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Nissan Xterra Manual Transmission Problems



  • richsmitrichsmit Posts: 15
    my e-mail is I tried to put it in my community profile, but I don't know if it took...
  • richsmitrichsmit Posts: 15
    Just faxed off the paperwork to BBB, included some reports from and this forum reference manual clutch problems in Xterras. I called NHTSA ( ) and filed a safety complaint. They only have 3 other complaints in the data base at this time. Where ARE all you people ??? They will consider whether to open an investigation if the defect is severe enough. We need to send more reports !
    My next step, after the BBB finds in favor of Nissan, is to write a formal letter to the president of Nissan North America describing the problem and requesting a fix. When his assistant sends me the nice, flowery letter politely telling me the vehicle is not defective, it is time to get the media involved.
    How about this:
    Park the Xterra on the public street right at the Dealership and put signs in the window telling people not to buy Nissan because of their customer unfriendly ways. With any luck, a reporter will show up before the cops haul me off and charge me with a misdemeanor ( I guess). Maybe I will call up the local press first ? BTW, my Xterra is yellow, just like a lemon. This could be fun.
  • phin13phin13 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the info - I will do the same as you, and keep you posted on the progress. If it's ok with you I will also post this on the facebook page dedicated to Xterra's with bad clutches!
  • richsmitrichsmit Posts: 15
    Go ahead and post. I left Facebook several months ago, if you learn anything we don't know here, please post it (with the indulgence of the moderators, of course).
  • richsmitrichsmit Posts: 15
    As you know, I had a manual clutch failure at 28,000 miles on my 2006 Xterra a couple weeks ago. This, after they replaced the original clutch after only 8000 miles 3 years ago. Nissan covered the first repair, but I Had to reluctantly pay full boat ($2100) the second time. I am awaiting an arbitration date with the BBB. Yesterday, the shifter would not allow me to select any gear at all. The clutch pedal goes all the way to the floorboard, but I cannot get into any gear. Towed back to the dealer this morning. The young service writer says it may be the transmission itself this time rather than the clutch. I don't think so. Way too much coincidence for this to happen two weeks after they replaced the whole clutch/flywheel system. I am sooo tired of has been out of service now for repairs for over 11 days in the last three years that I have had it for the clutch issue. I eagerly await the call from the Nissan service department. I will keep you informed. If nothing else, this makes my BBB arbitration look a little better....
  • I got a call from the Service department yesterday. They have determined that my Xterra's hydraulic clutch master cylinder and slave are belly up. Not covered by the warranty (either Nissan's or my useless extended one ). They wanted $602 dollars, before taxes, to fix it. I had it towed back home, where my son and I will fix it with the help of our Haynes manual. Maybe $200 tops for the parts. It seems, according to Haynes, that the master and slave cylinders have to be removed before replacing the clutch, which Nissan did two weeks ago. They were also removed 3 years ago when the original clutch was replaced. Do you suppose that has something to do with their failure ?? Nissan North America sucks in the " Customer Affairs " department. Waiting for my BBB arbitration date.....
  • Wow - that sucks. I cannot believe they won't address this as it is clearly a default with their parts, or that vehicle model itself. Please continue to keep us posted on your progress.
  • I got home from work Friday night, and there was a message from the BBB on my answering machine.The gal said that Nissan had the paperwork from my complaint, and was offering a settlement. I will have to wait until Tuesday ( Monday is a holiday in the U.S. ) to find out what it is. I hear a gentleman on this forum was just notified he was awarded full compensation for his case. I wonder if Nissan sees the writing on the wall ? I'll let you know.
  • I took them to Arbitration in Canada. I won they lost, have a nice day. I will be reimbursed the full amount over $2500. Do not be bullied. I bought two new cars this year, how much will Nissan see? zero.
  • Got an offer through the BBB from Nissan to settle for $500 "in a goodwill gesture".
    I gave it a day to think about it, and accepted, as I didn't know if I countered their offer with a higher amount, they may wash their hands of it and go to arbitration. My chances then would be unknown, maybe zero, so I felt it was better than nothing. Besides, it was just as good as taking my clutch to an independent garage for $1600 ( $2100 minus $500), PLUS, the repair is guaranteed by Nissan for a year or 12,000 miles.
    Anyway, those of you out there in my situation, stick to your guns and take them to arbitration. They seem to be reluctant to stone-wall owners who stick it out.
    On a funnier note, Nissan sent me a Customer Survey in my e-mail a week ago. It was only about my "dealer experience," but I called the dealer who did my work, and whom I had no complaint about, and told the service writer that I had received it, and would give them excellent marks IF I got a free oil and filter change and tire rotation. I had that done yesterday, and filled the survey out as advertised.
    To sum it up, the manual clutch in the 2005-2009 Xterra is too weak for the duty it is assigned, and problems result. Nissan will not accept ownership of the problem, and will blame the owners for not knowing how to drive a clutch. Pure B.S. !!
    If they don't repair it under warranty( which states that manual clutches are "wear items" and not covered, then I recommend you take it to a reputable transmission shop, have one of the many GOOD aftermarket clutches installed, then take Nissan to arbitration to get some of your money back. My regret now is, I still have a Nissan clutch in my wagon, and can't trust it past 12,000 miles or a year. Good Luck to you all.
  • I spent an hour on the phone to the guys at Jim Wolf I highly recommend to anyone giving them a go. True Nissan put a smaller clutch in a vehicle designed to take a bigger one. Thanks for those numbers, the calculated difference is nearly 35% more surface than the JWTand better materials. For those that don't understand materials, it doesn't mean it will last 35% longer, it means that you have 35% more safety margin before the clutch goes beyond the temperature of no return. It could mean the difference betwen 30k and 300k. I took Nissan to the automotive funded arbitration facility in Canada and for the skeptics that think they are biased, they ruled in my favour!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • 2008 Xterra Off Road. You would think that a product that has off road in it would have a clutch that did not burn out at 44,000 miles. Even if you did a lot of off roading, which I did not.
  • Clutch failed completely on my 2007 Off Road at 20,500 miles. With 56 years of driving manual transmissions almost exclusively I have never had a premature clutch failure like this.
    After reading the comments on this site and others I bypassed talking to the service reps at the dealer and went directly to the service manager and the general manager, who I had dealt with when I bought the truck.
    No problem in getting a warranty repair. Service manager pointed out to me that the powertrain warranty - 60 months or 60,000 miles - included the clutch cover, which is Nissanspeak for the pressure plate. I didn't get to see the actual parts, but the repair paperwork described the clutch as inoperative because of "defective pressure plate, one of the prongs was bad".
    Parts replaced were the clutch disc, cover (pressure plate), and the release bearing.
    Told me that they had also ordered a replacement flywheel, but the original was not damaged and didn't need replacement.
    This experience leads me to suspect that the problem with obtaining warranty repair may lie as much with a particular dealership as with Nissan corporate.
    Certainly I will be on the lookout for any early warning of clutch failure in the future. If it happens again and I have to pay for it I probably will go to a hopefully heavier duty aftermarket clutch.

