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Lexus LS: Problems & Solutions



  • Seems like the device that see's objects had some dirt on it....and the rain washed it away.
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    Our '05 LS430 is not quite 3 months old, and I don't think the ASL (automatic sound leveling) is working and never did.

    When driving thru our neighborhood at 30 mph with volume at a reasonable level, then hit the interstate at 70mph, we have to manually increase the volume in order to hear the sound well. This applies to CD and radio.

    We have the Premium Pkge (so no Mark Levinson system) and I'm wondering if ASL only works if the ML sound system is installed.

    I've searched all the Lexus forums under "ASL" and have not found much information.

    Any ideas, anyone?
  • flkeyflkey Posts: 11
    '03 LS430 STD. OR Premium model does not work,
    dealer unable to fix, so noted in Lexus surveys of quality control. One fine automobile, but still persuing perfection.
  • paulrlpaulrl Posts: 11
    My 2005 LS430 with premium package and 18" rim pick up only one day from dealer shaking very bad
    Next day went back to dealer asking them to change to 17"rim
    Now drive a lot better .But still drive not smoot,small vibration at steering wheel
    Any suggestion? Michelin MXV4 will help? or should i change to a thicker tires[my tires was dunlop 5000m 225/55/R17]
    please help PAUL.
  • jfzjfz Posts: 45
    The LS is very sensitive to wheel balance. Make sure that your Dunlap tires are balanced with a Hunter sheel balancer--preferrable a load-baring Hunter. Most drivers like the ride of the Dunlaps. Another issue would be whether the 17" wheel/tire comb was mounted on a car that had been sitting on the lot. The tires can flat-stop. This will disappear after about 10 miles of driving.
  • gwendolyngwendolyn Posts: 46
    Thanks for the feedback!!! I did purchase the '97 ls 400 with a flaw. The power steering pump is starting to whine. The dealer has agreed to repair for $500.00 including labor, it the pump goes in 6 months. Other than that, my mechanic could not find anything wrong with the car...As a matter of fact I paid them twice to check the car's in showroom condition...couldn't believe an 8 year old car was in such excellent condition.

    Guess I'd better start budgeting for those expensive repairs that can go wrong.

    By the way does anyone have experience with the power steering pump? Once it starts whining, how long does it take to go bad. I check my garage daily for far, it is not leaking.
  • Gwen:

    Don't Forget to check with your dealer to be sure the timing belt has been changed. If not you might want to have everything done at once.

    I bet your car still feels nice and solid ...they are great cars and the 400 is the one most people think is the best looking LS ...and ...the most bullet proof.......Good luck.
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    I did purchase the '97 ls 400 with a flaw. The power steering pump is starting to whine. The dealer has agreed to repair for $500.00 including labor, it the pump goes in 6 months.

    gwendolyn, Our son now drives our '98 Toyota Avalon with 95k miles on it and the power steering pump began leaking fluid a month ago. IMHO the Avalon and LS are first cousins from the same 'generation' (same gene pool, etc.) so I'm not surprised to see the power steering is going out.

    Check the Toyota Avalon forums here on the Edmunds site for more information. You can search for "power steering" and see the discussions. $500 for a PSPump replacement is a darned good price from a Lexus dealer, based on the quotes over on the Avalon forum.
  • gwendolyngwendolyn Posts: 46

    Thanks for your reply!!!

    The Lexus dealer performed the 90k mile service (@ 101,600k miles, I have the records),before I purchased the car, which included the timing belt and a host of other things.

    My concern now is the power steering pump. It's not leaking, just whining. Should I wait for it to leak before repairing or repair now..don't want to damage the alternator.
  • gwendolyngwendolyn Posts: 46
    Thanks for your reply. You guys are great replying and I really appreciate that. My power steering pump is not leaking just whining. I'm told that it's going to go, but no one can tell me when..should I wait for it to leak or repair now. If I repair before it leaks, I will have to pay full price instead of the $500.00 What do you think? Also, do not want to damage my alternator.

    Thanks again!!!
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    ... power steering fluid flush, and clean out the two filters that are in the system: one is in the reservoir, and second on on the rack itself.

