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Buick Enclave Leaks When It Rains



  • I just sent the email with the info requested
    Thanks for your time
  • Well an expensive repairs today 218.45
  • Sarah,
    Can you tell me what you might be able to do to help? Are you with GM or Edmunds?

    Last week when the ceiling of my car was raining, we took it right to the dealership. They took the covers of the side supports off near the windows and drained all the water out of the ceiling and supports. From what we were told, they also made the drain hole larger to allow any future water that enters to flow out. We were charged $100 and left with dark smudges on the interior cloth side support covers and near the visor. When I pointed this out to the dealership, they offered to detail the areas at a future time (detailer had left for the day.) That evening, I put the car in our garage and took out the driver's side floor and backseat floor mats. Water flowed off the mats when I balanced them on their edges. I left the windows and back hatch open all night to try and air dry the inside of the car. A week later and my driver's seat is still damp plus the interior of the car has a funky odor.

    I am calling this a design flaw with the car, as I can't image that this much water should ever get in the interior when all the windows, doors, and sunroof are shut tight.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Good morning am2012,

    Have you had the leak return since the work done by the dealership? I understand that the interior is still damp as a result of the pre-repair leaking, but if the work performed did not resolve the concern that would be our first priority if and when we contacted your dealership.

    We would also certainly make sure that the detailing mentioned in the post was performed to your satisfaction, all the while making sure to document your concerns with the Enclave in such a way as to be accessible to brand quality departments.

    I hope this helps to clarify what we would be able to do - I do work with General Motors and again our email is
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I bought my Enclave new in late '07. We've had the drains cleaned twice at the dealership & no one ever mentioned a recall for the sunroof leak, which I believe is the case with ours. We get leaks mainly on the passenger side coming out of the visor & the grip bar, you can hear the trapped water sloshing when you take a turn. How do i find a list of the VINS that are covered? Has Buick changed their position & fixing the problem for everyone?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    For more information on any open recalls on your Enclave, you can either register for "Manage My Buick", which is the Buick Owner Center, on the brand's page or you can send us the last 8 digits of your VIN via email at

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Transmission was shifting bad at alternate speeds. The RMPs were at one point at 4 in low gear. Took it to the shop. Naturally the warranty had expired November of 2012. Come to find out when the tech drove it there was no Reverse. The wave plate had to replaced. This meant a transmission repair. GM is aware of the problem and prorated the repairs Thank Goodness! There is still a clunking noise from the front end which is the struts. The service tech said no safety issue. But at a 100.00 and hour for labor which would average out to be over 300 dollars I'll just turn the radio up!!
  • I think we've all bee had. I've never owned a GM product before, and was convinced by my salesman that Buick is the least maintained vehicle on the road. My 08 Enclave is the MOST maintained vehicle I've ever owned. My dealership told me they knew about the leaking 6 months before I bought the vehicle. Since it was a TSB, they only fix it if we complain about it...and in my case, AFTER it's ruined the electrical system, carpeting, and wiring harnesses. The stinch of a wet car is worse than that of a wet dog, but is now what I expect from GM. Their engineers clearly designed this car to leak...while their quality control/assurance team didn't do their job. Funny how our government has to bail them out, but they keep sticking it to the consumer. The most amusing part is they won't repair it because of the mileage on the the number of miles you traveled has something to do with the vehicle leaking. Yep, they charged me to fix it....another 7 days in the shop and they're still fixing it. I'll be glad to join any class action lawsuit started on this. As soon as it's repaired, I'll take my losses and trade it for a much better vehicle. Maybe a KIA or Hyndai??? Hmmm.....
  • I have the same problem, bought a 2008 in 2010 and 6 months later it leaked...Everything you said I have. A lemonlaw layer took my claim and then told me they won't bring my case to court and GM won't help with anything. I'm still searching for a way to get compensation or fixed. My warranty just ran out so now I'm stuck with a leaky sunroof. This was my dream car and got it for my anniversary, drove many junkers and finally got my car and it stinks, leaks, brake pads go all the time, changed rotors once (1 yr after owning it), rolls when on a hill (didn't think automatics did that). Well I will keep trying and then I will post it.
    crying..... :cry:
  • amyr1216amyr1216 Posts: 5
    I experienced the same thing with my 2009 Enclave. GM did agree to fix it however it took 3 visits to do. Come to find out it was leaking from a seal missing in the sunroof from mfg'ing. It was leaking from the light globe in the rear. We tried reselling the sunroof but no go.... It took a whole new sunroof kit to correct and haven't had trouble since. My advice is to keep posting and email the GM rep that is on this blog. I emailed her directly for help.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hi verysad45,

