its not covered by warranty because, they said, it was not part of the hybrid system. I'd like to know how many others have had this problem. This really is part of the hybrid system since it can't start without the switch working properly. Nissan should cover this as a hybrid system warranty item. I know I will be hesitant to buy another Nissan if they do not.
  • popny85popny85 Posts: 15
    So I've been changing my oil with Mobil 1 Synthetic 0W20 since I got my car, but paying $30 every 3 months was getting a little costly, so I switched to a conventional motor oil with a 5W20 grade, and I've noticed that I'm getting better mileage. I used to get 400-450 miles per tank with 0W20, with the 5W20, I'm getting 550-600 miles per tank, same driving styles, same commutes, everything. Is anybody else noticing this? I found it funny that a motor oil claiming to give me better fuel economy is giving me worse fuel economy than the regular oil :confuse:
  • shelsonushelsonu Posts: 6
    Is this a hybrid altima? They recommend the Synthetic oil not for the better gas mileage but because the engine is turning on and off at high speeds. The synthetic oil protects the engine components much better than the traditional oil.
    I noticed in the spring and summer my gas mileage got much better because I am not using the heater and the engine is not as cold or extreme temperatures.
  • moveovermoveover Posts: 31
    TSB is not just for NAH's but all Altima's

    Brought my NAH in for 7500 service and this issue. They were actually to reproduce and car didn't want to start at all in their shop :lemon: They provided me with a loaner and fixed the issue. Hope it won't return.
  • rasldaslrasldasl Posts: 74
    I've had my car back a few weeks since taking it in for Service Engine Soon light and rough running/EV mode not operating normally. They found a misfire code and replaced everything from the head to the catalytic converter per the TSB. Everything has been fine since. The dealer gave me a loaner since it was going to take a few days to get and install the parts. The service advisor indicated that the design of the cylinder head has been modified and this should not reoccur. If you read the TSB if affects a very specific run of Altima Hybrids up to a date in May 2010 when I presume they started manufacturing them with the new part. I'm glad mine went bad under warranty. I would hate to have to pay for this repair myself or have to worry about trying to get Nissan to pay for this after the warranty expired.
  • cephraimcephraim Posts: 31
    Can you please post the link to the TSB?
  • I have a 2008 NAH that is overheating. The problem is more pronounced in hot weather than cold, although even in hot it will go 30-40 miles at highway speeds (75 - 80 mph) before it overheats. In cold weather it may go 70 miles before getting hot. Because of this problem I have been using my other car for long trips for an embarrassingly long time. But now I want to get it fixed.

    Problem is that several mechanics, including an NAH certified dealer, have told me that it isn't throwing any codes and they don't see anything wrong with it. Even put it on the rack and looked from the bottom.

    The heat (judging from the heat, some smell, and a wisp of smoke that came out for a while the first time this happened and I wasn't watching for it) seems to be coming from the drivers side of the engine compartment, closer to the firewall than than the front, and from down low enough in the guts that I can't see where it is coming from.

    Any ideas?
  • Just out of curiosity, how can you tell if it's overheating, there's nothing to tell temp on the dash, unless I'm missing something :confuse:
  • You are correct about the lack of a temperature gauge. What happens is that the car starts losing power, uphill at first. The gas engine races to supply enough power, the charging indicator goes a lot higher than normal, and then you smell that "hot" smell. So, knowing that all is not well, you pull over, open the hood, and the engine is just crazy hot. Heat pours out like nobody's business. Once, the first time, before I knew to be alert for anything, there was actually smoke for a while from that drivers side area close to the firewall.
  • A guy at Autozone suggested that a bad thermostat or temperature sensor might cause overheating but not throw a code. How can I test those parts to see if they are working right? And if it is one of these, any idea approx. how much to replace?
  • I get different answers from everyone I ask. However, I can tell you that Nissan has asked me repeatedly what oil I have used because of my long standing dispute over engine noise with them. The car is now in their shop waiting for a cylinder head that they have said over and over nothing was wrong with the vehicle. It has been making noise since 2,000 miles. They have tried to blame the oil but couldn't. I'm saying if you're under warranty, at least do the synthetic until you're out so you're covered with them. They are NOT fun to work with.... :(
  • dynamo69dynamo69 Posts: 3
    Hello db59, I owned a 07 NAH since new and loving every 50000 miles /85000Km so far. I live in Vancouver B.C. Canada and I average around 6.5 L/100Km or 1 1/2 gallon per 43 miles during the warmer months but 6.9 to 7.1 L/100Km in the Winter(39 M). The only flaw I had was a couple of Months ago a broken rear stabilizer Bar which is built on a hollow tube,And snapped off near the bushing on the passenger side. Nissan replaced under warranty(No Charge). The oil changes are the killer which off set my Gas saving because the dealer charges around $100.00 for the 0W20 synthetic oil. My driving style is similar to yours and I only put in Regular gas. The dealer did perform all services but mostly oil changes and a Wheel alignment.
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