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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning



  • It is probably your after blower. Basically it is a factory default that helps dry our any condensation in you AC vents. It's a good thing, but I think it has contributed to the early demise of my blower resistor.
  • gabby69gabby69 Posts: 1
    04 LT electronic AC & Heat controller. Regardless of mode selected air conditioning only comes out floor vents.
  • blazin02blazin02 Posts: 1
    We have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer, we purchased this fresh off the lot in late 2001. We too have had problems, the speakers in the back don't work, the rear defrost has gone out twice. and now our heating and air conditioning blower stopped working 7/11/11. First we lost #1 & #2 in 2004 and a couple of months later we lost #5. So we were left with #3 & #4, well we lost those now too. It seems like this is a common problem. Does anyone have an easy fix for this? :(
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    Most likely it's the fan resistor. Have a look at this:
  • bvandebvande Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 TB. The amount of cold air coming out declines sugnificantly when the car is running a slow speeds (35 mph or less). However, it seems to produce a fairly good amount of cold air when the car is at 50-60 mph. I also notice a lot of condensation dripping from the metal hose on the left side of the engine compartment under the water resevior when the car is idling in the drive within 30-60 seconds of starting the car. I can't see exactly where the leak is coming from if it is even a ture leak. Before I take it in to a dealer to be ripped, I would like to know if I am look at a major problem or something more common such as a refrigent leak or bad seals. Can anyone give me some advice.
  • not sure about the cold air.. but i had a leak a few months ago... come to find out when you open the hood of your tb look at the left back side theres a rubber 90 degree piece that points down... usually it gets clogged and backs up into the cab.. Pull it off and use a pipe cleaner.. this worked for my 04 trailblazer
  • I have an 04 trailblazer that the rear ac only works on high. sometimes it works and sometimes it dont... And to top it off sometimes it runs when the truck is completely turned off.... How the heck does that happen???
  • Have a problem that I'm hearing is more common in the 2003 chevy trailbaizer EXT. Both the heat and A/C will now only work on the 5 setting, we noticed ealrier in the summer that occasionaly the air would work only on settings three or higher, however recently the only output we now have is on setting 5. Also with the heat on regardless of the level I now have only cool or cold air being blow into the middel and rear zones. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated, signed desperately seeking heat in cold OK winter.
  • I Just changed my battery in my 2004 LS TB, when I turned on the ignition my AC/Heat only works on defrost vents and a little from the floor vents no matter where I turn the vent control knob. When I key up to accessory I can here something humming or chattering, sounds like coming from top, center of dash. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas on fix. I appreciate any help you can give me in this matter.
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