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2008 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    Another idea - try driving another LE Camry and see if it has any movement. I had a car a long time ago that had very slight front to back seat movement, and they replaced the seat track - problem solved.
  • vernjvernj Posts: 1
    Has anybody had problems with CD stuck in the stock Toyota CD player?
  • I purchased an 09 Camry LE V6 (Canadian model). I have not been pleased with my car after several months of ownership. Does anyone else have the following issues:

    1. The plastic garnish surrounding the clock is completely popped up in the front. If you look at your dash it should be a smooth transition between this piece and the rest of the upper dashboard. Not mine. The dealer claims it's a fit and finish issue with this piece and there's nothing they can do to fix it. WTF.
    2. There is a buzzing noise coming from my brake pedal. It's most noticeable when I first start the car on a cold morning and use the brakes.
    3. The seatbelts squeek when your body shifts forward. They applied silicone lubricant which didn't solve the problem
    4. The plastic piece on the driver's side B-pillar seems to be bowing out.

    These things really bother me as I paid a premium for the Toyota logo. Conventional wisdom would dictate that such issues is more commonly found on an American or Korean car. I'm at a loss to see my new car with more defects than my 12yo American car. :(
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The buzzing noise is probably from the ABS unit up in the front right of the engine compartment, which goes thru a self test first start. It's documented in the owners manual, and you won't hear it at all in about 3 months (from what I've experienced).

    Don't have the other issues in my 07.
  • This sound seems to be coming from the foot well. It varies in intensity when I depress the brake pedal. I've had the car for about 9 months now and it seems to have gotten worse during the cold winter months.
  • Hello, did you get any satisfaction on this? I know exactly what you are talking about, and mine is bad in this cold weather. I was told today by the dealer it was NORMAL, associated with a vacuum tube for the power assist brakes. It's an obnoxious, very electrical noise, underneath the driver dash but slightly above the break. Ridiculous. I am not going to accept that this is normal.
  • 4ruth4ruth Posts: 11
    I have written a couple of times about my inability to get more than 22 mpg with my new used Camry. I thank all who have responded.

    It has now been to 3 dealers. The last one told me that there is a computer in the car that learns a person's driving style after a few hundred miles and then it automatically drives the car in that style. Supposedly they took my car to the Toyota place (I bought it from a Honda place but the mechanic there is Toyota certified) and had it put on a machine that reset the computer so that it would learn my driving style. Since then, I have gotten about 2mpg more both in mixed and highway mileage. I think that 18 and 24 mpg still stinks. Tires are all okay. 30,000 mile check up has been completed. The factory related problem has been repaired. Toyota is saying that they can do nothing more.

    Anyone with any other ideas?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I forgot now if you have a 4-cylinder or V6. If it's a 4, that's not very good mileage. But gas mileage is one of those things that's hard to pin down because of all of the variabilities in driving conditions (trip length, traffic density, ambient temperature, braking and accelerating, use of cruise control, etc.) Yes, the the computer "learns" but it shouldn't be a major factor compared to these others.

    I think when the weather warms up (if you don't live in a warm climate year round), you should take the car for a long drive on the interstate at say 65 mph. Maybe a 300-mile round trip or so, and then tell us what gas mileage you get, by filling up before you leave and refilling at the same gas station and pump when you return.
  • hvtec2002hvtec2002 Posts: 19
    I have been mixing between high way, city, warming up in the morning and trafficking.

    And the car has only 700 miles on it right now.

    271.65 miles in my speedometer
    10.340 gal at the pump.
  • ucdebbucdebb Posts: 2
    I purchased a 09 Camry LE (4 cylinder) in January 2009. I am having problems with the plastic garnish around the clock, too. It is on the left side towards the windshield and is higher than the transition to the rest of the dashboard. I have returned car to the dealership's service dept. in my area THREE times and the issue is still not corrected. After the last visit, they suggested to let the hot temperatures heat the piece and perhaps it will level out with the rest of the dashboard. I don't think that will work since we have had hot temps this summer already. Have you resolved this issue yet? I am certainly curious if there is something the service dept can do to resolve this issue.
  • smithjssmithjs Posts: 7
    I have a question. I just purchased a 2010 Camry SE and every time a turn the car on and move a couple feet I hear a noise (sometime more pronounced than others) it is louder when the car has sat for a while). The sound occurs when you move a couple of feet and the car hits between 7 and 11 mph. The service tech says it is normal. Over the weekend, I test drove several Camry's (LE's XLE's and SEs) none of the cars I test drove over the weekend made the noise. Than on Monday, after talking to the service tech about the noise - I decided to test drive one more car - found the same exact model on the lot - the Camry SE made a similar noise. Is this really normal??
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Read the owners manual, there's a section where it describes a self test that the ABS Braking system is doing, and to expect the noise. After a couple months, you won't hear it.
  • hey ucdebb,

