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Lincoln MKX sound system problems



  • dje3dje3 Posts: 1
    Just like some other folks our THX system seemed to explode, it scared us as we thought the car exploded like a bomb had gone off, followed a high-pitched whine which only stopped after we turned the car off. The speakers didn't work but the radio did function although we couldn't hear anything but the whine. Once the car had been turned off, it seemed to function ok when turned back on, but we are interested to know if others have experienced this with their Lincoln. We are very concerned that it might happen again and cause a heart attack or wreck. Anyone have a solution yet?
  • amyandgaryamyandgary Posts: 1
    I have just now settled down my wife after she experienced an explosion sound followed by the high pitched whine. Scared the crap out of her. We have a 2009 MKX with the THX system. After I turned the car off and restarted it works fine. Guess we can expect this to happen again.....any way to avoid this happening again?
  • len777len777 Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    I too would like to know what is going with the THX system in my 2007 Lincoln MKX. It has been working just fine since the day I purchased this vehicle, and then yesterday while driving down the street the speakers suddenly made a loud pop sound followed by a very loud staticky crackling and popping noise. The entire stereo and navigation system is now unusable due to this constant noise which pours out of the speakers whenever I turn-on the system. The mute button doesn't do a thing to stop it.
  • 1pd1pd Posts: 1
    edited December 2013

    I know this issue is a couple years old now, but was anyone able to find a solution to this 2008 MKX audio issue? RPOITRAS, I have followed your posts on many different forums and I am trying to figure this issue out as well.

    I recently bought a used 2008 MKX with the THX sound system. The audio is exactly as you described (Tinny with little bass).

    I have now narrowed down the problem to the single amplifier behind the subwoofer in the back right. However, I don't think Lincoln put in a cheap amp on the non-DVD MKX. I think that the physical amp is the same on any MKX with THX, but the actual DSP equalizer is programmed differently on each amp.

    Doing some research, I have found there are 3 different amps (all by Pioneer) used on the 2008 MKX with THX. Model numbers are: 8L7T-18B849-AC 8L7T-18B849-AD 8L7T-18B849-AE

    There is a 4th model amp, but it is only used on the MKX without THX.

    I took apart the back panel on my MKX last night and found that I have the 8L7T-18B849-AE model amp. I called a few Lincoln dealers to try and find a correlation between the amp model number and the DVD feature to figure out which one I need to order, but didn't have any luck.

    Going back to what Phil_W said about his 2007 MKX, I believe there was only 1 amp model for the 2007 MKX with THX. Model: 7L7T-18B849-AL

    I am thinking about ordering the 2007 model amp and installing it. Looking at the wiring harness and connectors in pictures, it looks like it should fit. I'm not 100% certain this will work, which is why I am checking if anyone found a solution.


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