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2009 Ford Escape



  • Could be the Ford dealer did just that!! I also had a slight squeek from the bushings on the rear stabilizer bar. I loosened the bolts attaching the bushings to the frame and lubed them REALLY good. No problem since. Amazing what a bit of lubricant can do.
  • :shades: Kayser Ford in Madison WI and the Gordie Boucher Mercury in Madison both have a few of the 2009 I4's. I drove the Mariner yesterday, and the Escape today.

    They just have the single D(rive) position on the shifter for general driving. So it revs a bit pealing out into traffic, but the new 4WD 170HP I4 Escape digs in and goes much better than the 09 Subaru Forester I drove yesterday, and gets similar mileage. The Forester had the "manumatic" shift, and it WAS confusing figuring out where to put the darn thing to be in drive. (Was also too uncomfortable for me with my combination of height, bad back/neck. But other drivers of different height and necks would probably be comfortable in the Forester). I also felt that the new I4 has plenty adequate power in general, which could not be said for the 08 I4.

    The 09 I4 Escape does have the L gear for snow/mud, which is all I need anyway here in Wisconsin. And it felt nice to drive in - softer ride than my 2003 Explorer, which I otherwise love. (probably needs new shocks after hauling a 5400# trailer, but a great SUV, totally reliable!)

    Also, Microsoft Sync is available without having to get the GPS computer, etc, for hands-free Bluetooth cell phone and MP3 player use. (Has a USB port for the MP3 players, still.)

    The power seats are very capable, adjust nicely, feel good. Good trim, and very comfortable 2nd row seats.

    I bought the Escape version because Mariner doesn't come in Sport Blue. I'll pick it up in a few days. (The one I wanted was at a different dealer).

    BTW - even though it's brand new, there's a $500 rebate going on!

  • jkinzeljkinzel Posts: 735
    Was it equiped with the 6 speed auto transmission?
  • Yep - has the 6 speed. Seemed to shift very reasonably, without "hunting" like the 08's.

    Unfortunately, the Escape I had made the deal for was on another lot, and we did this at 6 yesterday. When the dealer called them this AM, they had already sold it last night at the same time I thought I was buying it.... so back to ordering now, as I want some features that weren't found in dealer stock. Oh well.... :(
  • jkinzeljkinzel Posts: 735
    This way you get what you want. Keep us up to date on how it goes.

    We were looking at the Escape to replace a 1993 Explorer, but purchased an 08 Taurus Limited instead and kept the explorer for now. We have less than 200 miles on the Taurus, but really like it.
  • 93 Explorer - WOW

    That's what I call durability. We have a 2003 Explorer, too. Best truck I've ever owned. (Used to get Dodges back when I worked on the family ranch summers).

    Hopefully, Escapes will be similarly tough and loved......
  • during my test drives, they were very good. Way better than the '97 Subaru I'm driving now. I think both braking and acceleration were better than the 09 Subaru Forester that I also test drove the same day, with a similar roughly 171 HP 4cyl motor.

    Can't wait till the Escape we ordered comes in. (The one I thought I had bought at another dealer's lot sold the same night to someone on-site).
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Dealers are trying to figure out how to order these cars.

    Ford is also having problems meeting I4 demand. The only Escapes I've been able to order for the last three weeks have been 3.0L FWD!

    I have an 09 I4 on the lot and an 09 V6. I actually found that both drive very similar for every day driving situations. All the new ponies in the 3.0 appear to live north of 4,000 RPMs I assume this is where the VVT kicks in.

    3.0 I'm sure will be better with more peeps and gear in the car. Most people will probably find the I4 adequate for everyday driving. It looks like the V6 will be purchased only by premium buyers.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    considering the incentives on the 08 v6 models, it should be a pretty simple decision. :surprise:
  • lkrklkrk Posts: 5
    Those of you whom have bought an 09 keep the posts coming, espically any mod updates. I have my 09 V6, 4x4 limited on the boat heading over here to germany as we speak. I am hoping for it to arrive here any day.... :D
  • lkrklkrk Posts: 5
    Hopefully the power will come sooner than 4400 rpm. I will be needing it sooner than than driving on the autobahn. If anything maybe it will save me some gas. :)
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    We took delivery on 20 Sept. of a Limited V6 AWD, sterling grey metallic. A brief time behind the wheel shows a few big plus items compared to our 2007 V6 Limited.
    Better safety-- stability control with roll over mitigation and side air bags. These items are the main reason we traded.
    A lot smoother ride and the interior is much quieter than the 2007.
    More upscale interior.
    The engine definitely has more power.
    Six speed automatic.
    I like the easy fuel fill system so far. No gas cap

    However, like any vehicle there are some minus points compared to our 07.
    Instruments are a lot harder to read in certain lighting conditions, 07 had black on white.
    Auto gear shift quadrant does not show on the dash as in the 07
    Six speed auto only has D and L. Why no 2nd or 3rd gear pick up?
    Minor point. Glove box has no lock.

