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Ford Escape Noises and Sounds



  • My 2009 Ford Escape makes a noises like my window is open on my passenger side when traveling at 50 or 55 and above and also sounds like someone is gurgling from the passenger side when its raining, Any Help With This???
  • I purchased a 2010 Ford Escape and have a "hoot" noise from a stopped take-off. They have replaced the snake chain and a complete new transmission. The repaired transmission and the new transmission have made the same noise. Ford says that it's a normal noise for the 2010 Ford Escapes. What's the best recourse for this problem?
  • My Ford Escape does the same thing. Complained to the dealership but they said because all 2010 Ford Escapes made that noise, there was nothing they could do. Of course, I don't agree with that philosophy, but I guess it saves Ford a lot of money to ignore the problem. This will be the last time I buy a Ford product.
  • I will be writing a letter to the CEO of Ford within the next week or two. The salesperson that sold me the vehicle and I have also talked. He has given me the name of a lawyer to contact for a possible class action suit against Ford. Sounds like a lot of work on my part, but I'm totally dissatisfied that Ford would accept this inferior quality in their products! Yes, I agree - I will never buy another Ford product after this experience.
  • I tried out a 2009 Escape that had a hoot and told the dealer I wasn't interested in a vehicle that had a noise coming from what I thought was the rear end of the vehicle. I was told that yes Ford knew of the problem and had a "tweak" to fix the problem. I still sid no thanks and was assured if I waited for the 2010 the problem has been fixed. Gues what? I have the same noise as the 09. The dealer just had the car in and they pulled out the transmission and replaced a chain in the tranny, still hoots. I took the car back to the dealer and they said that Ford has no idea how to fix the problem, if the tsb didnt do the job too bad. Now I am experiencing trouble with the steering. Now they are replacing the steering rack. I traded a 2001 Escape in for this 2010, big mistake. My 2001 hatch didnt rattle until I had about 60,000 miles on it. The 2010 is rattling now at about 10,000 miles. The finish isn't as nice as my 01 XLT and the attitude of Ford techs is tough luck.
  • Thanks for your reply - it only verifies what I now know about 2010 Ford Escapes. My letter is written to the CEO, I'm meeting with the dealership general manager this afternoon to get their support and will mail the letter within the week. I'm amazed that Ford would sell a product with a noise defect and not disclose that to their consumers/customers.
  • Hello,
    I found this forum when searching for info on the "Hoot" noise. I live in Ontario Canada and purchased an Escape in March, before transferring to Saskatchewan for work. I bought something new as I wanted something dependable and did not want to worry about having to bring the vehicle in for fixing.
    I have now brought the vehicle in twice and it is in now having the chain replaced to eliminate the hoot noise. The dealer here in Saskatoon informed me that the fix does not always work and that after having the fix done, Ford will not pursue the problem any further. I contacted the dealer in Ontario and he advised me to have the fix done. He said that the dealers try to dissuade you from having the fix done as it is very expensive and time consuming, but that it should in fact rectify the problem. After reading the posts here I am not so confident that it will. I will post back in a day or two when I get the vehicle back.
    The hoot bulletin was issued to the dealers on Dec 7th of 2009. I bought my vehicle in March 2010 and was not made aware of the problem. The dealer said that they would not tell anyone as not every salesman would know about the problem. I asked .. . "If I came in today and wanted to buy an Escape, would they tell me about the noise?" Their reply "Like I said, the salesman don't necessarily know about the problem." That response kinda blew my mind. As the noise is not safety related, they seem to think it does not matter.
    I also brought the vehicle in for the following:
    - driver's side window closes "hard" and squeaks over bumps. They ordered a new molding, but now cannot find it
    - the fabric moonroof panel is lifting on the rear passenger corner
    - the molding on the driver's side of the windshield is warped and very loose. After I touched it and moved it, the remote start cable fell from the roof and was just hanging when I brought it in. It was a very poor installation job at the factory
    - i drove 15 km down a gravel road. Did not drive hard and there were no bumps. The hatchback will not stop squeaking now.
    - having the tires rotated, currently 9000 km on the vehicle
    - also brought in for the tranny recall to have it reset
    I take care of my vehicles and I am very disgusted in the service and quality of the vehicle. It looked like the remote start installation was rushed. I never the noticed the warped molding as I was never in the passanger seat before. I had a few days to buy a vehicle before I moved and was rushed and did not notice some of the defects.
    I would be interested in learning how others are dealing with the hoot problem and would like to offer any assistance that I may be able to provide. Whether it be details or a letter. I bought the vehicle in Ontario Canada which happens to be the only province without a "lemon law."
  • Sorry I forgot to ask,
    Has anyone started the "Ford Product Resolution process found in the warranty?
    This is one step that needs to be followed before utilizing the CANVAP service in Canada.
