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Hyundai Santa Fe Broken Crank Sensor

Had timing belt replaced at 60,000 miles.

Now has 98,000 miles and the sensor crank broke off and caused $2300.00 worth of damage.

Dealer said not under power train warranty and will not help on any reduction in pricing.

Anyone else ever had this problem.

Dealer has never seen this problem before.


  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    had any work done where a tech might have damaged it and tried to hide it?
  • We know the crank sensor is in the timing belt area. We suggested this to the dealer. They say they didn't do anything to the crank sensor. All repairs have been done by the dealer.

    We called the manufacturer yesterday to try to get some assistance on the bill. Maybe they would reduce the amount of the bill due to them never seeing this happen before but they refused. Said nothing they could do.

    We are now looking at a new Toyota 4Runner.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    you should sue - there is no outside force that could physically break the crank sensor - is it just not working or physically broken? maybe a closer look could show some type of glue or silicone present proving that someone broke it while doing the other work and tried to cover it up...
  • The crank sensor is physically broken. We ask to see the sensor and they only showed us a very small piece that had fallen off.

    I don't think we would have the money to hire an attorney and drag this out.

    We have decided to have a used engine with 22,000 miles put in the car and keep it at another garage but we are looking at purchasing a 2008 4Runner.

    We will never buy another car from Joe Holland in Charleston WV.

    The service man (Jayson) who was assigned to us was always rude and his service manager wasn't any more help than he was.

    We have still not heard from the manufacturer and we have called them twice. No return calls.

    Thanks for your help.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    wow - i would do the small claims court thing - or maybe get one of those offers of help from the news - to make it a public humiliation for their facility - better business bureau wouldn't hurt either...
  • edmac1edmac1 Posts: 36
    The crank sensor is part of the drive train. How long is your warranty?
  • They said if it was part of the drive train it would have been covered. The thing is they say it is NOT part of the drive train. How can you argue with the manufacturer? I don't have the money to sue for this.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    put them on the news - make it public - that's usually uncomfortable for them....
  • chiwlfchiwlf Posts: 6
    The issue here is the description of the crank sensor itself as compared to what is considered a "Powertrain" component. The simplest way to describe this is that a "Powertrain Component" covered under the powertrain warranty is a lubricated moving part that sends power to the drive wheels. On a Hyundai this pretty much covers all "Non Electronic" parts from wheel to wheel as long as there is a drive axle attached. In other words on a front wheel drive only vehicle the front wheel bearings are a powertrain part but not the rears. The crank Sensor is a non moving, non lubricated electronic sensor that has a 5/60 warranty. I assume that this is a 2.4 4 cyl and when it broke it took out the tone wheel and timing belt and grenaded the engine when the valves kissed the pistons. What you need to understand that the dealer does not make up the warranty policies and procedures, the manufacturer does and if the failed part isn't covered the damage caused isn't either.
    I hope this clarifies the powertrain issue a little.
  • surfer6surfer6 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where the crank shaft sensor is located on the Sante Fe 02?
    I have replaced the fuel pump thinking that was the problem, but not. Test drove and the car died, got it started and drove it home. Now it will not start at all.
  • Good Afternoon,

    At this very moment, my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe is being repaired at the local Hyundai dealership.

    On Tuesday nite, my Santa Fe started stalling - on a busy street - and then stopped when the engine light came on. After over an hour, roadside service arrived and gave me a "jump". After turning on my lights, high beam and the air conditioner, he said there was nothing "major" wrong with my vehicle; neither the battery nor the altenator were the problem. After letting it run for a few minutes, I attempted to drive home. Less than 2 miles later, it stopped again. Again, I let it run for 10-15 minutes and drove the last 2 miles home.

    The next morning it was towed to the dealer. Their assessment: "Battery testing bad. Charging system tested fine. Replaced battery and retested system. Condition corrected." I agreed to have the battery replaced based on this assessment - although the roadside service said there was no problem with my battery, since I had 55,700 miles on my vehicle.

    I purchased 4 new tires in August and did not get a front-end alignment. Therefore, I told them to do a front-end alignment as well.

    When I got my bill, I was being charged for a "4-wheel alignment" rather than a front-end alignment. The service department person told me each of these procedures cost the same. Again, what did I ask for? What did I receive?

    I paid my bill and fewer than 2 miles later, my vehicle stopped - on the expressway!! I immediately phoned the dealer and made him aware of the magnitude of my discontent. They sent a tow truck - over an hour later. They loaned me a 2008 Santa Fe and reminded me that I was responsible for the gas. I received a call yesterday afternoon and, after running additional test, it was determined that that the Crank Sensor went bad. It is covered under the 5/60. I'll pick it up later this afternoon. Let us not talk about how I really, really feel about my experience...

    ImaniKristina (
  • I've just retrieved my 2003 4 Cylinder Santa Fe, having broken down on the side of Canada's busiest highway (the 401) TWICE in the past three months with a faulty crank shaft sensor. Even my mechanic feels sorry for me! I've read that the 2001 V6 Santa Fe's had a crank shaft sensor recall - I'm beginning to think it shouldn't have stopped there!
  • Good Evening,

    While the service department manager was assessing my vehicle - the first time -, he noticed that 2 of the 3 brake lights were out. He said they could replace them for $25.00. I said thank you, but no thanks.

    After reading my manual, I went to Wal-Mart's automotive section and purchased a 2-bulb pack of 27 watt combination bulbs. The total price - $1.96!! In my garage last Saturday nite, armed with my electric screw driver as well as a manual philips screwdriver, I changed both bulbs within 45 minutes. It is truly amazing what these people try to get away with and no one holds them accountable. Perhaps a letter to the corporate headquarters - along with my receipt would make a difference...

    ImaniKristina (
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    and no one holds them accountable

    You just did. Way to go! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Did you ever get any satisfaction from Hyundai? I have the same problem. 2003 Santa Fe 2.4L with 65,000 miles. Crankshaft angle sensor broke, and pieces caused timing belt to jam and snap.
  • Good Afternoon,

    Fortunately, my 2004 Santa Fe was still under warranty. They fixed it at no cost to me.

    Kind regards,
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    Just wondering what some of the symptoms of having a crank sensor going bad. I have an 02 with the 2.7 V6. Anybody.
  • bnberniebnbernie Posts: 20
    When the crank sencer fails, the engine timing moves to "top dead center" (de-falt mode) to protect the engine. It runs, but lacks power.
  • This week my '04 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 died on me. My vehicle only has 42k miles on it. I was told that they replaced the CRANK SENSOR and Blade. Confused, they told me the 380.00 for that was the same as replacing the TIMING BELT that I was charged an additional 340.00 for (are these the same parts?). Along with the timing belt they said they had to replace the BELT-VALVE, V-RIBBED BELT, and BELT-"V" something adding 178.01 to the bill for the belts. They told me the problem that started this event was the CANISTER CLOSED VALVE and CHARCHOL CANISTER charging me 327.00. I walked out leaving them $1,135.82. Anyone have any advice or experience with this. Of course, I'm 4 months out of warranty.
  • espo35espo35 Posts: 144
    If it took you 45 minutes and the dealer was only going to charge you $23.00 labor....what are you crying about?

    You think maybe they should work for free?

    Do you?
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