    That might cure the whine and buy you quite a lot of further service from the existing pump.
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
    You can get that pump resealed. Lexus I'm told does sell a reseal kit for that pump should it leak. As advised get the P/S fluid flushed. I made the mistake of not changing the fluid on my 92 (They said it was "lifetime" fluid..) and paid the price for a new pump. ($725).

    A few more things to consider: Suspension bushings and strut inserts. The strut inserts are usually worn by that mileage and require replacement. ($325 a pair). Also the dash cluster needles may begin to burn out.

    The board rules prevent me from giving you the specific address of the repair guy but you can google search for or mikando engineering. The dealer will say they need to replace the whole cluster, but you can get it fixed for about ($350). The LCD's on the radio and climate control unit may go bad as well. You can get these repaired too for a few hundred each instead of a costly replacement.

    Otherwise there isn't much that needs tending to. Just keep up with frequent fluid changes and you should be fine. There is some debate over whether synthetic oil would be better, but frequent oil changes should be fine. Also use Chevron Techron every other oil change to keep your injectors clean. If Lexus hasn't done it already, get a bottle of BG 44K fuel treatment to really clean things out.

  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    few more things to consider: Suspension bushings and strut inserts. The strut inserts are usually worn by that mileage and require replacement

    Ditto on that, too. Another topic on the Avalon forum when they reach 90-100k miles.

    gwendolyn, you might want to have the P/S looked at and just get diagnosis and a cost estimate. Then you'll know exactly what you're dealing with.

    My last volvo made a groaning noise and finally went out less than 6 months after the warranty ran out. I think it was rack & pinion? Can't remember, because I told the dealer to check my files on their computer, that I had complained about the noise for a year before the warranty ran out. They fixed it for free, but they said it was an expensive repair. (They were as wonderful as any Lexus dealer is reputed to be.)
  • gwendolyngwendolyn Posts: 46
    Thansk for the response....will resealing the pump actually stop it from whining. It's not leaking...I check the garage floor each morning. How will I know when to replace the ps pump, before damaging the alternator? How long can I drive the car like this...will I experience any other symptons when the pump is getting ready to go? Can I drive the car long distgance now with the ps pump whine?
  • gwendolyngwendolyn Posts: 46 pump issues....97 ls400, ps pump is not leaking but whining. When would you repair? I check for leaks daily, non so far. Would you drive long distance? Also, can you estimate the cost to replace...also, I was told if I resealed the pump, the whining would go way...Your opinion please...Thanks...
  • sirdarby1sirdarby1 Posts: 33
    Believe it or not, when I took it into the Lexus Dealer, they told me the warranty was from a reputable company and they logged the info. on file for future reference. Said they were dependable.
  • I have the same problem with my 2004 LS430. The dealership reloaded new software but the problem is still there. The dealership has given up and have asked Lexus to look at the problem. The guy from Lexus is proving impossible to see - I think I could get an audience with the Pope before I see the man from Lexus.

    The problem is so bad it makes passengers travel sick. So I do not use the car. It has just been sitting in my garage for over two months. So much for Lexus "service".These people seem to forget who ultimately pays their wages.
  • I purchased a 1995 LS400 this weekend, 64k, drove great immaculate overall condition and drove beautifully this weekend on an extended evaluation. Two days after purchasing the vehicle, I noticed a severe clunking/shudder from what I suspect is the drivetrain. This occurred only after the car had been off for several hours and only when I accelerated briefly then let off the gas. I was able to duplicate the shutter/clunking again with the same type of quick acceleration then letting off the gas. After driving the car for a few miles the shutter/clunking could not be reproduced. The clunking sound/vibration seemed to be coming from the drivetrain area about at the level of the firewall. The transmission shifts flawlessly now (and during the test drive). Does anyone have a opinion as to the cause of this? Drivetrain or transmission?

    Also, as seems is usual the radio's LCD is out but I found a shop here in the Atlanta area that will remove the radio and fix the LCD and replace the radio while I wait (promised 1hr). Price $225. Will pass on the info for anyone in the Atlanta area who is interested.
    Thanks for any help with the shutter problem
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Make sure the e-brake cable isn't binding in a way that the e-brake is applied.
  • lexdoglexdog Posts: 1
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