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Lexus LS: Problems & Solutions



  • bildowbildow Posts: 100
    I have found on my 91 LS 400 grease coming from the CV joint next to the real wheels I found a independent shop who repairs CV Joint problems, he re-banded the CV boots and no more leaks. One last idea for those of you who have a leaking power steering pumps get it repaired ASAP it will short out your alternator. then watch your repair bill blossom.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I have ALWAYS been doubtful about how or why PS fluid could cause the alternator to fail. My background, 48 years of it, has been in the electronics field and I just cannot see how the diodes and solid state regulator could be subject to damage via the PS fluid, basically a hydraulic fluid.

    I did consider the possibility that the fluid might "wash" the insulating varnish from the copper coils in the alternator but that seemed like it would be a longer term thing.

    A few weeks ago the alternnator failed in our 92 LS400 w/100k miles.

    Sure enough the PS pump was leaking at the top of the pressure relief spring/valve channel. So I overhauled the PS pump and then pulled the alternator.

    Turned out the PS leak had nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to do with the alternator failure. The copper slip rings in the alternator were worn down to nothing. The end result was the same, I installed a rebuilt alternator.

    When I purchased the OH kit at Lexus I had also purchased a brush set for the alternator since that is the most common failure point I have found in the past. How is it that the copper slip rings in the Lexus alternator are "softer" than the brushes? Like brake pads vs rotors the reverse is true, the brushes should wear out long before the slip rings.
  • 123steamn123steamn Posts: 1
    Have a 1992 ls400 but the fuel filler dooor won't open using the inside switch. I have to open the trunk and use the release cable to open it. Does anybody have a alternate idea for opening the door. The switch has power going to it, I am told the problem is the rear door solenoid which cost's over $500.

    thank you
  • ep99ep99 Posts: 2
    :confuse: My 2000 RX300's rear windshield washer fluid comes out in a puny stream, not a spray as the front one, the dealer said that it's supposed to be that way. Can anyone with a 2000 model confirm this weird feature? Thanks. :confuse:
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Looking at a '93 Lexus LS400 4dr sedan. Has everything, incl aftermarket 10CD changer in trunk. Beige/beige leather. Looks very good for 12 yr old car. Couple minor scratches is all. Tires nearly new Yokos. Runs strong and true. Has 173K on the odo. Pretty much everyhting with a couple minor exceptions works as designed. Owner asking $5500 which is pretty much what KBB says. In Calif bay area.

    Would be using as wife and teenage daughters 'round town vehicle. I figure old Lexus should still be fairly reliable??? Owner recently did brakes, has receipts for lots of oil changes (says 3-4K was norm. He is 2nd owner, bought from his brother). Timing belt replaced at about 125K. Body looks great - never an accident is his claim and looks to be true.

    ANyone know of particulars I should consider with this vehicle? Anyone think price is right?