    Will keep updates coming. Only 135kms. so far.
  • lkrklkrk Posts: 5
    bdyment, sounds like you have a wealth of information from behind the wheel. Glad to hear the pluses, considering i have not seen an 09 nor have i even driven an escape before. This is the first purchase of a new vehicle which i have not driven before hand. The not having a 2 or 3 gear so far does not bother me...not yet. i have been driving manuals for so long now it will be interesting to drive an automatic. How does that over drive off switch work to get some of that down hill engine braking working. I am really interested in that, with so many hills and mountains over here i am hoping to relieve the brakes some. Just looked on they already are listing a K&N air filter and i think a cabin air filter for the 09. I wonder if this is correct!
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    i have only used the overdrive off switch twice, but it seems to work as advertised. Really holds the Escape back when going down a hill.
  • I have never owned a Ford, heck never owned an american car (Honda/Bmw/Toyota/Lexus) but have driven several as I get a new company car every two years. I just ordered and received the 2009 Ford Escape XLT 4WD with V6 and 6 speed trans. It is charcoal gray (They call it black pearl) and has the dark charcoal interior. A co-worker has a 2006 and it was loud, bouncy and gutless. Even witht he V6. This new one is MUCH BETTER. Much more impressive. It has nice shifting, smooth power and the suspension seems much improved. I expect it will soften and get crappy as I rack up the miles, but for now, it's nice. I would never own a Ford or Chevy mainly because of the resale value and maintenance costs, compared to imports is sooooo bad, but if you like these, for now it seems a good choice, bad investment. MSRP 28950??? No way. My company paid $19850 delivered. We ordered it direct from Ford in June and it arrived 9/12. They closed the plant for 3 weeks from the 4th of July holiday. I have 1020 miles on it in 9 days of driving.
  • Hey guys,

    Anyone know how much dealers are taking off 2009 msrp? Can you get low IR
    and get a lot taken off msrp. Any experiences and prices paid would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • desmo1desmo1 Posts: 26
    The current rebate on gas Escape is $1,500 go to
  • I was just delivered an 09 with the I4. This is my 3rd Escape (03, 06 and now 09). My company has its fleet agreement with Ford and I was given the choice of a fairly loaded out V6 or a completely loaded out (except nav or sunroof) I4 with leather and Sync. I chose the 4. Compared to the 06 model, this is now a car I would now consider for my family. It is so much nicer than the 06. The interior is totally different and doesn't just scream cheap. The leather seats are comfy and Sync system is incredible. The I4 sounds like any other four banger accelerating but is perfectly fine when cruising and the 6speed seems to work really well and I have yet to detect any gear hunting. The ride is quiet (compared to the 06) and controlled. The steering is heavily boosted at low speed and you can literally spin the wheel in your hands to turn and maneuver. The boost fades as the speed increases (as it should).

    Overall, this is a totally different vehicle than previous generations and I could easily recommend it to someone. I was/am thoroughly impressed and will enjoy putting a few thousand miles on this one.
  • lkrklkrk Posts: 5
    It's finally arrived! Man this thing looks nice. :shades: I am loving the interior much better than what i was expecting. The seats are comfortable an the 6 speed is the smoothest i have ever driven. SYNC is initially is a little confusing but read the manual and in no time you are up and running. Power is always on point ready for passing and plenty of torque to get up those hills while the cruise is on. We had no problems driving it on these German autobahns! There seems to be an over abundance of them here now. But, being a Limited it does stand out a bit. To date the best SUV i have driven.

    Is anyone out there is thinking of getting the DVD rear headrest players from Ford? If so please let me know any details. This will be our first upgrade to ours here in the near future. i am just wondering on how they are powered? Is it through the power seat or what. Just as long as there are not any cords laying around i am good.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    On level ground does the overdrive lockout switch lockout just sixth gear or fifth and sixth? re: 2009 V6
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