    JWT Clutch and Flywheel combo for only 695 + shipping.... We're trying to get a few more in on this...

    I'm tired of my stock clutch, and the REPLACEMENT stock clutch, going out after only 40k miles. I've driven manual transmissions for 14 years now and "skill" is not the issue...
  • I want to get in on this but I may not be able to wait very long. How close are you to the required ten?
  • Clutch on my 2005 Xterra just failed at about 59K miles-totally unexpected. In this case, very little warning of a problem-one week vehicle was fine, and the next week the clutch was slipping big-time, as opposed to one other clutch failure I've experienced (after more than 100K miles) where ample warning (gradually increasing slippage) in advance of total failure were evident.

    This unexpected clutch problem also happened 1 week before a challenging, difficult 4WD back country trip into Utah that I planned to use the vehicle for. I'm very lucky it failed in the city, and not out there. It would have been really tough to tow the vehicle out with the other SUVs on the trip, or very expensive (like $3000 more or less) to have it hauled out to pavement. But that would by my expense and problem, not Nissan's, eh.

    I've had other sticks and certainly know how to get long life from a clutch-this an inadequate/undersized parts issue, and not a driver issue, as many others on this site have said.

    I found this Edmunds website and see that lots of you'll have this same problem w/ these Xterra clutches. Information sharing is power! Tx to this website, I'm not wasting my $$ on inadequate Nissan replacement clutch parts. This will be a $2K repair, and I dont want to go thru this again in 30-40K miles, and risk a breakdown in some remote, hard to get to place.

    On 4/19/11 I ordered JWT replacement parts, at about $1000 (clutch, flywheel, TO bearing, bushing) total. Can I get in on some kind of group discount w/ others who have this problem, for these JWT replacement parts?
  • mysportmysport Posts: 19
    2006 MT Well after 3 clutches (3rd done at aamco), failed gas gauge (got $ back when recall finally happened), faulty electric window (body shop repair), rear diff/trans repair ($2300 at aamco). What an incredible experience - even with previous american cars it wasn't this bad from product to service to 'customer service' WOW. Nissan, hard lesson learned. - getting another toyota and cannot wait! :lemon:
  • dustidustidustidusti Posts: 2
    I am now on my 3rd cluth for my nissan off road xterra 2008. The last clutch went out under 4,000 miles. In my 25 years of driving a stick, I have only had one clutch go out on my after 187,000 miles. They are says its wear and tear. We are not recieving any satisfaction and may be forced to sue.
  • dustidustidustidusti Posts: 2
    My 2008 off road xterra is siting at the dealership, it needs a clutch replaced. This is the 3rd clutch to be replaced. It has under 23,000 miles on it. This last clutch has under 4k miles.
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