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Lexus LS: Problems & Solutions



  • I had an interesting experience this weekend with my '91 LS400 that I thought I would share. My lcd panel would go out when I applied my brakes. (It didn't happen if the headlights were turned on, though). Also, the "R" light came on in the drive indicator on the dash. Finally, the brakes responded poorly, gripping very hard after applying a little pressure to the pedal. I previously had an intermitent problem with the rear lights bulb indicator coming on when the trunk was opened and closed with the car running. After reviewing some past posts, I checked for a broken wire near the trunk hinge. Sure enough, there was a white wire with a brown line that was broken. Spliced it back together, and everything is working fine again. Sometimes the simple things work!
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    lx400chw said:After several phone calls and letters to Lexus without any resolution, I've talked to my attorney and we are currenly preparing to file a classic action law suit againist Lexus for its faulty temp and clock LCD dispaly on earlier LS400 model.


    As roddmod11 suggested, anyone would like to join the lawsuite, please e-mail ( me with the year and mileage of your LS400. Thanks.

    lx400chw count me in! I too would like to join the classic action lawsuite ! :)
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    Lotsa luck as all made it through the warranty.
    I would be interested in your attorney's argument since many other vehicles [Q45,BMW]have similiar problems a function of the technology available at that time.
    PS: The government deems 7 years or 100k as the limit for even safety defects!
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    After around 70-100k the trnsmission mount should be replaced this along with front tension rods and a arm bushings corrects most non tire related vibrations [noise on braking turning etc.].
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    is still a $50k car [depreciation doesn't count] as far as cost to maintain is concerned.
    The Lexus is one of the BEST but things still wear out.
    The major problem is the fancy accessories wear out faster [sun roof, power windows, electronic devices].
    Except for EGR control system and egr dirt the engine is bullet proof. Same with tranny if you service it CORRECTLY every 30k.
    But it will still cost you 7 cents in mainteance and repairs per mile after the warranty expires!
  • atagatacatagatac Posts: 5
    I am looking for a good mechanic for my 92 LS400. I have 117k on it and still love it. I live in Chino Hills, CA area. What shop do you recommend that do a great job but won't take your arm and your leg. Dealerships are charging too much. Please help. I want to keep this car for a long time.
  • lexor2lexor2 Posts: 11
    Hey Cody, I too bought at an online auction and found out the day after I picked up the car that I had a blank instrument panel for the 1st half hour of driving. After eight months and no help from this board, I sprang for $1195.oo and had dlr replace circuit board. $900. part and 2 hours labor. I made them give me old board in the hope that someone on this board would pay me for the old part and to insure that dlr was not using a reman part. Thank God I got a swinging deal on this '94 as it is now a sweetie. Good luck with your repair! If it works give me a holler at I would be very interested. (Like $1195 interested.
  • djr7399djr7399 Posts: 24
    Anyone willing to help on ? #618?

    Suggestions, anybody.

  • wainwain Posts: 479
    on Camry the cover slides straight forward toward the front seat and then the bulb is easy to reach and replace.
  • lexie88lexie88 Posts: 6
    I think the owner's manuel tells you how to replace the rear brake light. My 91 LS400 owner's manuel has instruction to replace the rear brake light. Simple job! But I don't know whether it is the same as 95 LS. Good luck.
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    And my manual said to take it to the dealer!!???
  • djr7399djr7399 Posts: 24
    The manual has said the exact same thing, basically don't try to fix on your own, take me to your(leader)dealer. hey wain can't slide the cover back. any more suggestions gang

  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    kinda charitable maybe? $60/hr for a taillight sound kinda rich to me.
  • tdi90hptdi90hp Posts: 20
    Bought my gorgeous sandstone 92 LS400 last week.
    it has 180,000kms on it. Took it straight to my mechanic and replaced all filters (yes, the fuel filter SHOULD be replaced just make sure you soak the connections for a number of hours with some kind of high quality penetrating fluid/oil, and we did not have to cut any fuel lines or whatever horror stories I have read about)), flushed all the fluids (let the transmission flush overnight and you will get more trans fluid out of it than you think) got most of the power steering fluid out, and did coolant and brake fluids and changed plugs to Bosch Platinum+4 and fixed an oil pan leak and a very small coolant leak, and fully serviced the brakes, lubricated the sliders and cleaned them.
    My 2 cents are the following: if you have not done this and more at least every 50-60k you WILL have an expensive car to own. If you do you will get as I have in the driveway a car with 534,000kms on it as we speak (92 camry LE) . Lastly if you are not running synthetic you are doing your engine a disservice. the stuff works and is worth every single copper. FYI I paid 11,000 canadian Dollars for the car + tax!!! aboout 7000 US. Why would anyone buy any other used car??? These beauties are currently the best value on the used market. SSSSHHHH... Dont tell anyone. Little more fuel and maybe a little more maintenance but look what you GOT boys and gals.
    This week she gets tinted, visits the dent man to pop some small dents and the tire shop to fix a slight wobble. Wonder if one of the "gurus' could help. My compressor on AC appears to be puked!! (one of the reasons the car was a little cheaper as I am not afraid of fixing cars)
    Can they be rebuilt??? I can get a used one on the net for 200-400 bucks but I rather get rebuilt if possible. I need a solid answer on this before it gets warm.
    Best to you and look forward to all your comments.
    Claude in Tillsonburg, Ontario
  • paul29paul29 Posts: 178
    Sounds like you got a good deal on the LS. Just wondering why you decided on the Bosch +4 plugs over the original NGK's.
  • blkmgkblkmgk Posts: 54
    would it be necessary to add an additive when doing a drain & fill?? the first time (65k)I had the atf fluid changed at an oil change place(big mistake)they added this stuff along with some dexron/mercon atf. so now @100k I have been doing my own drain and fills. car now has 107k. I have done at least 3 to try and replace all the old fluid.
  • blkmgkblkmgk Posts: 54
    I replaced my front pads and had the rotors resurfaced. Why does the car still, at times, not as often , still vibrate a little when I press the brakes???? My rear rotors and brakes where replaced months ago. what gives???
  • fxashunfxashun Posts: 747
    I just like the way they perform.
  • bigbozerbigbozer Posts: 22
    Hi! The fan on my A/C and heating unit works at all speeds except the lowest one. This makes the car either too hot in winter or too cold in summer. What could be the problem? One person told me it could the the resistance in the fan motor at the lowest speed that may be gone. Can anyone help me? Is this an expensive repair job?
  • I have a '95 LS 400. As I come to a sudden stop on a decline, such as exiting an off ramp from an interstate, the motor will sometimes go dead. Once I come to a stop, it will restart with no problem. So far this has happened only on a trip of more than two hours. It seems to be more frequent as of late. Is there a fix? Has anyone else had this problem?

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