  • mcescher1mcescher1 Posts: 37
    I am considering buying a new LS 430. I can hear lots of distortion in the Mark Levinson system; by way of background, my home system has tube amps and preamp and Quad speakers, all of which produce minimal distortion. Has anyone tried to replace either the whole sound system, or just the amps and/or speakers and, if so, with what degree of difficulty and what results?
  • mcescher1mcescher1 Posts: 37
    I have a 2003 Avalon, which is quiet and wonderful, and need a second car. How do you feel about a comparison between the Avalon and the LS430, aside from fancy features like intelligent cruise control?
  • mcescher1mcescher1 Posts: 37
    Is it feasible to buy the basic LS 430 and then to install an after-market navigation system? Are these systems good? Are there any particular ones that are better than others, or perhaps better than the system that Lexus uses in the LS 430? My thought is that in any event I would take out the factory sound system and install a better one so there would be no reason to buy the modern luxury package if I can find a good after-market navigation system, especially since I am not interested in the other features in this package such as smart access, backup camera, and parking assist.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    This is an apples and oranges comparison from the ground up they are vastly different cars. Drive trains, handling, equipment, sound system, etc. etc. etc. I've got an '04 LS430 and my dad drives a 2003 Avalon XLS and I've spend a number of hours in his Avalon and am always glad to get back to my LS. Both good vehicles depending on your needs. And the new Avalon is in a new class from what I have seen, not driven but have riden in one from a guy at work. Its very nice and a terrific engine.
  • Hi, I was just wanting to know of any owners of the 1st generation LS400 have been having this same problem and if its normal. Whenever I'm stopped and the engine is just idling, the engine seems to pulsate, it can be felt throughout the entire cabin, its really faint and gentle though. I've seen some older, like 80s Toyota models develop this and then it gets worse to the point the car is practically bouncing around like it has hydrolics when at a stop. I was just wondering what could be the cause of it, is it just the fact that its a big V8 engine with 198k miles on it....or is it something that needs to be fixed? Also, it seems a little more prominant when idling in park or neutral. Any ideas please? I really want to know so I don't worry that the car is about to die, I want it to last at least another 60k miles. Thanks in advance!
  • bcleepebcleepe Posts: 53
    My wife uses it for her short daily commute and I drive it for weekend outings. It has about 42K and very soon will need a new set of tires. The original set is Bridgestone Turanza ER33 225/55R17. We want the new set be at least as comfortable in the ride as the orginal set but hopefully will last a little longer. Any suggestions?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    with 42k. None quieter nor more comfortable than the Turanza.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Try the Bridgestone Turanza LS-H or LS-V tires. Very good tires.
  • bcleepebcleepe Posts: 53
    wwest and maxhonda99 --- thanks for the comments!
  • bildowbildow Posts: 100
    FYI 568 thousand miles was accomplished by a 1990 lexus LS 400 when traded in after 15 years on the road, the engine and transmission were original. The only failures were the
    air conditioner compressor and 2 power steering pumps. The car is from Southern California
    and had good maintenance, several dealers have said that if you take care of your lexus it's not a big deal to go 300,000 to 400,000 miles. According to JD powers the 2005 lexus is the first car to be under 100 for consumer complaints ever recorded shows again just how superior they build them year after year.
  • I've heard that about the 1st generation LS, I'm ready to make mine last about 350000 miles....I keep hearing "with proper maintenance" what would you recommend is the proper maintenance that I must do to keep the car running that long? Does your engine sorta some too pulsate throughout the car when you're stopped and idling? How many RPMs should the car be idling at anyway?
  • sv7887sv7887 Posts: 351
    Hi All,
    As many of you know (through many of my stories) I've had a 1st Generation LS since 1992. It doesn't require too much care. I think the only thing one needs to keep track of is the Power Steering Pump. Make sure the fluid is changed regularly. When started the car should be around 1200 RPM. Once it has been running for a few minutes mine normally goes down to 800 RPM. This occurs unless the A/C is on. Also you may have to replace shocks and suspension bushings.
    As per your pulsation problem, it may be broken engine mounts. This happened on my 92 after it was damaged in a side impact accident. I encountered some of the same symptoms that you have reported. There was a notable vibration when the engine was running. You could feel it throughout the car. Also there was a buzzing sound from the engine compartment. It is a costly repair at the Lexus dealer so you may want to find a good independant service center to do the work for you, if this is the problem. I think any competent mechanic ought to be able to tell you if this is in fact the problem.

  • mcescher1mcescher1 Posts: 37
    I notice that the steering wheel on the 2005 LS 430 is stiffer than other cars I drive, for instance the 2003 Avalon and the 1994 Infiniti. Is this in the nature of the vehicle or can it be adjusted? Thanks for your replies.
  • mcescher1mcescher1 Posts: 37
    If a 2005 LS 430 comes with 18 inch wheels, can I have the dealer replace them with 17 inch wheels, or is the wheel size somehow integrated with other aspects of the vehicle so as to make this impossible or problemmatic? Thanks for your replies.
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