    I took my Camry in a few times for that garnish and just gave up. Out of the millions of Camrys on the road I have to be satisfied with one which has the same level of QC as an 80s era GM :| Mine is just like the way you've described yours.

    There is no fix. Simply put the dashboard and the garnish do not line up. Depending on how much skill (or effort they're willing to use) the technician has you'll end up with something that's not as noticeable to something horribly ugly.

    My AC fan has a rattle, my driver's side seat belt squeaks and rattles..this isn't why I paid a premium for the toyota logo :( Oh well my next car will probably be a Honda or possibly even a GM. My experiment with Toyota has been a disappointment (no offense to fans of the brand. I realize that every car maker has their share of people who nit pick at issues).
  • ucdebbucdebb Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply and update. Today I called the Toyota Customer Service @ 1-800-331-4331 about this problem. They assigned a customer case mgr. to my case and should hear from the case mgr. in the next 24 hrs. Keep your fingers crossed they have an answer!
  • Unfortunately my 2009 Camry, which was made in August 2008, still has this problem. The car slows down quickly after I release the gas pedal. However there is a “tipping point” where the strong engine brake disappears. The “tipping point” is 30mph if I release the pedal when the speed is over 40mph or 20mph when the speed is between 30mph and 40mph. After a jerk at the “tipping point” you can feel the car coasting free now.
  • Just got a call from my car went in for some standard servicing and he discovered my water pump is seeping coolant, have lost 50%. So it needs to be replaced along with the thermostat. He hasn't seen a large number of failures at this mileage, but it did not shock him either.

    My mileage puts me over standard warranty and I didn't go for extended warranty for a few reasons, one being Toyota's quality and my history with past cars. I was definitely spoiled by my 1999 Lexus SUV which didn't incur any significant repair costs until it was well over 150k...just a heads up for Camry owners...something to potentially watch for.
  • It could be a rust build up on your brake rotors?
    When you park your car the brakes will be warmer than ambient temps. When they cool down you will get condensation and then getting a rust imprint of your brake pads on your brake rotors. Does the noise go away when you apply your brakes a few times?
  • tony108tony108 Posts: 16
    Hello mmcqui02,

    Check with your warranty booklet. I think the water pump is covered under the powertrain warranty which is up to 60k miles and/or 60 months. You might get a refund if you already had it repaired somewhere else.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Yes, the "fuel cut" procedure to extend FE requires that the transaxle downshift again and again as the car slows, otherwise with no fuel to keep it running the engine would stall. But with FWD or F/awd vehicle there is a potential danger in allowing too much engine compression braking at low speeds. So what actually happens is that below a ceratin speed, low speed, the transaxle will actually now upshift to prevent ANY engine compression braking.

    "slingshot effect" or, being bumped from behind, feeling, results.

    Then unless you apply pressure to the gas pedal shortly before coming to a full stop the transaxle will delay the shift into 1st until the car has come to a full and complete stop.

    Strange new world....
  • wendy67wendy67 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with the waterpump; however, I have 70k miles on my 2008. I was hearing a rattling and the Toyota dealership said the waterpump and drive belt both had to be replaced at a cost of $400. My Camry is past the warranty as well and I did not purchase the extended warranty either. I have had nothing but problems with this car and am beginning to think it is a lemon. I had to have 2 wheel bearings replaced before the car had 36k miles on it, which thankfully was covered under the warranty. Now the waterpump and drivebelt. I am about ready to trade it in on a Honda.
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