    I am sorry to hear of your issue. I would like to look into it for you. Can you send me an email with the specifics of your issue and your full name, address, phone number, Vehicle Identification number, and approximate mileage on your vehicle please? My email address is "attn Crystal" in the subject line. Look forward to hearing from you:-)

    Crystal L. - GM Customer Care
  • agulianaaguliana Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    I bought my wife a very clean 2008 Enclave from an old man. He said the car never seen snow, barley rain, flawless body with a few door dings. it was garage kept, and every dealer maintenance done. I verified the maintenance history with a carfax, called the dealer, and took it to a expert body shop to verify that the car was never hit. I agreed to buy the car if he would pay for the door ding repairs $325.00. I also keep the car in the garage and my wife uses to to take the kids to school and grocery shopping. We put around 5000 miles in 7 months, and I think because we had to show it to our friends how much we like it. Now the issue, during a shopping visit the car was in a parking lot for about 2hours when it rained, over the next few days the car started acting funny radio stayed on, engine running after you turn off the engine for a few seconds, and the battery died, I took it to a shop and they saw water under the passenger carpet. I thought maybe we left the windows opened a bit and it was a careless mistake, the next rain, the car was outside it happened again and it did not even rain hard. I took it back to my mechanics and he lifted the carpets dried the inside and tried to find possible leaks areas. Now again a rain in Chicago and the car was only out to pick up the kids from school and it is soaked, my mechanics are telling me your lucky your computers are not burning up and this needs to get fixed or you can pick up mold or other issues. The car is out of warranty and nobody every seen this issue before, I came across this forum and started to freak out. I don't know what to do and requesting HELP.......