  • Apparently the Ford Motor Company don't use e-mail. We bought our Escape in November 2009. My dealership service dept sucks. I signed up for the VIP service which is a joke. The VIP service indicates you can have up to four free oil changes per year, but when I took it in for service they said I didn't need an oil change for two more months; which means I can only get two oil changes a year. My next complaint will be the driver's side window which makes a sound like there's gravel in the door. I also have the hoot sound when taking off. I also had a windshield wiper that was faulty; their first thought was I must have hit something with it. They fixed it, but their attitude is always negative. Never again a Ford product for me.
  • afa497afa497 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know how to change the parking light in the Frod Escape 2005 or others I suspect. Owner Manual says see Ford Technician...You cannot seemingly get to it from behind as it is part of the fender area. I MUST get it replaced......Please welcome Help
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    I take it you are trying to replace the front parking lamp/turn signal bulb. If so, you'll need to access the socket through the fender liner. Pull off a couple of clips holding the fender liner to the fender and push/bend the plastic liner back enough to give you access to squeeze "literally" your hand through the inside of the fender and unlock the socket counter clockwise to remove from the headlamp housing.
  • cannon3cannon3 Posts: 296
    Wife and I purchased a 2010 Ford Escape XLT in early spring. We are generally happy with the vehicle. Once in a while I also heard the "hoot" noise. Did any of you get a recall notice for a transmission re-programming? Took this in about 3 days ago. This is my wifes vehicle so this weekend I will drive it around and see if this "hoot" noise is gone. On other forums some Ford techs are saying the noise will not affect the reliability or longevity of the transmission. This is our second Escape, first was bullet proof up to 107,000 miles. We bought the 2.5 4cyl this time, we had no need for a V6. Took this vehicle on a summer vacation into Yellowstone/Grand Teton area. Drove fine, no problems, great MPG.
  • Ref #34: Our 2010 Ford Escape XLT also makes that noise. We had the transmission re-programming recall; didn't help the noise problem. It has something to do with the differential in the transmission and Ford says that all 2010 Ford Escapes make that noise. I do not accept that answer but don't know what else to do. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. It's my wife's Escape and she can hardly stand the sound. My driver side window is being replaced because it scatches the window when opening and closing. It won't cost me anything but a new vehicle shouldn't have these problems.
  • There is a crazy hissing noise in my 2005 escape xls. It seems to be coming from the brake pedal. The idle seems to have dropped down really low too. Sometimes it runs really rough too. It goes away when I step on the brakes or above 2500 rpm. I have 74000 mile on it and It's a5 speed manual if this helps.
  • 2hills2hills Posts: 10
    Well I got a call from Ford regarding the satisfaction survey I completed after I had the 'hoot' removed, which of course it wasn't. They said they were quite concerned about my negative feedback regarding my experience with eliminating the problem. The person I spoke to, of course, is just phoning to see if they can get you to change your mind about how ticked off with Ford I am, but I don't see them doing anything to correct the problem. I told this lady that I would never buy a Ford again if this was how they solve customers problems and the dealerships need to stop telling customers that is all that can be done to fix the problem. I had the steering rack replaced but because they say the Escape uses a wishbone then the sticking of the steering when it is cranked over will continue. I wonder what all these problems will do to the resale price of these Escape's when it is time to dump them.
  • roc13roc13 Posts: 3
    I had the fix done for the "hoot". It seemed to be gone, but after a day or two is back in full force. Has anybody had any success in dealing with this issue? I read somewhere else that it was the bushings causing the noise and they just needed greasing. Is that possible?
  • cannon3cannon3 Posts: 296
    Well, the noise is still there. However, it doesn't happen every time. I am a bit concerned. This is our 3rd Escape and the other 2 were great vehicles. I am afraid at 36,000 miles I am going to have to have the transmission rebuilt after the warranty expires. I am going to have the dealership look into this for me also. I know one of the service guys too and will ask him next time I see him away from his work. Keep searching the net people, there is an answer to this. There is a Ford tech somewhere that knows the answer. If I find it I will definetly post it here at Edmunds.
  • Yes, I wrote quite a professional, lengthy letter to the CEO of Ford explaining the difficulties with the "hoot" noise in the 2010 Ford Escapes. I requested that I be given the courtesy of an answer by mid November - today is November 20th. They had over a month to respond to my concern about their product. I was very explicit about letting them know that the dealership should have disclosed the "hoot" noise before a consumer purchases the vehicle. So.......NO response from Ford!! The next step is a class action suit against Ford, but I don't know if I have the time and energy to keep pursuing this outright known problem by Ford. Anyone else having any luck with getting the "hoot" noise fixed?
  • I just got my 2010 Ford Escape back from my Ford dealer who took 3 days to work on the Hoot noise. I believe that they replace a chain in the transmission or Transaxel ?.

    The Hoot noise is still there ! ! !

    My main beef is that this problem was in the 2009 models and Ford just carried in to the 2010 models. Are the top car engineers unable to slove the problem or is it just to costly ? ?

    This should be a Lemon Law or Class Action.
  • so any news on what that squeaky noise from the windshield/dashboard is?
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