  • billyb03billyb03 Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue with my '07 Acadia, leaking sun roof. Every time it rains, I have standing water in the car. The worst thing is that it also leaks into an electrical box under the hood which shorts out the electrical system. when this happens, the car will not start, none of the electrical systems work and...the battery has to be replaced. 3 times in the last year and a half I have had to replace the battery. When I contacted GMC Customer Service, I was told that in many areas of the USA, the GMC product was not designed to be left outside. Funny, the dealer failed to mention that. I have been back to the dealer three times and now have had to take it back for the 4th time. that is twice I have had to have it towed.
  • Has anyone got the sunroof leaks repaired? I just purchased a 2008 enclave and have had it to the dealer to be fixed 2 times, each time they said it was fixed. They said they could not get it to leak after one hour of water on the top of the sunroof. Each time I got it back I got it to leak within seconds. Now the car started on fire, with smoke coming out of the sunroof. We had to disconnect the battery to stop it from burning up. The are now towing it back to the dealer again.
    They replaced the seal the first time - no luck. They sealed up 4 small holes in the sunroof glass - that they said was a manufacture defect - no luck. How can they fix the problem?
  • james252james252 Posts: 3
    I just really don't think the dealer can fix these. My dealer's service department tried everything and our leaks were causing us serious electrical problems like yours. In fact it left us stranded in another state in the middle of vacation. GM ended up giving us some credit toward the purchase of a 2012 along with good financing. We love our 2012 but it makes us sick that we know they sold the 2008 to someone else and it will forever be a problem. I am sure GM has a formula for exactly how many people have to be hurt, sustain losses etc in order for a recall to be appropriate and apparently this has not hit that threshhold. Shame.
  • amyr1216amyr1216 Posts: 5
    Same thing happened to mine. It took 4 visits to correct the issue! They ended up replacing the entire sunroof kit. It was a defect from the mfg that they left out some seals within the kit. Buick owes us lots for having to deal with that leaking mess. Mine hasn't leaked since and I love it but I owe it to Fikes Chevrolet in Hamilton Al for finding the issue! Hope you get yours fixed soon!
  • Sorry this is so long, but I finally got my roof leak fixed. Hopefully, this information will help someone.
    Our 2008 Buick Enclave developed a roof leak before the manufacturer’s bumper-to-bumper warranty expired. We took our Enclave to dealer A three times but the roof leak continued. I got in email contact with someone via regarding this problem. Per their recommendation, we took our Enclave to dealer B. After multiple visits to dealer B and spending over $300.00 in repairs, our Enclave was still leaking. During these visits, I was in constant contact via email with Buick. My case was “escalated” by Buick; I received a case #, and was contacted by phone from someone from Buick. Per their recommendation, I continued to take our Enclave to Dealer B for repairs. After I picked up our Enclave from the fourth visit to Dealer B, I was assured that the roof leak was repaired. As I drove out of the dealership, water began streaming out of the rear roof lights onto the 3rd row seats. I immediately returned to the dealer to show them the leaking. During these multiple visits to Dealer B, I was assured by Buick that I would be compensated for my aggravation once our Enclave was repaired. After this seventh visit, I was told by Buick that I would be given another option to deal with this problem. Buick would give us a $3000.00 credit towards the purchase of a new GM vehicle. I was told that I would make my best deal trading in our Enclave for a new GM vehicle and then present the dealer with the $3000 credit. My wife and I felt uncomfortable trading in our Enclave with this problem (and just passing it on to someone else). In addition, we did not want to spend ~$20K to purchase a new vehicle. Following this 7th visit, my wife and I spent several hours on a weekend trying to find the leak. We did find that water was leaking from the seal around the fixed sunroof over the 2nd row of seats. I returned the Enclave to Dealer B for the fifth time and showed them where the water was leaking in. This time, the dealer had our Enclave for a week, with their solution to the problem being the application of a lot of silicone caulking in the grove around fixed sunroof. This appears to have fixed our problem. I talked to Buick about being compensated for the total of $400 we spend on unnecessary repairs and the time and aggravation my wife and I spent taking our Enclave to a dealer 8 total times. Buick’s response was to give us 2 year’s worth of free oil changes. A couple of things to take away from this:
    • Buick really has no interest in helping, whether it is from their socialmedia@gm emails or phone calls from their escalated support. I spent $400 for repairs for a problem that initially occurred when our Enclave was still covered by the factory warranty.
    • Even if they promise to compensate you for your aggravation, their best effort is truly an insult.
    • It is unfathomably to us that Buick would consider it acceptable to have us trade in our Enclave when they know it has this problem.
    • After eight trips to a dealer to fix this problem, my wife and I had to find the source of the problem. The dealer’s repair is just a band-aid; the design of the sunroof is faulty and apparently cannot be fixed any other way.
    • I have seen a lot of other Enclave, Arcadia, and Traverse owners with this same problem. If one hasn’t already been started, it seems that this is definitely worth a class-action lawsuit.
  • leakybuickleakybuick Posts: 3
    Hi, I just read your above message and thank you for posting it. I picked up my 2008 enclave today.(see the above post regarding the fire and repairs) This is my 7th trip to try and get the leak fixed. The dealership now said that they will not longer fix the leak, and they have done everything possible. It still leaks and you can still see it coming in the sunroof. GM said they will not replace the sunroof, the dealership asked to do this. The dealership claims that the "sunroof is designed to leak" and there is paperwork to back this up and they have email GM with the paperwork. I would like to meet someone that would buy a vehicle with a sunroof designed to leak. If the drains get clogged (possible by leaves, needles, and bugs when you leave it open) then it will filled up the headliner, the lights, the fan blower, the speaker and the side airbags. GM knows that this problem exists and knows that a recall will cost them too much. I think they need a class action lawsuit instead. If anyone knows of a lawyer that will take them one, please email, as I will help get more people to join. My email is Thanks Carol
  • buick57buick57 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2008 Buick Enclave that leaks. For those that are old enough the AMC Pacer was known as the aquarium,because of its looks . My Buick is also known as the aquarium, but that's only because of the swishing sound it makes when the roof is full of water. I'd like to hear from Crystal L. as to what to solution is.There are thousands of people with the same problem., and all I want to do is fix it once and for all. I think Buick Enclave owners should band together and file a Class action suit. I can't re-sell my truck with this condition.
  • verysad45verysad45 Posts: 6
    edited May 2013
    My garage told me my sunroof gets clogged from leaves, well I haven't been opening my sunroof this year and it hasn't leaked bad..I went to the lemonlaw lawyers and Gm would not do anything and they dropped my case. They did not think it would win in court. I would love to file a class action suit against GM. I am going to research and find a way..we must all keep in touch.
    Lori :mad:
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